Posted October 27, 2009



The Executive Director will be responsible to the East Village Business Improvement District (EVBID) Board of Directors for the overall operation of the EVBID.  The Executive Director will serve as staff to the Board, attend all meetings of the Board and committees, be responsive to members, and work to enhance the economic well-being of the EVBID and community. Responsibilities include management, supervision, planning, research, personnel, financial operations, and implementation of projects and programs as directed by the Board.  The Executive Director will promote the goals defined within the EVBID Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws and additional goals as directed by the Board. 


Interested candidates shall have a bachelor’s degree or higher education with a minimum of two years professional experience in any of the following areas: media, public relations, government, community affairs, event planning, marketing, community organizing, and fundraising. Ideal candidates shall demonstrate strong written and oral communication skills, proficiency with website maintenance, social media, Excel, and Outlook. Highly desired candidates will be knowledgeable of City of San Diego administrative rules, regulations, municipal codes and ordinances, familiar with various local agencies like CCDC, EDC, and Downtown Partnership, and be familiar with East Village’s social, political, and economic issues.

Position is part-time with opportunity to grow into full-time position. Maximum starting salary is $49,000.


Applicants are required to submit a resume and cover letter via email by 5 p.m. on Friday, November 27, 2009 to Reply confirmation of email receipt will be sent.


  1. Manage the EVBID office and maintain all records and documents.


  1. Update and proliferate content on the EVBID Web Site.
  1. Send regular email blasts providing information to members and the community.


  1. Develop, implement, and monitor projects, programs, and special events.
  1. Develop and implement an effective operating plan, annual budgets, audits and an accurate accounting system. Monitor EVBID fiscal operations, prepare required financial reports, and assist with yearly City audits.


  1. Research, write and apply for grants and develop other sources of income.
  1. Attend community meetings and collaborate with the City of San Diego, Centre City Development Corporation, elected officials, members, stakeholders, businesses, residents, other BID professionals and the media on behalf of the East Village. 


  1. Establish and maintain effective communications and public relations programs to recruit membership for the organization and Board positions.  Train and supervise members and volunteers for EVBID projects.
  1. Keep EVBID Executive Board apprised of Executive Director’s activities and implement Executive Board directions.


  1.  Work with EVBID members to develop strategic plans for future development and provide Board members with timely information and recommendations on programmatic and fiscal issues for their review and approval.
  1. Develop job descriptions, hire qualified employees, and supervise the work and responsibilities of EVBID employees and contract workers.