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Western States Jewish History

A Jewish historian's initial San Diego survey

San Diego: Research Notes on San Diego Area Jewish History, made in San Diego, California, December 23-24, 1967

By Dr. Norton B. Stern

Material at the Serra Museum Library, Presidio Park:

Interview with Simon Mannesse, son of Moses Mannesse, who with Marcus Schiller was involved in operating a store in Old Town.

Interview by Edgar F. Hastings, Oct. 1, 1957. Simon was born June 24, 1874 at San Pasqual. His mother was Lucia Andrada, born at Sonora, Mexico. Joseph Mannesse was an uncle of Simon. Interview in 3.5 pages, double-spaced.

Mannesse looseleaf notebook filled with documents of the business, property, etc. Hyman, Joseph S, Simon, and Moses. Moses Mannesse was a cousin of Joseph. Mannesse and Schiller were the first to introduce installment buying to the San Diego area. Joseph Mannesse was known in Old Town San Diego as Chico or Mannessito (Little Mannesse). Hyman was 29 years old in 1860.

An Illustrated History of Southern California, Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago, 1890, pages 279-280, has good material on Joseph Samuel Mannesse.

The History of the San Diego Ranchos by R.W. Brackett, Union Title Insurance Co, San Diego, Calif., 1939, 5th edition 1960, page 39: In 1868 the rancho (Las Encinitas) was brought and stocked by Joseph S. Mannesse and Marcus Schiller, pioneer merchants of San Diego who did an extensive business with the rancheros of the district .

Smyth’s San Diego History, Volume I, pages 278-279, gives material on Joseph S. Mannesse. He was born in Prussia, came to San Diego in 1853, was a partner of Marcus Schiller from 1856. He married Hanna Schiller, a sister of his partner.

Hyman S. Wolf material: arrived in San Diego 1905. Organized and was the first president of Tifereth Israel Congregation, the same year he arrived. He had come to the United States in 1892. He was an early president of the B’nai B’rith Lodge. It was he who suggested honoring Louis Rose, Jewish pioneer of San Diego, by named Rose Canyon for him. Also, he instigated the erection of the Louis Rose memorial plaque at the head of Rose Canyon.

La Jolla Year by Year by Howard S.F. Randolph, La Jolla, 1946 pages 136-138, tells story of the Louis Rose monument. The Louis Rose monument was located just north of the La Jolla junction, on Highway 101, now bypassed by the new freeway. It was a bronze plaque affixed to a block of granite, set into a cement base. The legend of the plaque is as follows:



Louis Rose


Founder of Roseville

Pioneer of Rose Canyon


Outstanding Citizen

Dedicated by


Beth Israel


Tifereth Israel

And San Diego Lodge No. 55

F. & A.M.

May 30, 1934


On December 24, 1967, the monument and plaque were still there, but not for long, since new buildings being erected by the San Diego Campus of the University of California will force its re-location. We contacted Jim Reading, sites expert of the San Diego Historical Society and he promised to seek its re-location immediately. No one apparently, had remembered or known of the monument in San Diego. Lustig, now deceased, editor of the Beth Israel 75th Anniversary Book (1952) told us in 1966, that the monument was at the foot of the Rose Canyon and had disappeared. Actually it is at the head of the Canyon and he had never seen it.

Hilliard Loewenstein (Los Angeles merchant with relatives in San Diego) was age 39 on Aug. 15, 1866, naturalized on June 11, 1855 in Los Angeles. His relative, Max, arrived in Los Angeles in July 1896. Loewenstein and Co., corner 5th and D Streets, San Diego Daily World, Feb. 15, 1874, Dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes. Max Loewenstein in City Directories of San Diego from 1886.

Much Klauber family material, including a 25 page, double-spaced interview with Laurence M. Klauber by Edgar F. Hastings, May 12, 1960.

Louis Wolf, native of France, came direct to San Francisco in 1852, engaged in mining. Married Ramona Place of Santa Barbara. San Diego Union clipping, 9/15/1887 One of the oldest residents of San Diego County, died Temecula. In 1859 at that point, he began a trading post in a small adobe building. San Diego Union clipping, 11/2/1935 the old Louis Wolf store original Butterfield Depot for Temecula. Letter from Wolf, Jan. 10, 1884 to Mr. R.D. Butler, School Supt. San Diego County, on a teacher. Envelope was rubber-stamped return name of Louis Wolf, General Merchandise Temecula San Diego County, Cal. San Diego Union 4/27/1890 on Helen Hunt Jackson’s Ramona. She remained longest at the World Hotel and store in Temecula, where Mrs. Wolf, and Mrs. Jim Hartsel of Ramona, told her of the eviction of the Temecula Indians San Diego Union, April 27, 1890 Notice. I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by Charles Wolf. Ramona Wolf .

San Diego City Directory collection, complete, beginning 1886. Directory for 1887-8, p. 210: L. Linoberg, cigars and tobacco, 545 5th, res. 1908. Business Directory of San Diego, Coronado, Old Town, National City, 1889, page 51: E. Loewenstein, com. Merchant, H, bet 5th and 6th.


Joseph S. Mannasse

Aug. 3, 1831

Dec. 26, 1897

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Home of Peace Cemetery, San Diego. Selected Tombstones:

Hannah Mannasse

Mar. 5, 1834

Sept. 9, 1913


Celita Mannasse


March 18, 1924

Valeria Lowenstein

Beloved wife of

S. Wisekopf

Died Aug. 3, 1889

Aged 28 years.


Alice E. Klauber

May 19, 1871-July 5, 1951


Stella Klauber

Feb. 21, 1878 Apr. 27, 1942.



Beloved husband of

Minna Czerwinsky

Aged 64 yrs.


Feb. 21, 1894


Marcus Schiller


Wronka, Prussia

Oct. 2, 1819

Died March 19, 1904

Rebecca Schiller



Abraham Klauber

Jan. 24, 1831

July 23, 1911

Theresa Klauber

Sept. 16, 1841-May 13, 1921

Herbert Klauber


Arthur Klauber



Melville Klauber

Born S.F.

Died S.D.

Aug. 2, 1865-Nov. 23, 1932


Charles Lowenstein

May 15, 1860

May 22, 1930


Alice M. Lowenstein

Jan. 15, 1869

Apr. 20, 1962


Rudolph Schiller

Apr. 25, 1924

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