Volume 3, Number 180
"There's a Jewish story everywhere"

Harrison / Sharkansky/ Rubin/ Frankl/ Surbeck/ R. Rosenthal/ R. Lederman / Simon / Orysiek /Moses / Seymour /Umeham
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White House statement expresses 'regret' over Israeli settlements ... Read more

State Department restrained in comments about settlements ... Read more

Jewish religious movements unite to stop Iran's nuclearization ... Read more

Lautenberg seeks Senate investigation into Scotland's release of Lockerbie bomber ... Read more

Americans United head denounces minister seeking Obama's death ... Read more

ICE arrests man alleged to be supplying jet parts to Iran ... Read more

Israel Campus Beat provides college students with emailed Mideast facts and opinion ... Read more

Boxer urges fuels reduction in California's national forests ... Read more

Jewish activist returns award in protest of Germany's honoring Felicia Langer with Cross of Merit ... Read more

JINSA urges U.S. support for Honduras democracy ... Read more

Chavez on Middle East swing,woos Israel's hardline enemies... Read more

Spanish newspaper gives Shoah denier Irving a forum ... Read more

Levin introduces legislation to preserve U.S. lighthouses ... Read more

President Obama cites Muslim-American achievements at White House Iftar dinner .. Read more


Why police respond differently to Haredi and Arab riots ... by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem ... Read more

Bibi's reversal on settlements creates hard feelings abroad ... by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem ... Read more

Neutrality is tantamount to backing Syria against Iraq ... by Barry Rubin in Herzliya, Israel ... Read more

The country that thinks it has ethics all loxed up ... by Yarden Frankl in Neve Daniel, Israel ... Read more

San Diego County & California

USD's Kroc Institute for Peace now seems more willing
to program talks by both sides in Arab-Israeli conflict
... by J.J. Surbeck in San Diego ... Read more

Baron elected third president of Louis Rose Society for the Preservation of Jewish History ... Read more

SDJA Year Book won awards at San Diego County Fair ... Read more

Governor Schwarzenegger, Commissioner Poizner tour fire in Angeles National Forest ... Read more

Tifereth Israel schedules Selichot concert and art show Sept. 12 ... Read more

Los Angeles fire victims, elderly Jews in FSU are in great need ... Read more

La Jolla Playhouse shares winning entry for play idea ... Read more

Bible in Pop Culture
Accursed is the ground because of you; Genesis 3:17; View image

The Arts

Book Serialization: I'm Still Here ... Memoirs of Laura Simon, 103
How I Survived The Medical Profession Read whole column

Rush Job ... Read more

The Silent Ophthalmologist ... Read more

Dr. Shirley ... Read more

Breaking My Hip ... Read more

Hip Implant ... Read more

Hip Recuperation ... Read more

Was It Cancer? ... Read more

The Forgetful Ophthalmologist ... Read more

The Wrong Diagnosis Blinds ... Read more

And Deaf Too? ...Read more

Dye In My Veins For The Picture ... Read more

Dr. India ... Read more

My Second Cataract ... Read more

Pneumonia Is No Picnic... Read more

In the Hospital Again ... Read more


The string makers: a warp in time .... by Sheila Orysiek in San Diego.... Read more

A spicy holiday turkey--Bene Israel style ... by Nissim Moses in Tel Aviv, Israel ... Read more


An Israeli team taking on the mighty NBA? ... by Joey Seymour in San Diego ... Read more

San Diego Jewish History

San Diego Jewish History Quiz
For contest rules and a local Jewish history question that may win for you two tickets to the Old Globe production of Sammy, please click here.

Adventures in San Diego Jewish History
Collated by Gail Umeham from the October 16, 1953
edition of Southwestern Jewish Press
see entire column

Fund Reveals How Money Raised in ’53 Will Be Spent ... Read more

United Nations Day to Be Marked By Many Activities October 18-24 ... Read more

Welfare Fund Group To Meet Here Soon ... Read more

Leader to Be Honored By B’nai B’rith Oct. 18 ... Read more

Forum Lecture Series Tickets Still Available ... Read more

Barbara Goldy Wed to Arthur S. Pugatz ... Read more

Personals ... Read more

S.D. On The Move ... Read more

Traveling Abroad ... Read more

To Welcome Autumn ... Read more

Bar Mitzvah (Philip Michael Brenes) .... Read more

Inside SDJW/ Staff Box

We welcome to our ranks writers J.J. Surbeck, whose story about USD's Kroc Center may be found in the San Diego section above, and Joey Seymour, whose story about the upcoming exhibition game between the Los Angeles Clippers and Maccabi Tel Aviv is under the Sports heading.


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