Volume 3, Number 186
'There's a Jewish story everywhere'

Thursday-Monday, September 24-29, 2009

S.D. man creating online audio archive
for Jewish interviews and story telling

By Judd Handler

SAN DIEGO (Press Release)—A long long time ago, in a desert land far far away, for many generations, Jews passed down stories and ideas through story-tellers. Had those ancient communities had Internet access, they probably would have done what digital media producer Stanley Tiger (at right) is doing – create an audio library of Internet radio programming available 24/7 for on demand listening.

The website, UniverseJ.com, might not be a household name yet, but Tiger believes that his new online database of interviews and conversations to be integrated with Wikipedia will one day become a popular venue offering entertaining and thought-provoking interviews with notable Jewish people telling their story.

A San Diego based website developer, producer and publicist, Tiger has dubbed the name of his media project, “Jewish Universe Media.”

“There are so many fascinating individuals - members of the Jewish community - with such stellar accomplishments,” says Tiger. “Many of them we know, mostly in entertainment, but there are many other areas of accomplishment that deserve attention - science, art, business, medicine, sports, law, spiritual philosophy – it’s impressive.”

Tiger is producing his initial interviews with noted klezmer musician, film maker and expert on American and European Jewish culture, Yale Strom. The first program will be a tour of some of Strom’s research, titled, “The Blossoming of Broadway - How Jewish Immigrants Hit the Heights.”

“Strom has marvelous anecdotes about the lives and accomplishments of these immigrant performers and their families,” says Tiger. “For many of us, they entertained our grandfathers and great grandmothers.” The program will talk about how these early 20th-century performers developed

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Yiddish Theater and how the Yiddish and Broadway Theaters interacted to build each other.

Tiger says he will use his online and offline marketing expertise to boost the popularity of UniverseJ.com into what he calls ‘a new digital oral tradition.

"The oral tradition is an important concept in the development of Jewish thought,” he explains. “By incorporating current technology, we can create a new application that would be reminiscent of this dimension in Jewish history. Passing down of stories and ideas is common among many cultures. We expect it to resonate further within our own.”

By allowing access to listening and downloading free of charge, Tiger believes interest will be boosted. He also sees an opportunity for print syndication of the interviews in various Jewish publications predicting that Jewish Universe Media will distinguish itself through its uniqueness of scope and perspective.

Tiger says that he has been blessed to find others who are helping to realize the project. “I am particularly appreciative of Michael Rosen, an attorney with a distinguished 125 year old intellectual property law firm, Fish and Richardson. This same firm represented Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and The Wright Brothers. So, already, the project is steeped in history.” Rosen oversaw the applications for the 501(c)(3) non-profit status and trademarks on a pro bono basis. 

It would seem that a sluggish economy is not holding Tiger back. “Jews have a faith in new beginnings. There will always be those individuals, foundations and businesses who understand the mission and share the passion. We are connecting with these kindred spirits.”

Believing that the content generated on UniverseJ.com will inspire present and future generations, Tiger says, “It really needs to be done. By recording, in their own words, the accomplishments, good works and wisdom of significant Jewish Americans, we have an opportunity to embed encounters with positive Jewish role models into this new world of electronic communications.”

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