Volume 3, Number 187
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Tuesday-Wednesday, September 29-30, 2009

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Win free passes to fabric of survival exhibit at Oceanside Museum of Art

We will give to each of the first three persons who answer these questions correctly a pair of adult admission tickets to the "Fabric of Survival" exhibit featuring the embroidery of Esther Niesenthal Krinitz. To win, write the answers to the following two questions, along with your name, email, postal address, telephone and send them to

1) Click on the "Fabric of Survival" ad to the right. Another exhibition is at the museum. It is Greg Jabs' interpretation of a certain kind of dream. What kind? _____________'

2) Please tell which of these congregations is the oldest, second oldest and third oldest in San Diego: Tifereth Israel, Beth Jacob, Beth Israel. 1) ___________, 2)_________ 3)_________.

Good luck!

Looking for work? Post your resume with us for free!

San Diego Jewish World posts resumes for job-seeking community members Are you a Jewish community member looking for work? You can post your resume and one letter of recommendation on line with us for free! Send them to editor@sandiegojewishworld.com Employers may send help wanted listings to the same address. Read more.

San Diego & California

News and Local Commentary

Jewish museum, offsite JCC activities under study ... by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego .... Read more

San Diego Jewish Profile—Marcia Tatz Wollner: Jewish community's multi-tasker ... by Donald H. Harrison ...
Read more

Are service medals so unimportant that Pentagon can't be bothered to remember the awardees? ... by Bruce Kesler in Encinitas, California ... Read more

Jewish license plate ... View image

Lerner to address Spiritual Progressives forum Oct. 15 ... Read more

Project Sarah presents The Yellow Dress October 25 at the Lyceum ... Read more

You'll find Lost in Yonkers Jan. 23-Feb. 28 at Old Globe ... Read more

Soille students study middah ... Read more

Underreporting payrolls for insurance evasion purposes a felony, Poizner reports ... Read more

Block asks constituents to help him get Schwarzenegger to sign 4 bills ... Read more

The Arts

What does loving neighbor as yourself really involve? ... San Diego Jewish Book Fair preview review by Fred Reiss....
Read more

Novel explores Jewish domestic drama in old Santa Fe ... by Laurel Corona in San Diego.... Read more

Savin' Up for Saturday Night is worth doing just that ... by Cynthia Citron in Hollywood. .. Read more

Why isn't Lipman Pike in the Baseball Hall of Fame? ... by Joey Seymour in San Diego ... Read more


U.S. must do 'whatever it takes' to prevent Iran from going nuclear— Lieberman, Bayh and Kyl ... Read more

Conference of Presidents: Start planning new Iran sanctions now ... Read more

Iran's assurances shown as worthless—AJC's David Harris ... Read more

Kirk: Cancel U.S. contribution to Qaddafi Foundations ... Read more

Cardin, Lugar: Energy companies must disclose fuel sources ... Read more

The Jews Down Under ... Roundup of Australian Jewish News by Garry Fabian in Melbourne Read entire column

Australian Government holds judgment on UN report ... Read more

Rabbis urged to use sermons to address Iranian threat ... Read more

A New Begining for Adelaide Shule ... Read more

Mizrachi sets out roadmap for the future ... Read more

Millions left to Jewish Care ... Read more

Development training offered for Jewish professionals ... Read more

Unhappy parting for JNF executive ... Read more

Top honours shine at award night ... Read more

International Commentary

Israel and Palestinians
Other nations enable addiction of Palestinian nationalism ... by J.J. Surbeck in Encinitas, California .... Read more

Should Israel be ashamed of its politicians, or should it be proud it prosecuted them? ... by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem ... Read more

The Iranian challenge

Why an Israeli Attack on Iran is Nearly Inevitable ... by Henry Herz in San Diego... Read more

Israel's multipronged missile defense may keep Iran at bay ... by Barry Rubin in Herzliya, Israel ...
Read more

U.S. should support Iranians seeking regime change ... by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, DC. ... Read more

U.N. General Assembly speeches and meetings

Netanyahu: 'The jury is still out on the United Nations.' ... by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, D.C. .. Read more

A photo-op is not a summit meeting .. by J. Zel Lurie in Delray Beach, Florida ... Read more

Obama the orator captivates U.N. with his style, but ... by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem ... Read more

Inside SDJW/ Staff Box

Occasional contributor Gert Thaler reports: "After nearly three weeks in Sharp Hospital I am now home and gaining strength and feeling better each day. So many wonderful friends need to be thanked for their Shana Tovah wishes plus the flowers, numerous cards and lots of e mails to the hospital which were graciously delivered each day.(What a great way to let someone in the hospital know they are thought of without phone calls).  I just want to express my thanks for all the kindnesses plus the wonderful staff at Sharp and the new wing of the hospital with its all private rooms and an extra couch for family if needed."


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