Volume 3, Number 188
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Thursday-Saturday, October 1-3, 2009

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This contest is closed. All three pairs of tickets have been awarded! Come back to test your San Diego Jewish knowledge on future contests.
Win free passes to fabric of survival exhibit at Oceanside Museum of Art

We will give to each of the first three persons who answer these questions correctly a pair of adult admission tickets to the "Fabric of Survival" exhibit featuring the embroidery of Esther Niesenthal Krinitz. To win, write the answers to the following two questions, along with your name, email, postal address, telephone and send them to

1) Click on the "Fabric of Survival" ad to the right. Another exhibition is at the museum. It is Greg Jabs' interpretation of a certain kind of dream. What kind? _____________'

2) Please tell which of these congregations is the oldest, second oldest and third oldest in San Diego: Tifereth Israel, Beth Jacob, Beth Israel. 1) ___________, 2)_________ 3)_________.

Good luck!

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San Diego Jewish World posts resumes for job-seeking community members Are you a Jewish community member looking for work? You can post your resume and one letter of recommendation on line with us for free! Send them to editor@sandiegojewishworld.com Employers may send help wanted listings to the same address. Read more.

San Diego & California

News and Local Commentary

Rabbi pleads for political, religious civility; discusses President's call to rabbis; Christians United for Israel .... Text of Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal's sermon ....Read more

Entrepreneurs rally to help newly paralyzed friend ... by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego ....
Read more

Sheriff's Museum, not Police's, has Kolender's PD badge ... by Sara Appel-Lennon in San Diego ...
Read more

Emerald urges Schwarzenegger to sign bill to study new CSU campus ... Read more

The Arts

Things We Want ...
Who in this play can really say? ... by Carol Davis in San Diego ... Read more

Thursdays With the Songs of Hal Wingard See entire column

#234, Your Way
#235, The Search
#270, Come Back To Me


Sukkot: Time for crockpot Fall favorites ... by Ethel Hofman in Merion Station, Pennsylvania... Read more


Iran tests several missiles capable of reaching Israel ... Read more

Senators want U.S. to block Goldstone Report from reaching U.N. Security Council ... Read more

Netanyahu in New York: World hearing 3 great lies about Israel ... Read more

Gathering of Survivors compliment Polish judge ... Read more

Kiev mayor vetoes Babi Yar hotel ... Read more

Andy Williams singing Exodus .... Read more

International Commentary

Conversations with Dennis Ross... by Jeanette Friedman in New York ...
Read more

Tit-for-tat, low-level confrontations in Arab-Israeli arena ... by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem ...
Read more

Goldstone Report disastrous for Middle East peace ... by Barry Rubin ...
Read more

Quick impressions of Ramallah and Shechem ... by Judy Lash Balint back in Jerusalem...
Read more

Ponzi allegations tarnish Hizbullah claims of purity ... by Jonathan Spyer in Herzliya, Israel ...
Read more

What President Obama should tell the Iranians today ... by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, D.C. ...
Read more

Inside SDJW/ Staff Box

Assistant Editor Gail Umeham, visiting Germany, has toured the new Holocaust Museum in Berlin and also has been to Dachau, finding both experiences quite moving.


This issue is dedicated to Shlomo Caspi of San Diego, whose birthday is Oct. 1.

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