Volume 3, Number 191
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Thursday-Saturday, October 8-10, 2009

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San Diego & California

A thousand San Diegans salute ex-sheriff, the mensch ... by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego ... Read more

Kolender, Smith retirements mark end of an era ... by Gary Rotto in San Diego....
Read more

Mi Shebeirach tapestry: a shelter for the soul ... by Sara Appel-Lennon in San Diego ...
Read more

ZOA wants U.S. Justice Dept investigation of U.C. Irvine ... Read more

Rubenstein family offers scholarships for S.D. Jews ... Read more

Jewish license plate ... View photo

Hate group will picket 29 sites in San Diego, ADL cautions ... Read more


Jewish melodies influenced classical music and vice versa .. by David Amos in San Diego...
Read more

Thursdays with the songs of Hal Wingard, Z"l Read and hear today's selections

#134 Pain ... Read and hear
#141 Pain Only Vaguely Remembered ... Read and hear
#206 The Oakland Fire ... Read and h

Savannah Disputation: After the missionary comes inside ... by Carol Davis in San Diego ... Read more

Holy Land Hardball traces Israel's first baseball league ... by Joey Seymour in San Diego ...
Read more

Gaza evictees lay cornerstone of new town ...
by Judy Lash Balint in Bnei Dekalim ...
Read more

State Department tells its opposition to Security Council hearing on Goldstone report ... Read more

Warsaw ghetto fighter Marek Edelman dies ... Read more

United Nations will teach in Gaza schools about the Holocaust
.. Read more

Ya'alon, fearing arrest, cancels trip to Britain ... Read more

Sanctions sought against firms providing Iran with oil ... Read more

Stand With Us tells its 'concerns' about J-Street ... Read more

International Commentary

Scorecard shows U.S. actions have favored Arabs, not Israel ... by Arnold Flick, M.D. in San Diego ...
Read more

Are we on the eve of the Third Intifada? ... by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem ... Read more

Palestinians goading each other to violence ... by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem ... Read more

Inside SDJW/ Staff Box

We regret to inform you of the passing of Mrs. Selma Lederman, a"h, mother of Rabbi Baruch Lederman. Since the funeral took place during Succos, the rules of shiva are different. Usually the shiva begins right after the burial. In honor of the festive holiday, the observance of shiva is deferred till after the end of Simchas Torah. Therefore, shiva will commence
7:03pm Sunday night October 11, 2009 at the Lederman home:
14133 Via Alisal, San Diego, CA 92128. Maariv Sunday night: 7:30pm; Shacharis Monday-Friday: 7:00am; Mincha/Maariv Monday - Thursday: 6:05pm; and Mincha Friday: 5pm


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