Volume 3, Number 192
"There's a Jewish story everywhere"


Sunday-Monday, October 11-12, 2009

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San Diego & California

Jew-by-choice is proud dad of Reform rabbi ... by Fred Reiss in Murrieta, California ... Read more

Jewish Community Foundation panelists told their joy of giving ... Read more

JFS schedules Nov. 15 adoption workshops at Turk Center ... Read more

Emerald tells objections to San Carlos homeless shelter and to downtown parking plan ... Read more

Dumanis announces arrests in identify fraud case ... Read more

Jerry Seinfeld adds a date to his San Diego stand-up comedy tour ... Read more

New Book: San Diego's Finest Athletes by Joey Seymour ... Read more

Richard Dreyfuss, Bonnie Dumanis join Oct. 12 reading of The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later ... Read more

Norman Krieger to perform Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3 and Moonlight Sonata ... Read more

SDSU sets Nov. 4 Klezmer concert ... Read more


Sammy …He did it his way ... by Carol Davis in San Diego .... Read more

Museum visit, Sammy production recall Davis-Nixon hug ... by Donald H. Harrison in Yorba Linda, California ... Read more

San Diego Jewish Book Fair

Diamant's writing sparkles in Day After Night ... by Laurel Corona in San Diego ... Read more

CNN interviewer Larry King to tell his own story Nov. 8 ...
Read more

Family Day Nov 8 to be 3-ring circus of Jewish culture ... Read more


Fraternity party proved to be a blessing in disguise ... by Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal ... Read more


What to do in Heaven – that's the problem ... by Sheila Orysiek in San Diego ... Read more

Chefs will have a 'grill off' at the Prado ...
by Lynne Thrope in San Diego ... Read more


Much to his surprise, Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize ... Texts of announcement and reactions ... Read more

El Paso rabbi calls for Tisha B'Av commemorations of the Spanish expulsion and the return of the Anousim ... from Karen PRimack in Silver Spring, Maryland ... Read more

Jewish journey in Spain led author to write a history ... by Dolores Sloan in Santa Monica, California .... Read more

Israeli reservists share life stories with StandWithUs ... by Sue Ann Sheck in Rancho Santa Fe, California ... Read more

Australia's Federal Court rules Zentai can be deported ... Read more

Austria like Germany forgives those who deserted Nazi armies ... Read more

American Jewish Congress applauds Security Council decision on Goldstone Report ... Read more

Federal grand hury indicts Smadi on charges of attempting to bomb Dallas skyscraper last Sept. 24 ... Read more

Muslims 23% of world population ... Read more

International Commentary

Democrats' mistaken drive for Afghanistan withdrawal ... by Gary Rotto in San Diego... Read more

Recognizing Taliban would be unworthy of America ... by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, D.C. ... Read more

Three columns by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem

Oct. 8: Succoth often heightens Temple Mount controversy ... Read more

Oct. 9: Will Obama's Nobel Prize further heighten expectations? ... Read more

Oct. 10: Obama arouses passionate loyalty, extremist opposition ... Read more

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