Volume 3, Number 193
"There's a Jewish story everywhere"


Tuesday-Wednesday, October 13-14, 2009

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San Diego & California

Jewish community ready for Westboro picketing... by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego ....
Read more

Israel consul calls education "oil well of Israel" ... by Marcia Tatz Wollner in San Diego ... Read more

Generosity, not superiority, key to world peace—Lerner ... by Gary Rotto in San Diego ... Read more

ZOA presses its case against UC Irvine's Muslim Student Union ... Read more

Judaism and physical education to be subject of Nov. 13 lecture ... Read more


Leo Frank tragedy set to music in Parade ... by Cynthia Citron in Los Angeles ... Read more

San Diego Jewish Book Fair
A conversation about fear with Rabbi Harold Kushner ... by Yvonne Greenberg in San Diego ... Read more


Five Jewish players skating in National Hockey League .. by Joey Seymour in San Diego ... Read more


Kulanu, monitor of far-flung Jewish communities, arranges a shidduch between USAID, Uganda coffee ... by Ben Corey-Moran in Ft. Bragg, California ... Read more

Turkey asks Israel to withdraw from NATO drill, event cancelled ... Read more

Abbas reverses course on Goldstone report ... Read more

Egyptian journalist may be tossed from union for meeting with Israel's ambassador ... Read more

Gathering of Survivors lauds Czech government for prosecuting vandals of Holocaust sites ... Read more

Dunst to be first of four Holocaust survivors in UCSD lecture series ... Read more

The Jews Down Under ... Roundup of Australian Jewish news by Garry Fabian .... Read entire column

B'nai B'rith Australia/ New Zealand sponsors appeal for Tonga/Samoa tsunami victims ... Read more

Jewish Community combatting family violence ... Read more

Jewish community digs deep for disaster relief ... Read more

Community urged to continue to highlight Shalit's captivity ... Read more

Zentai one step closer to extradition ... Read more

No 'Use-by date' for evil; - a reflection ... Read more

Youth moving Zionism ... Read more

Leading newspaper editor responds to community concern ... Read more

International Commentary

Nobel Prize winners on the left and right of Israeli politics ... by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem ... Read more

Is Israel at war with the Palestinian people? ... by J. Zel Lurie in Delray Beach, Florida .... Read more

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