Volume 3, Number 201
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Sunday-Monday, November 1-2, 2009

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San Diego & California

Sanctuary -- A mitzvah disaster ... by Sheila Orysiek in San Diego ... Read more

Hand Up event inspires local teens ... Read more

Wayne and Filner to participate in diverse public events in S.D.... Read more

Poizner says 8 arrested in 'staged automobile collision ring' ... Read more

'Graduation ceremony' for those successfully completing parole ... Read more

SDJA at AIPAC ... Read more

Motive unclear in wounding of two at L.A. synagogue ... Read more


American Jews disappointing Patriarch Abraham ... by Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal .... Read more

A blue ribbon of recognition ... and of life ... by Rabbi Baruch Lederman ... Read more


The Lion King still dazzles audiences .... by Carol Davis in San Diego ... Read more

San Diego Jewish Book Fair
Breaking bagels with a business entrepreneur ... book review by Gary Shaw in San Diego ... Read more

Why bother? To avoid repeating history ... book review by Gary Shaw in San Diego ... Read more

I'm Still Here... Memoirs of Laura Simon, 103 ... Read entire selection

Baha’i Temple ... Read more
Boulder, Colorado ... Read more
Breadloaf ... Read more
Willie Ley ... Read more
Baby Doe Tabor ... Read more


Chargers' Jewish Forefathers: Ron Mix and Sid Gillman, Part I ... by Joey Seymour in San Diego ... Read more

San Diego Jewish History
From Southwestern Jewish Press, Nov. 27, 1953:
(see entire column)

Beth Israel Bldg. Fund Reaches Two-Thirds of $103,000 Goal ... Read more

Beth Jacob Dedicates Synagogue and Holy Ark Sunday, Dec. 6th ... Read more

Mayor, Commandant Help Celebrate 20th Year of Fund Sunday, Dec. 13th.... Read more

Jewish Center Elects New Board Members ... Read more

Something To Be Proud Of (Editorial)... Read more



Knesset puts aside bill declaring United Jerusalem to be the capital of the entire Jewish people ... Read more

Israel rejects UN allegations of illegal diamond purchases ... Read more

Holocaust/ Shoah

Heinrich Boere, former SS death squad member, on trial in Germany ... Read more

Jean-Francois Bergier, investigator of Swiss role in Holocaust dies ... Read more


Senate Banking Committee approves Dodd's Iran sanctions ... Read more

Jewish 'Conference of Presidents' lauds Senate Banking, House Foreign Affairs Committee votes ... Read more

Ayatollah warns against questioning election results ... Read more

Arab-Israeli conflict

Lebanon tells U.N. that Israel is gearing up to attack ... Read more

U.S. Domestic

President Obama, on signing hate crimes bill, declares that 'bells of freedom ring out a little louder' ... Read more

ADL's Foxman calls hate crimes law "a great day for America' ... Read more

Hate crimes bill 'shining example of what can be achieved '—NCJW ... Read more

ADL reports 12% of Americans prejudiced against Jews ... Read more

Shonda File

Saferstein pleads guilty in $75 million telemarketing fraud ... Read more

National/ International Commentary

Israel uncooperative with those who wish its annihilation... by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem ... Read more

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We dedicate today's issue to Rabbi Yeruchem Eilfort of Chabad of La Costa with happy birthday wishes for November 2.

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