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Tuesday-Wednesday, November 3-4, 2009

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We had three of four possible winners. Congratulations to Michael Rosen, Dan Schaffer and Gary Shaw. We'll have other book contests in the future.

Win Free books

In cooperation with Sunbelt Publications,  San Diego Jewish World is giving away free books to winners of its contests on San Diego Jewish history.  If you answer our questions right, you’ll get a gift certificate from Sunbelt Publications for $25.  This may be used to pay for both a book and shipping, or, in the case of higher priced items, may be put toward the cost of purchase.  To see the books offered by Sunbelt, please click here.

The first test, open to people who have not won previous contests, requires you to send to SDJW editor Donald H. Harrison at editor@sandiegojewishworld.com the answer to the following question:

This linked directory lists public schools, charter schools and education centers in the City of San Diego. Some are named after people who were members of the Jewish community.   Name any  two that were named for Jews.

We will award books to the first four winners,  Watch for winners' names to be posted above this space.

San Diego & California

Julie Bronstein's role grows in Jewish Community Foundation ... Read more

Donor groups to hear local needs of the hungry .. Read more

Congregation Beth Am plans busy weekend Nov. 14-15 ... Read more


John Menier's documentary on Orchestra Nova portrays exuberance, commitment and innovation ... by Eileen Wingard in San Diego ... Read more


Some methods for bettering your test scores ... book review by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego....
Read more

San Diego Jewish History
From Southwestern Jewish Press, Nov. 27, 1953:
(see entire column)

Double Talk ... by Janet and Susan Solof ... Read more
Pi Alpha Lambda ... by Reitha Stokes... Read more
Birdie Stodel B.B.’s Plan Active Month .. Read more
Y.J.C.C. Plan New Year’s Dinner Dance ... Read more
Zoo head toasted ... Read more
Letter to the Editor (from Chaplain Nathan Estersohn) .. Read more
B.B. Hi-Jinks Sunday Night November 29th ... Read more
Cradle ... Read more
Personals.... Read more
Segal-Weitzman Betrothal Announced ... Read more
Council of Jewish Women ... Read more
Classified ... Read more
Calendar ... Read more
Chanuko Square Dance Set By Pioneer Women ... Read more


University of Haifa sponsors biotech company in Carmel area ... Read more

Estimated 100,000 Jews gather on yahrzeit of Matriarch Rachel ... Read more

Conference of Presidents lauds House resolution opposing Goldstone Report at U.N ... Read more

University in Norway ponders academic boycott of Israel ... Read more

Bahrain legislation proposes jail for contacts with Israelis ... Read more

Iraq drops requirement that trade fair attendees boycott Israel ... Read more

Hillary Clinton's Middle East trip
Nov. 1--Israel's 'no new starts' offer unprecedented — Clinton .. Read more
Nov. 2 -- Clinton defends her praise of Israel's offer on settlements ... Read more

National/ International Commentary

Another glitch in America's Middle East diplomacy ... by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem ... Read more

Arabs give Obama no help in peacemaking efforts ... by Barry Rubin in Herzliya, Israel ...
Read more

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