Volume 3, Number 203
"There's a Jewish story everywhere"


Thursday-Saturday, November 5-7, 2009

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San Diego & California

Filner, alone among Jewish Congress members and San Diego delegation, declines to condemn Goldstone report ... by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego ... Read more

UJF Women receive VIP briefings in Sha'ar Hanegev....by Ulla Hadar in Kibbutz Aza ... Read more

'Militant Islam' to be topic Nov. 18 of AJE lecture ... Read more

College Avenue Older Adult Center tells November activities ... Read more

Some facts about H1N1 .. by Assemblyman Marty Block in San Diego ... Read more


A welcome return for Dog Act at Moxie ... by Carol Davis in San Diego .... Read more

Musicians paid moving tribute to Maestro Mendi Rodan ... by Dorothea Shefer-Vanson in Mevasseret Zion, Israel .... Read more

Sometimes a concert just seems beshert ... by David Amos in San Diego ....
Read more

Thursdays With The Songs of Hal Wingard, z"l ....
See entire selection

#131 -- Passion ... Read and Hear
#132 -- Forever and a Day ... Read and Hear
#154 -- Heartbreak ... Read and Hear


Chargers' Jewish Forefathers, Part II—Ron Mix and Sid Gillman ... by Joey Seymour in San Diego ... Read more

San Diego Jewish History Read entire selection

Lasker Lodge…Read more
Y.J.C. To Hear Address on Narcotics…Read more
Jewish War Veterans…Read more
Brandeis University Committee to Form San Diego Branch … Read more
Beth Israel Sisterhood … Read more
Hadassah…Read more
City of Hope Aux….Read more
Home for the Aged….Read more
Michael Loring Next On Forum Series. ….Read more



For vernacular Arabic speakers, learning literary Arabic as hard as learning new language—researcher ... Read more

Haifa researchers say marijuana may help in PTSD treatment ... Read more

Arab-Israeli dispute

Canada now representing Israeli interests in Venezuela ... Read more

Demonstrators opposed to dictators clash with police ... Read more

Merkel tells US Congress Iran must not get nuclear weapons ... Read more

Holocaust denier Ramin now Iran's media chief ... Read more

Iran reportedly repressing those who say Holocaust happened ... Read more

Holocaust/ Shoah

MP Wilshire apologizes for likening scandal-plagued politicians to Holocaust victims ... Read more

National/ International Commentary

Let's stop predicting Mideast future and focus on present .... by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem ...
Read more

Weapons ship an example of Iran's regional scheming ... by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, D.C. .... Read more

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This issue of San Diego Jewish World has multiple dedications:
—To Ulla Hadar, our Sha'ar Hanegev bureau chief, who celebrated a birthday on November 4.
—In memory of Alice and Marty Harrison, who were married November 5, 1933.
—To Sandi Masori, who celebrates her birthday on Nov. 7
—To Tibi Zohar, who celebrates his birthday on Nov. 7

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