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Thursday-Saturday, November 12-14, 2009

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Israel and Middle East

Despite setbacks, U.S. remains committed to Arab-Israeli peace process–Burns ... Read more

Bibi’s priorities: Peace with Palestinians, no nuclear weapons for Iran, and replacing oil as an energy source ... Read more

U.S.expresses hope Lebanon will remain sovereign ... Read more

Embargo gasoline exports to Iran--Rep. Kirk .... Read more

Israeli researcher: Same hormone stimulates emotions of love and envy ... Read more

U.S. elections strengthened Bibi's hand, Koch and Charney agree ... Read more

Which was more important to Jewish history—Holocaust or creation of Israel? ... by Arnold Flick in La Jolla, California ... Read more

United States

FBI says evidence to date indicates Hasan acted alone ... Read more

Senate Homeland Security to investigate Ft. Hood murders ... Read more

Nidal Hasan and American multiculturalism ... by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem .... Read more

Above all, allegiance to the U.S. Constitution ... by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, D.C. .... Read more

Bible looted by Nazis returned to Jewish museum in Austria ... Read more

Court nixes South Carolina’s proposed Christian license plate ... Read more


Ahmadinejad expected this year by Chavez in Caracas ... Read more

Britain’s chief rabbi says religion and politics should be separate ... Read more

Depressing intellectual trends among British youth ... by Lloyd Levy in London ...
Read more


A spiritual journey away from my computer ... by Donald H. Harrison .... Read more


Israeli musicians hampered by sanctuary’s divided seating ... by David Amos in La Jolla, California .... Read more

TV's most prodigious interviewer tells of his own life ... by Sara Appel-Lennon in La Jolla, California ...
Read more

Author of From Ghetto to Ghetto relates his journey ... by Yvonne Greenberg in La Jolla, California ... Read more

Topdog/Underdog features a Lincoln versus a Booth

San Diego County

Magazine honors Kaplan as a ‘woman who means business’ ...
Read more

San Diego County Jewish History

Valley Center History Museum receives Salomon papers ... Read more

Adventures in SD Jewish History. compiled by Gail Umeham from December 11, 1953 Southwestern Jewish Press .... Read entire selection

Michael Loring Thrills Audience….
Read more
Deceased (Joshua Adler, Rachel Cohen, Rebecca Markowitz) ….
Read more
All of Gaul Was Divided in Three Parts (Editorial)….
Read more
Community Currents ….
Read more
Jewish Center Group Elects Edw. Breitbard ….
Read more
Attention D.P.’s….
Read more
San Diego Will Host JFW Regional Meet ….
Read more
Jewish War Veterans ….
Read more
Cash Is Needed! ....
Read more

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