Volume 3, Number 210
"There's a Jewish story everywhere"


Happy Thanksgiving!
Thursday-Saturday, November 26-28, 2009

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Middle East


Netanyahu proposes 10-month construction suspension in West Bank areas

Clinton welcomes Israel's construction freeze decision

Israel has image problems; anti-Israel professors have scholarship problems ... by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem

Unlike the United States, Israel clearly discerns identity of its enemies ... by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem


United States of America

Fourteen Torahs dedicated at Great Neck Synagogue

President Obama sends Hajj season greetings to world's Muslims

American Jewish Congress applauds Third Circuit Court of Appeals decision on religious music at school assemblies

FBI reports U.S. hate crimes increased in 2008

Mosque arsonist sentenced to 14 years in prison

U.S. government offers $5 million for capture of terrorist suspect Al-Umari

Out of court settlement reached in case of school prohibiting church flyers

Reasons for international thankfulness ... by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, D.C.

Around the Globe

The joys of an airline layover in Amsterdam ... by Ulla Hadar in Amsterdam

Two arrested in Italy for aiding Mumbai terrorists

EasyJet apologizes for fashion shoot at Holocaust memorial

Reasons for international thankfulness ... by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, D.C.

The Arts

Erich Leinsdorf: his life, music and thought ... by David Amos in San Diego

Thursdays with the Songs of Hal Wingard

#214C, Nostalgia
#288, Where's Grace?
#137, Aging

San Diego

Adventures in San Diego Jewish History~January 8, 1954 ... compiled by Gail Umeham

Edward Breitbard Heads New Board At Tifereth Israel
Guest  Speaker At Annual Meeting
Louis Moorsteen Takes Over Helm Of United Jewish Fund
March of Dimes (Editorial)
The New Year (Editorial)
Community Currents by Albert Hutler


At 104, Laura Simon worries for her aging children ... by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego

Dreidel game created for iPhone

Sara-N-Dipity Place: Some hidden history of Thanksgiving ... by Sara Appel-Lennon in San Diego

Jewish-Interest Links
In this section we alert you to stories of Jewish interest recently published by other news organizations.

Michael Gerber: Entrepreneurship is all about religion
... San Diego News Network

Adam Lambert at the AMA's ... a review by Entertainment Weekly

Lambert riding big wave of publicity ... San Diego Union-Tribune


We dedicate this issue to Laura Simon of San Diego, who turned 104 today, and to Harry & Sherry Jacobson-Beyer, who are celebrating their 35th anniversary.

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