Volume 3, Number 214
"There's a Jewish story everywhere"


Sunday-Monday, December 6-7, 2009

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United States of America

President Obama again delays recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Napolitano: U.S. and Israel are partners in fight against terrorism

Anti-Semitism injected into Puerto Rican environmental battle


We have established a web blog to collect information about how U.S. Presidents and the Jewish community impacted each other. As our intent is historical, rather than political, we are confining ourselves to those U.S. Presidents who are no longer living. We invite submissions from the public, with the sources of all such material clearly identified so as to be of assistance to scholars.

Middle East


Report that Gilad Shalit has been transferred to Egypt

Why I (a settler) support Bibi Netanyahu
... by Yarden Frankl in Neve Daniel, Israel {Link to blog}

Test-takers do worse in larger groups, Israeli and U.S. researchers find


Iranian terror cells reportedly infiltrating Latin America

Sanctions deadline for Iran: End of 2009

Terrorism and State Sponsorship: Not Gone but in a Lull and Proving Profitable ... By Barry Rubin in Herzliya, Israel (link to Rubin Reports)

Arab World

State Department posts $5 million reward each for Pan Am 73 terrorists

Around the Globe


Ivan Demjamjuk trial delayed until December 21

‘Young Girl in a Blue Dress’ returned to Holocaust victim

World Jewish Congress criticizes Lithuanian official's revisionist view of the Holocaust

New EU law may shield Boere from war crimes trial


We can't change who we are, just control it better ... by Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal in San Diego

The Arts

Bonnie and Clyde: Lovers until the end ... by Carol Davis in La Jolla , California

The Last Time – the last pair of slippers ... by Sheila Orysiek in San Diego

J*Company's 'King and I' entertains royally ... by Randy Fadem in La Jolla, California

I'm Still Here ... Memoirs of Laura Simon, 104

Three Women

San Diego County

The San Diego County Jewish Grapevine

Bagels, donuts, oysters and the Baby Moses ... by Donald H. Harrison on tour of Cuyamaca College

News anchor Carol Lebeau to moderate JFS panel on mental health Jan. 20

Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, January 22, 1954

... compiled by Gail Umeham

Las Vegas Comes to San Diego.
Immigration Expert Principal Speaker
Ida Nasatir Next Speaker At Forum
B’nai B’rith Leader To Visit Here Feb. 9
Betrothal Told
Wax-Beck Take Carribean Cruise
Council of Jewish Women Hold Food Sale
Story Teller Appears For Birdie Stodel

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