Campaign 2008

2008-10-22San Diego Jewish World endorsements, with links to our editorials
—Jewish Studies scholars support Obama; by Laurie Baron in San Diego
2008-10-21—Tifereth Israel, Temple Solel slate presidential debates by surrogates; SDJW staff report
2008-10-21—RJC ads call Obama ‘naïve’; NJDC ads tout his plans for energy independence; dueling press releases of the Republican Jewish Coalition and National Jewish Democratic Council
—NJDC says Republicans panicking; RJC accuses Obama of squelching debates; press releases from the warring camps
2008-10-20—McCain understands Mideast realities by Charley Levine in Jerusalem
2008-10-19—Letter to S.D. Council candidate Lightner
2008-10-17—Beware politicians' promises—in any nation
2008-10-16Abortion, ending Mid-East oil dependence major topics in final presidential debate
—RJC brandishes Jesse Jackson quote; NJDC flails McCain on energy
2008-10-15-Vice presidential candidates compared by Gary Rotto in Washington, D.C.
2008-10-15—Letter to Editor: Gert Thaler says she's for Obama too
2008-10-14—Ballot Recommendation: Barack Obama for President, San Diego Jewish World endorsement by Donald H. Harrison
2008-10-14—Letters to the editor... from Bruce Kesler and Joel White

—Ballot Recommendation: Let's have a 'Block vote' in 78th A.D., a San Diego Jewish World editorial by Donald H. Harrison
2008-10-13—Thalheimer endorsement draws disagreement, letters to the editor from Marsha Sutton and Larry Gorfine
2008-10-13—Grandfolks hep to the 'Great Schlep' by Gary Rotto in San Diego
2008-10-12—Why I support Barack Obama by Dennis Ross
2008-10-12—Ballot Recommendations: Two for the San Diego City Council, a San Diego Jewish World editorial by Donald H. Harrison
2008-10-10—Ballot Recommendation: No on California Proposition 4, a San Diego Jewish World editorial by Donald H. Harrison
2008-10-10—Marty Block, a pioneer in educational outreach, seeks 78th Dist. Assembly seat by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego
2008-10-08—U.N. won't hamper U.S. defense of Israel, McCain and Obama agree during debate; by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego
2008-10-08—Ballot recommendation: Vote No on California Proposition 8; a San Diego Jewish World editorial by Donald H. Harrison
2008-10-08—RJC blasts Obama on Iran policy; by Suzanne Kurtz in Washington, D.C.
2008-10-08—NJDC ad extols Obama's energy policy; by Aaron Keyak in Washington, D.C.
2008-10-07—Israel handled its bank crisis much better by J.Zel Lurie in Delray Beach, Florida
2008-10-06—Democrats, please speak up on Israel! by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego
2008-10-05—RJC, NJDC unveil new ad campaigns (from news releases), with links to video clips
2008-10-03—Biden, Palin clash over whether Bush policies successful in Israel, Middle East; by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego
2008-10-03—The shamelessness of the RJC; by Ira Forman in Washington D.C.
2008-10-02—Coping with a Conservative Supreme Court; by David Benkof in New York
—NJDC's Forman protests RJC tactics; RJC releases new anti-Obama advertisement; letter from Ira Forman and article by Suzanne Kurtz, both in Washington D.C.
2008-10-01—San Diego Council candidate Emerald found the way to her mother's Judaism; by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego
2008-09-29—U.S election more a spectacle for voters than an opportunity to deliberate by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem
—Obama, McCain debate Mid-East tactics by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego
Republican Jewish Coalition highlights quotes from Democrats in pro-McCain ads by Suzanne Kurtz in Washington, D.C.
—Israel's security is sacrosanct,' Obama tells 900 rabbis in conference call ,by Eric Lynn and Dan Shapiro in Chicago   
2008-09-23—Sarah and George compared, contrasted by J. Zel Lurie in Delray Beach, Florida
2008-09-23—What Israelis learn from U.S. elections by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem
2008-09-22—Down Syndrome: Advice for Sarah Palin by Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith in Jerusalem
2008-09-22—Obama strongly supports Israel by Howard Wayne in San Diego
2008-09-21Thalheimer flip flopped; Hillel threatens neighborhood from Alice Goldfarb Marquis, Ph.D, in La Jolla
2008-09-21Thalheimer article informative; will help voters from Gail Forman in San Diego
2008-09-19—White Privilege' essay delights Obama supporter, from Fran Sesti in Carlsbad, California
—Jewish advocate for Mt. Soledad Cross seeks community votes in council race
—Wise, Tim—‘White Privilege’ in the United States
2008-09-17Why I won't vote for Barack Obama, commentary by Isaac Yetiv in La Jolla, California
—Parents urge "No on 8 Vote" to protect same-gender marriages in California
2008-09-14Jewish auxiliary groups of Democrats and Republicans in battle to define Sarah Palin
2008-09-12—The choice between Obama and McCain could be this generation's most important by Howard Wayne
2008-09-12-Jewish access to Palin in government by Gary Rotto in San Diego
2008-09-11Matthew Brooks column draws rebuke; letter from Carol Davis in San Diego
2008-09-11Obama didn't protest Wright for 20 years; how would he act towards bombastic leaders of anti-U.S. nations? letter from Donald A. Moskowitz in Londonderry, New Hampshire
2008-09-10Democrats' attacks on Palin lack merit by Matthew Brooks in Washington D.C.
2008-09-09Palin opposes abortion, evolution, sex ed by J. Zel Lurie in Delray Beach, Florida
2008-09-07—Obama worries some Israel supporters by Michael Goldblatt in Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania
— VP pick Palin has 'strong working relationship' with Alaska's Jews by Matthew Brooks in Washington, D.C.
2008-08-31NJDC rejects RJC critique of Biden by Ira Forman in Washington D.C.
2008-08-28Biden wrong on Iran, inconsistent on Israel by Matt Brooks in Washington, D.C.
2008-08-24Senator Obama and his positions on Israel by Ambassadors Dennis Ross and Daniel Kurtzer