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A Yiddish-language video by Misha Marmur utilizing many of the license plates below:

Yiddish: Upright, outstanding person

Yiddish: Upright, outstanding person

Yididish:  For you, only good    

Hebrew - My slave 4

English/ Yiddish -- Be a good person

            Hebrew: In peace

Yiddish: Sweetheart

Yiddish: Grandma   

Yiddish: Grandma 2

Yiddish: Grandma!!

Yiddish: Bubby loves 3
  Hebrew: Wisdom

Yiddish: Diminutive of Chava, a girl's name

Hebrew: #1 Friend

Hebrew: Star

English: One of the 'Chosen People'

New Yorkese -- Member of "
The Chosen"

Hebrew: Nickname for Devorah

Hebrew: Mother

Son of Joseph, brother of Manashe in Book of Genesis

English: Eighteen (lucky number) David

Hebrew & English: Mother to 3

Hebrew & English: Mother for 4   

Yiddish: Happy, joyous; also a style of Jewish dance

Hebrew Slang: Redhead

Yiddish: Goldie
(as in Tevye's wife in Fiddler on the Roof)

-Hebrew: Greater Good

Biblical: Hannah (mother of Samuel)

Hebrew: Here I am!

English: I Love Josef

English: I Love Maya

Roman numerals: 4 Yiddish (or French) Aunt

Hebrew: Forward 7

 Hebrew: Life 18     

Yiddish:  Colossal Nerve

Yiddish: Excrement

Hebrew: To Life 5

Hebrew: To life

Yiddish:  Love RL

ma petom
Hebrew slang: You've got to be kidding!

Hebrew: Derivative of Maccabees, whose fight against the Syrian Greeks gave rise to the holiday of Chanukah.The name today is used for an all Jewish Olympic style sports event, and for some Israeli teams

Hebrew/ Yiddish: Luck 88

Spanish and Hebrew: My Sweetie

Yiddish: Little Mindy

 Yiddish: Little Mindy  

Spanish: Miriam (sister of Moses)

Hebrew: Commandment/ Good Deed


English/ Yiddish: Mr. Happy Event

English-Hebrew: MYD (intials) life -- or perhaps mid-life

English-Hebrew slang: my sweetie

nachas 2
Yiddish:Two making me proud

Hebrew: The Israeli company
that developed drip irrigation

Initials followed by name of biblical spy who accompanied Joshua to Canaan


Biblical: from Genesis, close to Paradise

English/ Hebrew One Redhead

One Hundred Twenty: The lifespan of Moses

 Yiddish: Woe is me, Ma    

English/Hebrew - Powered by God

Hebrew: Grandma

Hebrew: Grandpa 49

Yiddish: Likes small talk

      English & Hebrew: San Diego Mother

English & Hebrew: San Diego Grandfather

English & Hebrew: San Diego Native

Yiddish: Treasure2

Hebrew/ English--Beginning of famous Shm'a Yisroel prayer


    Biblical: A life as long as Moses

Hebrew abbreviation: Tikkun Olam (Repair of the World)

Biblical: Try for all 613 of God's commandments

Yiddish: Little Vic

Hebrew: Repentance

Yiddish: Two Wild and Crazy Folks

Hebrew: First name of General Yanush Ben Gal

Yiddish: Distinguished blood lines

Hebrew: Pretty One

   Yiddish: Grandpa                      

Yiddish: Grandpas

Hebrew: Fly (insect)