Volume 3, Number 178
"There's a Jewish story everywhere"

Tuesday-Wednesday, September 1-2, 2009


Forget the Welcome Wagon; Qadhafi won't be pitching his tent in Englewood ... by Jeanette Friedman in Englewood, New Jersey ... Read more

Israel-Palestinian negotiations likely at U.N. General Assembly? ... Read more

State Dept. declines comments on report Britain traded Lockerbie bomber for Libyan oil ... Read more

Hamas doesn't want Holocaust chapter in Palestinian textbooks ... Read more

Anti-Semitic incidents in Argentina increased during Israel's retalliation in Gaza ... Read more

Ron Lauder, Jacob Zuma confer on Middle East situation ... Read more

Israel hosts bloggers conference Sept. 13 in Jerusalem, cyberspace ... Read more

U.S. Justice Dept. seeks to deport Kalymon as killer of Jews in WWII ... Read more

Feinstein mourns two California firefighters killed protecting L.A. ... Read more

Appeals Court says AUSCS, ACLU may sue over funding to Baptists ... Read more

Jewish War Veterans hail court decision on veterans rights ... Read more

Jews Down Under... Roundup of Australian Jewish News by Garry Fabian ...
Read entire column

New principal for Emanuel School ... Read more

Zentai extradition to Hungary delayed ... Read more

Educator recognised at Emunah Awards for March of Living work ... Read more

Survey a "snapshot" of Australian Jewish Community ... Read more

Wrublewski loses last battle ... Read more


Olmert indictment, Katsav trial: Oy Gevalt! .. by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem... . Read more

Arab states are 'Islamic;' why can't Israel be Jewish... by Brry Rubin in Herzliya, Israel ... Read more

San Diego County & California

Filner and friends celebrate as Little Leaguers win ... by Donald H. Harrison in Chula Vista, California ... Read more

Ner Tamid Synagogue tells its High Holy Days schedule ... Read more

Arab-Israeli conflict seminar topic in Poway ... Read more

Corona will be featured Hadassah study group author Sept. 13 ... Read more

Congregation Beth Israel sets High Holy Days schedule ... Read more

Cyber-Referrals ... View video

Bible in Pop Culture
You will bite his heel..., Genesis 3:15 View image

The Arts

39 Steps at the Mandell Weiss Theatre... by Carol Davis in La Jolla, California ... Read more

Bible-based cookbook improves on Ezekiel's *@! recipe ... by Laurel Corona in San Diego ... Read more


Tracing Danes, like ancient Jews, challenges genealogists ... by Ulla Hadar in Kibbutz Ruhama, Israel... Read more

San Diego Jewish History
Collated by Gail Umeham from the October 2, 1953
edition of Southwestern Jewish Press
see entire column

Eleanor Addleson Wed To Emilio Urcis ... Read more

Engagement Told {Hatton-Ratner}... Read more

Personals ... Read more

Cradle ... Read more

Classified ... Read more

Calendar ... Read more

Young Jewish Couples ... Read more

Welcome .... Read more

Bar Mitzvah ... Read more

Happy Landings! ... Read more

Below the Border ... Read more

Lucky Vistor ... Read more

Al and Rose Mark 40th ... Read more

Highland Springs ... Read more

Guardians Elect New Officers For Year... Read more

Doubletalk by Janet and Susan Solof .... Read more

Telethon, Luncheon to Aid City of Hope ... Read more

Annual “Aid To Israel” Card Party ... Read more

Temple Sisterhood Las Vegas Trip ... Read more

Inside SDJW/ Staff Box

We welcome Jeanette Friedman of New Milford, New Jersey, to the ranks of our writers. She reported on the demonstration in Englewood, New Jersey, to protest the possible camp out of Libyan strong man Moammar Qadhafi on the lawn of the ambassador's residence in that area. We are looking forward to other stories from her from the New York-New Jersey area.


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