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'There's a Jewish story everywhere'
Muriel Goldhammer, may her memory be a blessing—We noted the story in the September 12 edition of the San Diego Union-Tribune about the passing in Kfar Saba, Israel of Muriel Goldhammer, who before she made aliyah from San Diego was a citizen activist in the League of Women Voters, Hadassah, and the Comprehensive Health Organization. She also wrote regularly for the San Diego Jewish Press-Heritage, and was frequently written about in the Southwestern Jewish Press, the forerunner of the Heritage, from which we now are extracting stories. At that time, women often were identified by their husband's names, so she has appeared and will appear in reprints from the archives as "Mrs. Sidney Goldhammer" as well as "Muriel Goldhammer." Here is a link to the obituary written by Bianca Gonzalez. All who knew Muriel appreciated her. —Donald H. Harrison, editor, San Diego Jewish World

Sunday-Monday, September 13-14, 2009
Adventures in San Diego Jewish History ... with Gail Umeham
Stories from the October 16 and 30, 1953 editions of Southwestern Jewish Press

T.I.S. Women Call For Clean Closets ... Read more

Beth Israel Holds Open House Oct. 25 ... Read more

Women of B’nai B’rith Hold Donor Luncheon ... Read more

Jewish Labor Group Confer in Los Angeles ... Read more

Fashion Show Success ... Read more

Sisterhood Presents “This Is Your Life” ... Read more

Speech Arts Studio Offers Special Class ... Read more

Deceased {Robert Jaffee; Rose Malek; Rose Kalosky; Sidney Peritz} ... Read more

Cottage of Israel ... Read more


JWB National Officer Visits S.D. Oct. 20th ... Read more

Chairmen Chosen For Annual Conference ... Read more

Hadassah To Hold Reception For Mary Fay, Lenore Panunzio Nov. 12 ... Read more

Israel Pre-Judged ... by Albert Hutler ...Read more

12 U.S. Mayors Start Tour of Middle East ... Read more

Battle is Over {American Jewish Congress}... Read more

Leonard Slater Next Forum Speaker ... Read more

Founders to Be Honored At Fund Annual Meeting Dec. 13 ... Read more

Editorial: A Century of Jewish Community Centers ... Read more

Editorial: Jewish War Veterans ... Read more


T.I.S. Women Call
For Clean Closets

Southwestern Jewish Press October 16, 1953 Page 5

Betty Feller, chairman, Rae Lennett, and Ruth Young, co-chairmen for the Tifereth Israel Sisterhood Rummage Sale to be held from November 2-6, wish to announce the following zone captains:  Zone 3, Sally Goldman, W. 5-5799; Zone 4, Tillie Gordon, W.5-7413; Zone 4, Becky Addleson, R-1487; Zone 5 Helen Feurstein, T.1-9042; Zone 6 and 7 Evelyn Stolarsky, B. 2-3655; Zone 8 and 9; Jean Schiller, H-8-1100; Zone 16, Edna Gardner, T.3-1570, Hermine Holmes, T.1-5201, Molly Prager, R-7214; College Area, Martha Kellner, J.2-7552; La Mesa, Ruth Ratner, H.6-4483.

More captains and volunteers are needed to make this an outstanding success, so please call one of the chairmen, and offer your services.  A wonderful location has been secured on 12th and G. and we need everything:  clothes, furniture, bric-a-brac, etc.  Why not clean your closets and basements, and give us a call?

Beth Israel Holds
Open House Oct. 25

Southwestern Jewish Press October 16, 1953 Page 5

A Complimentary Open Breakfast will be served for all Religious School parents and Temple members Sunday, Oct. 25, at 10:00 a.m. at the new Temple House, Third and Maple Sts., according to Mrs. Irving Friedman.

Discussion of the needs of the religious school will be followed by inspection of the new house and the classrooms.  All parents of Sunday school children and Temple members are invited to attend.

Women of B’nai B’rith
Hold Donor Luncheon

Southwestern Jewish Press October 16, 1953 Page 5

B’nai B’rith women of Bay City and Birdie Stodel are holding their annual Joint Donor Luncheon on Monday, Oct. 26, at Tops Restaurant at noon.  Approximately 400 women are expected to participate in this outstanding event of the year.
The Mesdames William Schusterman and Eugene Rosen are the chairmen, with Mrs. Eugene Sacks and Mrs. Ted Brav as co-chairmen.  Decorations will be arranged by Mrs. Jack Meyers.  Others assisting with the arrangements are Mesdames Jeremiah Aronoff, Harold Aved, Ruben Aved, Sam Bennett, Herbert Borner, Mack Freedman, Abe Hollandursky, Ben Kolkey, Ben Ornstein, Lou Robbins, Ralph Schwartz, and David Schloss.

Out of-town guests will be Mrs. Israel Borne, Mrs. Birdie Stodel and Mrs. Elizabeth Harris, all Past Grand Presidents of District No. 4.  Other honored guests are Henry Weinberger, Morrie Kraus, Edward Breitbard, Harry Wax, and Stanley Yukon. 

Norman Dunlap, star of radio and television, and Mary Ann Escamilla, star of the Starlight Opera, are two of the outstanding entertainers who will be presented.  

Jewish Labor Group
Confer in Los Angeles

Southwestern Jewish Press October 16, 1953 Page 5

A large delegation of the local J.L.C. are making plans to attend the annual State and City Conference of the Jewish Labor Committee which will be held in Los Angeles, Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 7th and 8th.

Saturday evening the conference will get under way with a gala Concert and Mass Meeting.  Sunday will find the delegates busily engaged in receiving greetings from outstanding representatives of the labor movement; listening to reports of the past year’s activities, and making plans for the future.  There will be a break between sessions for lunch, which will be served to all delegates.

The General Secretary of the Jewish Labor Committee, the well-known author and orator Jacob Pat and guests from the many labor, fraternal and cultural organizations will participate in both the grand opening and the business sessions of the conference.

A Dinner and Concert is being planned by the local Chapter of the Jewish Labor Committee to honor Mr. Jacob Pat, who will visit our city Sunday, November 22.  The dinner will take place at Beth Jacob Center Sunday eve., November 22.  We ask all our friends and social groups to remember the date and make plans to attend this important affair.

Fashion Show Success

Southwestern Jewish Press October 16, 1953 Page 5

The fashion show sponsored by the Beth Jacob Sisterhood last month drew more than 300 people.  Women who served as models were Mesdames Marvin Bobrof, Martin Borenstein, Robert Epsten, Bill Fox, Edwin Hoffman, Yale Kahn, Harry Penn, Simon Roisman, Robert Strauss, R. Fisher, and Miss Leslea Steffel.

The next meeting of the Sisterhood will take place on Oct. 27 at the Synagogue.

Sisterhood Presents
“This Is Your Life”

Southwestern Jewish Press October 16, 1953 Page 5

“Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood’s Luncheon meeting on Wednesday, October 28 at 11 a.m. will be based on “This Is Your Life,” that outstanding TV program.  An outstanding community personality will have his life portrayed, and true to the TV program, people who have figured imn his past life are being brought from out of town to take part in the portrayal.  Harold Keen, master of ceremonies, will out Edwards-Edwards.

All of this will be a surprise to the person featured as well as to all of us.  Program chairmen are Alice Solomon and Fran Kagan and their committee members are Sylvia Bickman, Sally Cohn, and Sarah Silverman.

Sue Gruenberg, who was Sisterhood’s delegate to the New Yoark Convention of the Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, will give a detailed report.

Luncheon co-chairmen Ray Katz and Charlotte Haas, and Captains Rose Hillman, Ann Hosenpud and their committee will serve a delicious lunch.  Be sure to be there early, for you will have the time of your life at “This Is Your Life” Luncheon, 75 cents.  Make reservations by calling Rose Hillman, T-1-1885 or Ann Hosenpud, W- 3355.

Speech Arts Studio
Offers Special Class

Southwestern Jewish Press October 16, 1953 Page 6

Because of many requests, Esther Siegel has decided to organize some special classes in Practical Public Speaking for women.  Groups will be limited so that personal attention will be assured.  Rates will be given to clubs or organizations interested in having their own group.

The courses will include training in voice and diction, relaxation and vocabulary building with a particular emphasis upon helping the individual develop her personality and effectiveness.

Since the power of the spoken word is the gateway to greater happiness and personal satisfaction, Miss Siegel feels that these classes will appeal not only to the woman who wishes to improve her ability to think and speak on her feet, but also to the woman who wishes to acquire greater ease and self-assurance in her everyday associations.

Private lessons for adults and children may also be arranged.
For further information contact Miss Siegel at The Barcelona Hotel—Main 0153.

Deceased {Robert Jaffee; Rose Malek; Rose Kalosky; Sidney Peritz}
Southwestern Jewish Press October 16, 1953 Page 6

Robert Jaffee, 23, of traffic injuries, on Oct. 6.  A native of Schenectady, N.Y. Mr. Jaffee had resided in San Diego 3 months.  Services were conducted by Rabbi Morton J. Cohn in Lewis Colonial Mortuary on Oct. 10.  Entombment was in Cypress View Mausoleum.

Mrs. Rose Malek, 69, on Oct. 2.  Mrs. Malek had lived in San Diego for 10 years and was a member of Beth Jacob synagogue.  Services were conducted in Merkley-Austin Mortuary on Oct. 5 by Rabbi Baruch Stern.  Interment was in Home of Peace Cemetery.

She is survived by her husband, Bernat Malek, son Philip Mollick, and daughter, Mrs. June Langdon.

Mrs.  Rose Kalosky, 63, on Oct. 7.  On the stage for many years, she was known professionally as Rose Meyer.  Her home had been in San Diego for the past 40 years.  Services were conducted at Bonham Brothers Mortuary by Rabbi Morton J. Cohn on Oct. 9.  Cremation followed.

Survivors include her husband, Dr. William Kalosky, sons Marco Meyer of San Diego and Donald Meyer of New York; and a daughter, Eleanor Meyer of San Diego; and 4 granddaughters.

Sidney Peritz, 46, in a plane crash in Colorado on Oct., 5.  Services were conducted by Rabbi Monroe Levens in Lewis Colonial Mortuary on Oct. 11.  Interment followed in Hollywood.  He is survived by his wife, Evelyn.

Cottage of Israel
Southwestern Jewish Press October 16, 1953 Page 6

The House of Pacific Relations will hold open house on Sunday, Oct. 18th in special honor of United Nations Week.  All silver collections made from the sale of the birthday cake which will be on display at every Cottage will be turned over to the United Nations Fund for underprivileged children.

The Cottage of Israel will of course have a special birthday cake on display and proceeds will go to this worthwhile cause of helping needy children through the world.

Have you visited the Cottage of Israel lately?...For that matter, time is well spent on a Sunday afternoon visiting the Cottages of the House of Pacific Relations to see displayed the practical workings of our “little United Nations” in San Diego. 

Additional members to the Cottage of Israel will help promote better displays and innovations.

JWB National Officer
Visits S.D. Oct. 20th

Southwestern Jewish Press October 16, 1953 Page 6

Benjamin Sternberg, Director of Field Operations of the Armed Services Division of the National Jewish Welfare Board, will visit San Diego on October 20th, it was announced by Henry Weinberger and Morris W. Douglas, chairman and co-chairman, respectively, of the USO-JWB Armed Services Committee.

Mr. Sternberg will arrive in time to address a regular meeting of the Armed Service committee at Temple Center.  He will also serve as national staff consultant at a USO Area Staff Conference at the Carlsbad Hotel on the same day.

Chairmen Chosen For
Annual Conference

Southwestern Jewish Press October 30, 1953 Page 1

Mr. Murray D. Goodrich of the United Jewish Fund and Mrs. Gabriel Berg, vice-president, have been honored by selection by the Western Region of the Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds to be chairman and Co-chairman of the Annual conference according to Eli H. Levenson, president of the Region.

The Conference, first to be held in San Diego since 1947, will convene from Jan. 22nd through Jan. 24th.  The tentative program includes workshops on the subject of “Place of the Jewish Family Agency Today,” “Local Community Relations,” “Interpretation,” and “The Problem of Small Communities.””
Other subjects that will be on the agenda for discussion by community leaders representing Jewish communities from Canada, throughout the Pacific Coast, and Southwest, will include “Immigration Problems” and “Financing and Methods of Financing.”

The United Service for New Americans will highlight the Annual Conference with a pre-conference meeting to be held January 21st.  This time will be devoted to a technical training session on the question of immigration under our present laws.  It is expected that over one hundred Jewish community leaders will be in San Diego for these sessions.

Hadassah To Hold
Reception For Mary Fay,
Lenore Panunzio
Nov. 12
Southwestern Jewish Press October 30, 1953 Page 1

Hadassah is proudly inviting the entire San Diego community to an evening reception on Thursday, November 12th at the Temple Center, commencing at 8 p.m. honoring Mmes. Mary Fay and Lenore Panunzio, outstanding leaders in the educational field in our city.

A discussion will highlight the event   with Mrs. Fay speaking on the “United Nations and the Refugee Problem” and Mrs.

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Panunzio giving her comments on “The Miracle of Modern Israel.” Both women are the only Honorary Members of the San Diego Chapter of Hadassah and they are being complimented at this time at a “Welcome Home” reception
since they have recently returned from a lengthy tour sponsored by the American-Christian Palestine Committee on which they visited many Hadassah installations.

Mmes. Stanley Strimling and William Podoloff are Co-Chairmen for this event and are issuing a cordial invitation for Hadassah’s many friends to attend.

November 18th will find Hadassah members welcoming a nationally famous Hadassah woman, Mrs. Nathan Perlman of New York, who will highlight the Hadassah Medical Organization’s activities.  Mrs. Edward Kitaen and her committees are working on an outstanding program.

Mrs. David Millsberg, Chairman of Hadassah’s Mink Stole Award project, announces that the membership has responded enthusiastically and that her co-workers Mmes. Harold Elden and Louis Bickman will be glad to supply members with necessary tickets.  A phone call to Mrs. Millsberg at H-6-8522 will bring fast results.

Israel Pre-Judged

Southwestern Jewish Press October 30, 1953 Page 1

By Albert Hutler

There has been a sudden shift in our State Department regarding Israel and the Arab State.  The news that we have been reading in our daily papers leads us to believe that the department is once again reversing its field.

Perhaps it’s a powerful Arab propaganda machine that has finally gotten under way; or the playing of powerful politics by the United States and England; or just a matter of expediency.  Whatever it is it’s causing a great deal of worry on the part of Israeli government officials, and also on the part of many thinking American Jews.  The turn is certainly not for the better as far as the relationship of the United States and the State of Israel is concerned.

Many times it’s the material that isn’t published in our daily press that really tells the story.  About a year ago we were informed that the Arab States, headed by the Arab League, had gotten together and agreed that it was necessary to have a more intensive propaganda story for the Arab side.  They also advanced the policy that they would keep Israel off balance by continued border skirmishes.

Since that time there has been a great deal of “in-fighting” on the borders of Israel and the Arab countries with several hundred citizens of Israel being killed.  It is only a short time ago that we read that six young Israelis who were on a hike crossed the border between one of the Arab states and Israel by mistake—a few days later their bodies were found.

The cause of the recent reversal of policy by the State Department toward Israel was an Israeli act of retaliation at Kibya.  In much of the press in America, and especially in Time Magazine, this act was an occasion for the venting of ill concealed spleen against Israel.  Kibya was a “Massacre””; Israel’s own long and bloody list of casualties at Jordan hands was “Statistics.”

Here is the flesh and the blood of one of those “Statistics”:
Susan Kanias, thirty-two years old, lay asleep with her six children on the floor of her cottage at Moshav Yahud, a mile from the Jordan border.  The time was 1:30 a.m., Tuesday, October 13th.  Her mother occupied the only bed in the room, and her husband was away from home.  At her side were two children Benjamin, 18 months, and Shoshanna, 4.

A mills bomb was lobbed into the middle of the room.  The mother and the children closest to her received the full impact of the explosion.  The children died instantaneously.  Mrs. Kanias lingered on for some hours in the hospital and finally died.  The eldest son Asher was injured in the ear.

The following day all work was halted at Yahud for the funeral of Susan Kanias and her children.  The angry villagers  gathered in the center of the hamlet, demanded arms.  And so there was Kibya.

If you multiply this 150 times over the past three years, you begin to get the statistical facts.  Since the United States, Britain, and France guaranteed Arab-Israel borders in 1950, Israel has endured the following losses at Jordan hands:  421 men, women and children killed and wounded, 130 cases of sabotage, 866 armed attacks, 3,263 robberies.  It is interesting to note that throughout these three years the powers which guaranteed those borders have remained silent.

In a pre-judging that is contrary to every principal of the United States, economic assistance for the State of Israel was suspended.  Different thant the haste with which Israel was pre-judged by our State Department has been the action of the Security Council of the U.N. which is slowly considering the matter.

Israel’s story at the U.N. may surprise the world.  Abba Eban in discussing the matter said, “This story would interest and perhaps surprise the world.” He said that the story would reveal the enormous difficulties and tension of life in Israel since the Palestine war ended.  This is the story that the United States government should consider before it completely formulates its policy.  It can have grave repercussions both in Israel and the United States.

12 U.S. Mayors Start
Tour of Middle East

Southwestern Jewish Press October 30, 1953 Page 1

Mayor John Butler is one of twelve U.S. Mayors who embarked last week upon a Study Tour of the Mediterranean and Middle East lands.  The group, under the leadership of Mayor William B. Hartsfield of Atlanta, President of the American Municipal Association, and Spencer Irwin, Foreign Editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, left New York by Pan American World Airways.

The Mayors will visit Rome, Italy; Athens, Greece; Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey; Beirut, Lebanon; Damascus, Syria; Annan and Old Jerusalem, Jordan; New Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Nazareth in Israel.  They will study the Middle East refugee problem,. Witness the absorption of some 200,000 refugees from Bulgaria by Turkey, visit Arab refugee camps, and observe the progress Israel has made in accommodating some 750,000 refugee and exploited peoples from Europe and the Middle East.

Mayor John Butler will return about November 3rd and some time thereafter will report his impressions and findings to the community.

Battle is Over
Southwestern Jewish Press October 30, 1953 Page 1

The dispute between American Jewish Congress and the local southern California division and Chapters has been settled by agreement.  Pursuant to this agreement the local division and chapters have been dissolved, the officers have resigned, and each side has dismissed all pending litigation against the other.

Leonard Slater Next
Forum Speaker

Southwestern Jewish Press October 30, 1953 Page 1

Leonard Slater, West Coast Editor of Newsweek magazine, who will speak at the November 4 Forum Lecture Series at the Jewish Community Center, has chosen as his topic “The Struggle for Asia.” He will cover the current battles, cold and hot, from Israel on the West to the Philippines on the East.

Mr. Slater has a wide experience and background in news gathering from the time he was Washington News Editor of N.B.C. to the period in which he covered the White House during President Roosevelt’s term of office.

He joined Newsweek in 1947 and served as roving correspondent in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary.  He also spent four months in Israel.

His work has taken him to the Far East, Hong Kong, and the Philippines from which he has just returned.  His companion on many assignments has been his wife, the former Betty Moorsteen of San Diego, whom he married in 1946.  She is now West Coast Editor of Living for Young Homemakers Magazine.

Founders to Be Honored At
Fund Annual Meeting Dec. 13

Southwestern Jewish Press October 30, 1953 Page 1

Members of the United Jewish Fund will gather on Sunday, Dec. 13th in the Continental Room of the San Diego Hotel to honor the founders of the organization according to David Block, chairman of the Annual Meeting Committee.

When the Annual Meeting opens the Jews of San Diego will be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the founding of the Fund as the central organization for Jewish activity in our community.

Those who founded the Fund in 1933 are:  Nathan F. Baranov, Abe Dubin, Carl Esenoff, Mrs. Rose Neumamnm, Lewis Solof, Sol Stone, Judge Jacob Weinberger, Dr. R. M. Stone, Henry Weinberger, and Samuel I. Fox (deceased).

Besides honoring the founders and celebrating the 30th birthday of the Fund, other business on the agenda will include:  reports of activities of the Fund by the President and the Executive Director; presentation of awards to outstanding workers in 1953; and presentation of the United Jewish Appeal awards for outstanding leadership.


A Century of Jewish
Community Centers

Southwestern Jewish Press October 30, 1953 Page 2

The interesting and profoundly effective role of the Jewish community Center in the creation of our American Jewish community is appropriately dramatized by the one hundredth anniversary of this institution.  The celebration of the Centennial of the Jewish Community Center, which is to begin on a nationwide basis in the fall of this year and continue until the spring of ’54, calls the attention of American Jewry to an agency in Jewish life which has served with skill and devoted intelligence in good times and bad, in war years and in peace.

It was in the year 1854, in the city of Baltimore, that a Young Men’s Hebrew Association was organized.  This modest forerunner of the modern Jewish Community Center arose in response to a need; the Center as we know it today is still in the business of responding to needs.  In fact, it is this very responsiveness, and the sensitive flexibility of the Center program and function, that are its keenest elements of service.  And it must be noted, in this connection, that a large share of credit for the Center’s time and emergency-tested ability to serve the Jewish community so magnificently goes to the organization that is the focal point of the Jewish Community Center movement:  the National Jewish Welfare Board.  The JWB—as this national association of Jewish Community Centers and Young Men’s-Women’s Hebrew Associations is popularly known—has in the decades of its existence served as leader, guide, adviser, and co-ordinator of the Centers and Ys of the nation—as resource, stimulator, and representative of the Center movement.

Earnestly engaged in preserving the Jewish heritage and making its riches and strengths available to an ever-increasing number of Jews, the Center has bent its splendid efforts toward helping individual Jews become informed and understanding Americans and affirmative, loyal Jews.  The contribution and achievement of the Center in the course of its century of existence gives us a sense of gladness and wholesome pride.   Its work during this substantial stretch of time encourages us to look ahead with eager interest to the years before us, to the constructive role the Jewish Community Center will play in the continuing development of the American Jewish community.  A genuinely impelling force, the Center in its exciting lifetime has made a truly imponderable contribution to an invigorated Jewish life in American and can be counted upon to deepen and expand its dramatic and dynamic role in the life of American Jewry.


Jewish War Veterans
Southwestern Jewish Press October 30, 1953 Page 2

You may have read about the editorial in the Chicago Tribune criticizing the existence of the Jewish War Veteran as an organization.  We expect this sort of attack from Col. MacCormack and usually just shrug it off, but when the Christian Century, generally recognized as the foremost voice of Protestant Church Opinion in America, praises the Chicago Tribune for its criticism we must take a good look around.

We can’t for the life of us think why it’s anybody’s business whether a group of Jewish Vets organize for their own good and welfare.  Why shouldn’t they organize as Jews?  Isn’t there a Catholic Vets Organization?  Does anyone really see anything sinister and derisive about the J.W.V. program. 

Locally they do a terrific job of public relations and service for servicemen in or out of the hospitals.  As a matter of fact, they are the only organization who never forget the wounded vets—during the war and afterwards.  What’s un-American about that?

What this venomous attack amounts to is the opportunity of a vicious newspaper to prove again its hatred of the Jews.  The Christian Century should know better than to follow the lead of such a Fascist rag as the Chicago Tribune which is the mouthpiece of a hate-monger of the worst sort.

The Jewish War Veterans need no defense from us.  They are among the finest and most loyal Americans you can find in this town.  Their work in behalf of the sick and wounded speaks for itself.

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