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Volume 3, Number 182
"There's a Jewish story everywhere"

From left, Donald H. Harrison, Carol Davis, Cynthia Citron, Gail Umeham, Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal, Judy Lash Balint, Natasha Josefowitz, Barry Rubin, Yarden Frankl, Jonathan Spyer, Alex Grobman and Ira Sharkansky

Sunday-Monday, September 13-14, 2009

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Win two tickets to the
Old Globe musical Sammy

Here are the rules and question for Contest #4:
Send an email to with the contest number, your name, mailing address, phone number and preferred e-mail. Also provide the answers to these two questions: 1) When you click on the "Sammy" ad in the next column, it will take you to the Old Globe website. On the left side of that site, under history, the legend tells the year the Old Globe was built. What year was it? ____ 2) What was the name of San Diego's first Orthodox congregation, formed in 1905? Hint: It was not Beth Jacob Congregation ______________. The first to answer correctly will win a voucher for a pair of tickets to a performance of Sammy, playing from September 19 through November 8.

Win two tickets to Landmark Theatre movie Play the Game
Here are the rules and question for Contest #5 Send an email to with the contest number, your name, mailing address, phone number and preferred email. Also provide the answers to these two questions: 1) Click on the ad for Play The Game, and watch the trailer (video).
What is Step Two in playing the game? ______________. 2) Two Jewish judges in San Diego were honored by having federal courthouses downtown named after them. Name either one of those judges: ________________. Six winners each receive by email a voucher for a pair of tickets, good anytime until Sept. 17

Win two tickets to violinist Lindsay Deutsch and Orchestra Nova
Here are the rules and question for Contest #6
Send an email to with the contest number, your name, mailing address, phone number and preferred e-mail. Also provide the answers to these two questions: 1) Click on the ad for Lindsay Deutsch and Orchestra Nova and when you get to the website click on the tab on the bottom saying "About Us." What was the orchestra's previous name? ________________. #2) Rose Canyon, the Roseville section of Point Loma, and the Robinson-Rose Building in Old Town all were named after the same pioneer Jewish settler. What was his first name? ______ Two winners will each have a pair of tickets held for them at the will call window at choice of Sept. 14 or Sept. 19 evening performance.

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San Diego & California


Controversial Israeli broadcaster joins SDSU faculty ... by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego ... Read more

Jewish Community Economic Recovery Fund helping needy ... Read more

Teens who help make world better place highlighted in Diller video ... Read more

Chabad of La Costa to dedicate Holocaust Torah on January 8 ... Read more

Assemblyman Marty Block distributes fire safety brochures ... Read more

Film on Civil Rights icons Chaney, Schwerner and Goodman to be screened at S.D. Film Festival ... Read more

Corona to tell of experiences writing book on Vilna partisans ... Read more

Boxer urges participation in California Coastal Cleanup Day ... Read more

San Diego-funded Israeli absorption village filling up ... Read more

Soille students learn ways to describe Rosh Hashanah ... Read more

JFS offers e-card for High Holy Days and donation opportunity ... Read more

Jolene Ilkay of S.D. makes aliyah... Read more

'Medical marijuana dispensaries' raided by local law enforcement ... Read more

No charges to be filed against Merriman—D.A. Bonnie Dumanis ... Read more

Gubernatorial hopefuls highlight state's GOP meeting Sept. 25-27 ... Read more

Dry Bones cartoonist in SD Oct. 6 ... Read more

Comic who bestowed 'yada-yada' on English language here Dec. 5 ... Read more

The Arts

These housewives are desperate for a rewrite... by Carol Davis in San Diego ...
Read more

Voodoo 'Voo-done-it' in Pasadena lacks cohesion ... by Cynthia Citron in Pasadena, California ... Read more

Local Jewish History

Muriel Goldhammer, may her memory be a blessing... Longtime San Diego leader of Hadassah and League of Women Voters dies of cancer in Kfar Saba, Israel ...Read more

Collated by Gail Umeham from the October 16 and 30, 1953
editions of Southwestern Jewish Press
see entire column
T.I.S. Women Call For Clean Closets ... Read more

Beth Israel Holds Open House Oct. 25 ... Read more

Women of B’nai B’rith Hold Donor Luncheon ... Read more

Jewish Labor Group Confer in Los Angeles ... Read more

Fashion Show Success ... Read more

Sisterhood Presents “This Is Your Life” ... Read more

Speech Arts Studio Offers Special Class ... Read more

Deceased {Robert Jaffee; Rose Malek; Rose Kalosky; Sidney Peritz} ... Read more

Cottage of Israel ... Read more

JWB National Officer Visits S.D. Oct. 20th ... Read more

Chairmen Chosen For Annual Conference ... Read more

Hadassah To Hold Reception For Mary Fay, Lenore Panunzio Nov. 12 ... Read more

Israel Pre-Judged ... by Albert Hutler ... Read more

12 U.S. Mayors Start Tour of Middle East ... Read more

Battle is Over {American Jewish Congress}... Read more

Leonard Slater Next Forum Speaker ... Read more

Founders to Be Honored At Fund Annual Meeting Dec. 13 ... Read more

Editorial: A Century of Jewish Community Centers ... Read more

Editorial: Jewish War Veterans ... Read more


Why Torah readings normally end positively .... by Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal in San Diego ... Read more

As High Holidays approach, piyutim enchant ... by Judy Lash Balint in Jerusalem .... Read more

Bible in Pop Culture
By the sweat of your brow, Genesis 3:19 ... View image


Out-of-sync couples by Natasha Josefowitz in La Jolla ... Read more

What to leave on the family tree and what to leave off ... by Sheila Orysiek in San Diego, California ...
Read more


Obama to chair UN Security Council session on nuclear nonproliferation ... Read more

U.S. hopes to coordinate global response to Iran's declaration that nuclear discussion is closed ... Read more

Is Venezuela doing an end run around U.S. sanctions for Iran? ... Read more

World Jewish Congress urges UN delegates to boycott Ahmadinejad ... Read more

Iran reportedly supplying Hezbollah with chemical weapons ... Read more

Morgenthau says Iran-Venezuela alliance threatens U.S. security ... Read more

Nazi hunter Klarsfeld backs Hosni for UNESCO director-general ... Read more

Moderna Museet, Deutsch heirs settle dispute over Nolde painting ... Read more

Bulgarian protection of Jews against Nazis praised at rite ... Read more

American POW who hid his Jewish identity from Nazi captors relates his story in You Tube interviews ... Read more

Shoah survivors of U.S. laud Harvard Crimson for turning away Holocaust denier Bradley Smith .. Read more

Peres Peace Center tells its activities to promote Israeli-Palestinian cooperation ... Read more

Modest love goddess figure adds spice to Israeli archaelogical dig ... Read more

Reactions to President Barack Obama's health care speech ... Read more

Christian law group files suit favoring Bible reading in school ... Read more


Newsweek article illustrates U.S. arrogance, naivete ... by Barry Rubin in Herzliya, Israel ... Read more

Why this settler supports the coming 'freeze' ... by Yarden Frankl in Neve Daniel, Israel ... Read more

European liberals adopting crass, crude anti-Semitism ... by Jonathan Spyer in Herzliya, Israel ... Read more

Popular fallacies in the campaign to delegitimize Israel ... by Alex Grobman in Englewood, New Jersey .... Read more

Three colums from Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem

Israel has some unique educational challenges ... . Read more

Calculating the death toll of Saddam Hussein's regime ... Read more

The United States and its hot button issues ... Read more

SDJW Inside/ Staff Box

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