Dance Stories by Sheila Orysiek

American Ballet Theatre
2007-07-22—ABT's theatrical new Sleeping Beauty
2008-08-12—Separating dance text from dance midrash

City Ballet of San Diego
2007-04-04—City Ballet Impresses in Tchaikovsky Salute at Lawrence Family JCC
2007-05-13—San Diego finally has a classical ballet company that is worthy of the name.
2007-09-23—An interview with Steven Wistrich, City Ballet of San Diego founder
2007-11-04 -- City Ballet's 15th season in San Diego provides several views of classical dance
2007-12-10—City Ballet's Nutcracker sparkles
2008-03-11—City Ballet of San Diego records a milestone
2008-05-13—City Ballet tilts and wins with Don Quixote
2008-11-11—'Dream' of City Ballet realized at the Kroc
2009-05-04—Opportunity and challenge for first-rate ballet in San Diego
2009-11-10—Giselle--A review of City Ballet of San Diego Read more
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2009-06-28—Some color in otherwise dismal arts education picture .READ MORE

California Ballet
2007-10-07—California Ballet dances Giselle

Historical information
2007-01-02Those dancing Jews
2007-05-11—Celebrating Lincoln Kirstein's centennial
2007-05-18—A Nod of the Head: A Turning Point(e) in Artistic Time – 98 Years Ago
This Month.
2007-08-22—Duberman has written an exhaustive biography of Lincoln Kirstein, whose life was at full throttle
2008-05-05—What kind of dance accompanied Song of the Sea? We have some interesting clues
2008-05-26—Loving photography in the service of dance
2008-06-23—A Jewish dancer’s road to freedom
2008-08-29—Bolshoi Principal Dancer Sulamith Messerer centennial was August 27
2009-02-23—Drawing inspiration from one of the greatest ballerinas

Jean Isaac’s Dance
2008-07-14—Jean Isaacs: Generous spirit opens doors

2007-05-21Stay the Hand: Malashock's work in progress draws on biblical, other Middle Eastern roots
2007-10-14—Malashock Dance presents Let’s Duet, a studio series, at the Dance Place
2008-03-06—Choreographer seeks to decentralize dance from New York City, make it more eclectic

2007-06-03Keshet Chaim dance review: One mistake is an accident; three are symptoms
2007-06-26—Are Pointe Shoes Kosher?
2007-07-23—The Rose Adagio and the Torah
2007-09-02—Boor at barre was genius in archives
2007-12-05—The differences and similarities between a dreidel and a pirouette
2008-01-14—How Fiddler on the Roof keeps his balance
2008-02-21—Sharing the Dessert:  The Last Grand Jeté
2008-08-04—Gelsey Kirkland, prima ballerina, teaches special session at City Ballet of San Diego
2009-03-02—The teacher and the shoe—just a coincidence?

2009-04-06—The ape effect: Diane Fossey and ballet class
2009-07-26—The myths barring potential audiences from the ballet door ... by Sheila Orysiek in San Diego
2009-08-09--For the arts and for Judaism, it's generation to generation Read more
2009-12-20—Allegro and the Benefit of Talmudic Genes