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Monday, May 4, 2009

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Jewish descendants who make aliyah from countries of Asia and Africa becoming a factor in demographic race ... by Ira Sharkansky
In the past week, two internet correspondents have sent me a You Tube headlined, "Muslim Demographics." It portrays a decline in Christian populations and a rise in Islam, to the extent that "The global culture our children will inherit will be vastly different than what it is today." READ MORE

Here comes Hillary Clinton; there goes Lebanon ... by Barry Rubin in Herzliya, Israel
Suddenly, the United States has awoken to the fact that in one month Lebanon is likely to be taken over by a radical government and hijacked into the Iran-Syria alliance. Unfortunately, this apparently doesn’t mean it—or European states—are going to do anything about it.READ MORE

Opportunity and challenge for first-rate ballet in San Diego ... by Sheila Orysiek in San Diego
Having been part of the dance community in San Diego since 1966 does give one some perspective – so forgive me if I make that claim.  For over forty years as a dancer, teacher and writer, I’ve watched as dancers, schools and companies have taken the stage (so to speak), flared briefly and then flickered out.  Or conversely, allowed a steady flame to stagnate.READ MORE

Can you hear me now? Are you even listening? ... by Cynthia Citron in Santa Monica, California
No matter how endearing you might find Frank South to be, spending two hours with him is a real ordeal. He paces, he twitches, he rages, he apologizes, he laments, he speaks in non-sequiturs, and he fights with his personal demons. READ MORE


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Republican Jewish Coalition eulogizes Jack Kemp READ MORE

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We continue our examination of Jewish entertainers

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In every one of our stories, there is usually a Jewish angle, although sometimes they may not be immediately apparent. Examples: Aaron Spelling, mentioned in Cynthia Citron's review, is Jewish, and so are Steven and Elizabeth Wistrich of City Ballet in San Diego, mentioned in Sheila Orysiek's preview of the ballet season.


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Jewish descendants who make aliyah from countries of Asia and Africa becoming a factor in demographic race

By Ira Sharkansky

JERUSALEM--In the past week, two internet correspondents have sent me a You Tube headlined, "Muslim Demographics." It portrays a decline in Christian populations and a rise in Islam, to the extent that "The global culture our children will inherit will be vastly different than what it is today." The clip ends by identifying its source as believers who wish to share a Gospel message, and calling the viewers to action. (see below)

What action? Perhaps making more Christian babies, and/or converting Muslims. There is no indication of sources for the data or the demographic projections.

If there is a threat to Christians and others from Muslim dominance, there is a way short of renewed Crusade to deal with it. My own limited understanding of demography begins with the importance of educating women. Increases in secondary and university education have been associated with declining birth rates as women move from home to the workplace, and show greater capacity and willingness to avoid pregnancy.

Israeli Jews are especially sensitive to the threat of Muslim demographics. Yet there are trends that may protect the Jewish homeland from being overwhelmed by Muslim babies who become angry young men and women. Jewish skeptics wonder if those trends will make Israel a better or worse place.

One line of defense is the ultra-Orthodox communities. Women are highly educated, but mostly in religious texts where "be fruitful and multiply" is more prominent than "attend university and go to work." Even in these communities economics and education do their work. There are signs of declining fertility, but only from very high to high. They remain substantially higher than among Israeli Arabs. Ultra-Orthodox communities produce 8 children per woman as opposed to less than 5 among Israeli Arabs.

Yet another source of Jews is the Third World. Bnei Menasha in eastern India and Burma claim to be remnants of a Lost Tribe resulting from the conquest of the Kingdom of Israel in the 8th century BCE. Falash Mura in Ethiopia say that they are former Jews enticed or forced to become Christians generations ago. A group of Peruvian Indians claim that they descend from Jewish

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traders who made their way into the jungle in the 19th century, a long way from Jewish women. There are also clusters of people in Uganda and Zimbabwe who assert that they are Jewish.

The Bnei Menasha, Falash Mura, and Peruvians have advocates among Israeli and Diaspora Jews who accept their claims, contribute money and media support to prepare individuals for migration and persuade the Israeli government to let them in. There are rabbis, some of them with considerable distinction among the Orthodox or ultra-Orthodox of Israel, who declare the communities to be Jewish, or to have Jewish roots and be worthy of reconversion. Ha'aretz of May 1st had a story covering two-thirds of an inner page on the Bnei Menasha. Several hundred out of seven to nine thousand have entered the country at various times, and many more are waiting for permission. (See also the
Wikipedia article. )

The story of the Falash Mura is the best known. Frequent media pieces have described the movement of Ethiopians from villages to central camps supported by American fund raisers. Ethiopians already in Israel demonstrate their demands to "bring our brothers and sisters." Pressures on the Israeli government have produced spurts of immigration permits, announcements that the movement of Falash Mura has been completed, followed by more movement from villages to the camps, and renewed
campaigns to accept the newly recruited in Israel.

Less than enthusiastic responses among Israeli policymakers reflect two principle concerns. One is a suspicion that there is a bottomless supply of individuals who view Israel as more attractive than their homelands, and are willing to claim Judaism in exchange for migration, resettlement, housing, training, education, and income support from generous Americans and the Israeli government. Another is a concern about the commitment of these people to Judaism. Christian missionaries worked among the Bnei Menasha and Falash Mura, contributed to their knowledge of the Bible and perhaps their attraction to Judaism. Individuals have reverted to Christianity or animism once in Israel. Some assert that they are both Christian and Jewish. While these traits may not bother enthusiasts of ecumenicalism and multi-culturalism, they do not carry much weight with Israel's political and religious establishments.

During 34 years associated with the Hebrew University, I have noticed that an increasing incidence of Arab women students are covering their heads. I do not know if this reflects a change in style that is superficial or significant, whether it indicates something about politics as well as religion. Arab women have been among the brightest and most interesting of the students in my classes. I am more inclined to rely on them than villagers from India and Burma, Ethiopia, Peru, Uganda or Zimbabwe to keep this a decent, and not too crowded country.

Sharkansky is professor emeritus of political science at Hebrew University. Email: msira@mscc.huji.ac.il

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Here comes Hillary Clinton; there goes Lebanon

By Barry Rubin

HERZLIYA, Israel--Suddenly, the United States has awoken to the fact that in one month Lebanon is likely to be taken over by a radical government and hijacked into the Iran-Syria alliance. Unfortunately, this apparently doesn’t
mean it&—or European states—are going to do anything about it.
In early June, the odds are—though one can still hope
otherwise—that the parliamentary majority will be held by a coalition backed by Tehran and Damascus. Hizballah is not going to “take over” the country politically and that is a point no doubt which will be used by governments and media to prove that there’s no problem.

Even UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, not generally identified as an alarmist and activist, has just started sounding the alarm, “Thethreat that armed groups and militias pose to the sovereignty andstability of the Lebanese state cannot be overstated,” he said.
The new government is likely to consist of traditional Syrian-backedpoliticians, the Christian forces of Michel Aoun, Hizballah, and Amal,along with various independent figures. It will take power thanks to themoney and guns paid for by Iran and smuggled in by Syria. It will be anti-American and anti-Western, though it won’t go out of the wayto advertise that fact in English. And, most important of all, it will bea new base for the spread of Iranian influence as well as a signal as towho’s winning in the Middle East.
President Michel Sulayman who was, people seem to forget, the Syriancandidate for that post, will go along with this new situation, though inWestern eyes he will still appear to be moderate. The Lebanese army isnot a reliable guard against it, though it is likely to continue receiving Western military aid.

 The Obama Administration’s words may be formally proper but what was and is needed is a massive effort by the United States incoordination with Europe and moderate Arab states, including covertassistance to the Lebanese independence forces, the May 14 coalition.

That group is, of course, daily accused of receiving such help byHizballah and company— sometimes with the help of the New York Times—but has received little help.
Now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has travelled to Lebanon, given Sulayman a letter from President Obama, and on April 26, she declared that the letter was one “expressing the Obama administration's strong support for a free, sovereign, and independent Lebanon”

 She praised the contributions of Lebanese-Americans, the country’s“courageous citizens” and the elections as a
“milestone.” It sure will be a milestone, though unfortunately probably one marking the end of the road for independentLebanon. And then Lebanon will become a millstone around the neck ofanyone who hopes for a more peaceful, moderate Middle East.

 While Clinton was talking as if the Lebanese election might be free and fair, it's already clear that this has no relationship to reality. Eventhe UN secretary-general is warning about the “atmosphere of intimidation” being created by Hizballah.

 Clinton's job is to denounce what Iran, Syria, and Hizballah have beendoing. Instead, she takes up a stance of neutrality that would be more appropriate regarding elections in Belgium. The only mention of Syria was to praise that country for finally, after six decades, sending an
ambassador to Beirut. There is no mention of Hizballah or Iran, infact--as we will see at the end of this article--her statement isobjectively pro-Hizballah.

 Instead, we get this priceless exchange:

 QUESTION --I know you don't want to speculate about the results ofthe elections, but it does look likely that Syria’ s allies,including Hizballah, will make a strong come-back. Now how’sthat going to affect things? 

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, Kim, first let me say that it's a greatdelight to have you with me on this trip. As some of you know, Kim isLebanese, and has been so excited about coming back to a country that she loves, and I am pleased that I could be the reason she got to come back at this particular time.

Yes, Kim sure is excited to be coming back to a country that she loves. She just worries that it won’t be there any more in a few weeks.

Obviously, Clinton could not— as she explained—“speculate about the outcome of the elections”  She said: “We hope that the election is free and fair of intimidation, we hope that the people of Lebanon make a decision that will continue the progress that we have seen over the last several years.”

 Sure, I hope so also and so do a lot of newspaper readers. But you are Secretary of State so what are you going to do about it?
Clinton does mention continuing U.S. support for the special
tribunal “ investigating” the dozen politicians and journalists
gunned down, all supporters of the March 14 coalition by Syria and its friends. She also visited the memorial to former prime minister Rafik Hariri, the most prominent of those murdered. She says nice things about the Cedar Revolution which succeeded, with U.S. and French help, in throwing out the Syrians. She visited on the anniversary of that pull-out.

 And, she continues (one can almost see her stamping her foot at this point):  “There needs to be an absolute end to an era of impunity forpolitical assassinations in Lebanon. It cannot, must not, be used as a bargaining chip. When I visit former Prime Minster Rafik Hariri'smemorial, I will honor his memory, and pay my respects to all those who have been killed while defending Lebanon's sovereignty and

You hear that! Stop those assassinations and intimidation, the great and powerful America says that. But Iran and Syria and Hizballah have already looked behind the curtain.

And then Clinton continues with this dreadful bit of multicultural generality:

“It won't surprise you to hear that I think moderation is important in the affairs of states, because that gives people from all backgrounds, and all different beliefs and convictions, an opportunity to participate. So that is up to the Lebanese people to decide, but we certainly look forward to working with and cooperating with the next Lebanese government.”
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It’s up to the Lebanese people to decide, making things sound a bit like the New Hampshire primary in a country full of armed militias,millions of Islamist-provided dollars (some of them counterfeited by the Syrians and their Lebanese allies). And that last sentence may come back to haunt her—or at least everyone else.

To say, in advance, that the United States looks forward to working with the next government is, in usual terms, a banal and proper diplomatic statement. But in the specific context of contemporary Lebanon it comes across as a pro-Hizballah statement.

 No matter who wins, the United States will deal with them so Lebanese voters don't have to fear that a vote for Hizballah will lead to hostile U.S. action and Hizballah doesn't have to worry that if it continuesterrorizing Lebanon the United States will strike back even to theminimum extent of rejecting their regime and cutting off aid.

She then promises:

“I want to assure any Lebanese citizens, that the United Stateswill never make any deal with Syria that sells out Lebanon and theLebanese people”

 No problem. By the time the United States makes any deal with Syria—which I believe to be unlikely any way—Lebanon willhave already been sold out long ago.

 She adds: “We certainly look forward to working with and
cooperating with the next Lebanese government.”
But suppose that government is dominated by pro-Iranian, pro-Syrianforces; a radical Islamist militia with genocidal intent against Israel; aregime dedicated to driving U.S. influence out of the region.

I don’t want to suggest there will be a revolution with green flags flying and every woman forced to wear a chador. No. The Christian andDruze communities will be left alone, there will be no attempt to invadetheir turf. But Iran’s friends will control national policy and Hizballah’s militia will control the south and east of the country.

Iranian and Syrian agents will flood in to use Lebanon—like the“good old days” of the 1970s and 1980s—for operations
against Egypt, Israel, and Jordan.
It is even possible that the resulting parliament will be split evenlyenough that there will be a coalition again, albeit with themoderate’s power steadily slipping away as Hizballah grows and strengthens its domination over large parts of Lebanese life.

 The United States doesn’t need a government that proves how nice it is. The United States and the democratic and would-be democratic worldneeds a U.S. government that proves how capable it is of providing leadership and fighting the battle now before it.

Alas, Lebanon, the first victim of the new era in U.S. politics and policy.

Barry Rubin is director of the Global Research in International Affairs(GLORIA) Center http://www.gloria-center.org and editor of the Middle East Review of InternationalAffairs (MERIA) Journal.

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City Ballet photos by Dale Stokes, from left t 1 and 2, Apollo; 3 and 4, The Four Seasons; below, Ramona

Opportunity and challenge for first-rate ballet in San Diego

By Sheila Orysiek

SAN DIEGO—Having been part of the dance community in San Diego since 1966 does give one some perspective – so forgive me if I make that claim.  For over forty years as a dancer, teacher and writer, I’ve watched as dancers, schools and companies have taken the stage (so to speak), flared briefly and then flickered out.  Or conversely, allowed a steady flame to stagnate.

Thus when a company such as City Ballet of San Diego consistently puts a good product on stage it claims my attention – not as a fan – but as a critic.  I want professional level classical dance in my city and anyone who has read my reviews will be able to trace the result of intelligent guidance in the consistently upward artistic growth of this company.  While this is no guarantee for the future, it does bode well.

May 8 through the 10th, at the Spreckles Theatre, the company will be presenting a program which includes George Balanchine’s glowing masterpiece Apollo.   It is a superb example of the Stravinsky-Balanchine collaboration and is probably in the repertoire of every world class company; a challenge to whoever undertakes it.  City Ballet first danced it in 2006.  That ballet alone is always worth a ticket.

Artistic Director Steven Wistrich noted in 2007 when I interviewed him for San Diego Jewish World that he wants to build on the company’s performances of the Balanchine repertoire and this he is doing.  The master choreographer’s work is guarded by the Balanchine Trust and his ballets are only performed under their strict imprimatur – from rehearsal, costuming, staging, production values (lighting/sets), program notes to final performance.  A company that dances this repertoire has earned the right to do so.  City Ballet has earned this right.  However, it is a right which must be continually re-earned every time.

In a recent telephone conversation, Wistrich told me that Apollo is on the upcoming program because he feels that he has a particularly fortuitous combination of artistically mature dancers at this time and that Sandra Jennings, the Balanchine Trust representative, is also especially pleased with the cast.  While this is a challenging ballet with its pure, clean Balanchine style – different from his more jazzy works – the company now has a history of dancing this particular repertoire and has grown into and is comfortable with it.

But City Ballet also has a worthy resident choreographer which is a huge plus for any company.  Elizabeth Wistrich will be presenting the world premiere of The Ramona Myth using several scores by composer Joaquin Rodrigo. (See photo above right)   Based on the novel by Helen Hunt Jackson and partially set within San Diego County the book is considered a classic of its type and is a dearly beloved story/myth. 

The premiere of this ballet is made possible by a grant from the James Irvine Foundation.  The several scenes will use multi-media along with limited narration to set the time and place. From my past views of Wistrich’s work, I am looking forward to seeing how she uses Rodrigo’s beautiful music and how she paces the story.

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Speaking of beautiful music – the third piece on the announced program is The Seasons which Wistrich choreographed using Vivaldi’s renowned opus The Four Seasons.  This music – so well known and beloved – by its very nature and popularity is a challenge to any choreographer and dancer.  A live string orchestra will accompany the ballet; always an enhancement to any production.  Wistrich emphasized that whenever possible he uses live music.

Wistrich also informed me that the company is considering an invitation by another city to expand their performance schedule.  This will give the dancers an even greater opportunity to explore their roles as well as increase the company’s base of support.  Art funding is always in a fragile state but at this time particularly so.  Stimulating the economy is not only about roads and bridges – artists need to survive too.

This city has been blessed with generations of good – even great – teachers.  But keeping the product of their pedagogy – employing the dancers here in the city – has been the problem.  Building a ballet company has got to be one of the most difficult undertakings in the world of art.  It takes years of guts and grind – even assuming one has the knowledge and wherewithal.

The knowledge – the actual teaching of the art form - can be imported if necessary, but moving from the studio classroom to the professional stage takes another set of tools; turning structure into art is another thing entirely.  Assuming that difficulty is overcome, there still remains the constant problem of finding the wherewithal – funding. 

The performing arts have never been self-supporting such as through ticket sales but require private, corporate and government support.  San Diego has few corporate headquarters in residence.  In addition, the city is replete with attractive activities such as the beaches, desert, proximity to Mexico, zoo, theme parks, sports, etc., all vying for the time and funds from visitors and residents.  With the finest weather in the country there is less need for seeking indoor entertainment.

I don’t attend City Ballet’s performances as a fan of the company – but as a fan of professional classical ballet.  I relish seeing the result of elegant schooling, growth guided by intelligence, and watching my hope of a worthy company develop and come to fruition. 

But I go as a critic and my note pad is blank.

Oryiek's email: orysieks@sandiegojewishworld.com

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Can you hear me now? Are you even listening?

By Cynthia Citron

SANTA MONICA, California- No matter how endearing you might find Frank South to be, spending two hours with him is a real ordeal. He paces, he twitches, he rages, he apologizes, he laments, he speaks in non-sequiturs, and he fights with his personal demons. In short, he displays vividly the ailments that have afflicted him for a lifetime: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), hypomania (part of the cycle of manic depression), alcoholism, short-term memory loss, and issues with authority.

South brings all this to the stage of The Other Space at the Santa Monica Playhouse in a one-man show called Pay Attention: ADHD in Hollywood, On the Rocks with a Twist. The “twist” is that, between episodes of working as a waiter, Frank South was one of the most successful television writers in Hollywood. Among his hit shows were Melrose Place; Cagney & Lacey; Fame, Hill Street Blues; and General Hospital.

To demonstrate his typical behavior, he begins his story in 1964, when he quixotically signed up to appear in his high school’s Spring Talent show. Which was unfortunate, he tells us, because he had no particular talent. But, unfazed, he decided he could teach himself to play guitar in time for the show. And then he reveals one of the major components of ADHD: “If something is really important, I don’t pay attention.” So he never learned to play the guitar, but he showed up for the talent show anyway, delivered a rambling rant, and totally humiliated himself. In that experience, he says, he learned that "shame and pain are great teachers.”

He introduces us to his “crazy," the demon with clawed fists who urges him to do outrageous things and helps him to his first mental breakdown in 1969. This breakdown he treats with Paxil, Ritalin, and gin. Then, apparently because he can match auteur Robert Altman drink for drink, he becomes Altman’s bosom buddy and protégé.

Altman had contacted him originally because he had liked two one-act plays that South had written. South, who was a waiter at New York’s Windows on the World at the time, let Altman move him to L.A., where he lived in the Malibu Colony with Altman and his wife and became part of the celebrity set of the 1980s. Altman subsequently directed his plays, titled 2 by South in L.A. and off-Broadway, and then filmed them for presentation on ABC Arts. For a time South seemed to have achieved his dream of “being accepted at the grownups’ table.”

Following his time with Altman and another meltdown, he was enlisted to write for television mogul Aaron Spelling. For Spelling, he says, he wrote “crappy, brain-dead TV shows” and turned “arty farty TV shows into must-see crap pie.” Admitting to having “a severe reaction to ‘cute’,” South claims that with Spelling he earned a PhD in Lame and a black belt in bullshit.

His bitter commentary on Spelling, whom he claims “does not even pretend to stick up for you when things go bad,” was obviously fueled by the fact that he, South, became the fall guy in a notorious lawsuit filed by an actress whose role as the lead in a series had been recast when she became pregnant. South, who had fired her at Spelling’s direction, was blamed for what was termed “exploitation of a woman.”

South, who resembles the late Jim Backus when he smiles, eventually found a woman who could put up with him and calm him down. She is Margaret South, a producer who has developed films and television shows for Disney, Fox, and Tri-Star Studios, and HBO, ABC, and NBC. With her, he moved to Hawaii so that he could write and produce Baywatch Hawaii. They are still there.

The Souths have two sons, both with ADHD. How Margaret copes with the three of them boggles the imagination. But, as Frank points out, “Three percent of American adults have ADHD,” so there must be many such copers out there. Margaret produced her husband’s show and their friend Mark Travis, a prominent director of solo shows, directed it. Kathi O’Donohue provided the colorful lighting effects.

Pay Attention is a grim tale, discomfiting and tension-filled and not easy to sit through. But as South notes in conclusion, “We are all inventing our lives as we live them.” His life has been as inventive as can be expected from someone with his challenges. One can only hope there is a light bulb at the end of his tunnel.

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Pay Attention will be performed Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 6 for six weeks only, May 2nd through June 7th, at The Other Space at the Santa Monica Playhouse, 1211 4th Street, Santa Monica. Call 323-960-7738 for tickets.

Citron is Los Angeles bureau chief of San Diego Jewish World. Her email is citronc@sandiegojewishworld.com


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The Bible in Pop Culture: Holiness, Sanctity

Exodus 28:2

You shall make vestments of sanctity (Spanish: santo) for Aaron your brother, for glory and splendor.

Don Harrison photographed this sign (from the passenger seat) on westbound California State Route 52 on Sunday, May 3, 2009

Please share your photo showing a biblical reference in pop culture Please send your jpg photo for posting to editor@sandiegojewishheritage.com. If possible, please send it at 72dpi resolution and 400 pixels wide. Please include the name of the photographer, the date and place the photo was taken, and any other relevant caption information.

For our growing "Pop Bible" collection please see

Jewish Pop Culture Bible index

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The Co-Publishers' Mailbox... Notes from advertisers and others
Items for us? Please send them to editor@sandiegojewishworld.com

Republican Jewish Coalition eulogizes Jack Kemp

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Press release) -- Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matthew Brooks said on Sunday: "We mourn the passing of Jack Kemp, an unwavering defender of liberty and a dear friend of Israel, the American Jewish community, and the RJC.

"Jack Kemp was a leader on pro-Israel issues from his very first days in Congress. He was a consistent friend of Israel and visited Israel frequently over the years. Jack never missed an opportunity to stand up for Israel against her detractors, in this country or abroad.

"A staunch anti-communist, Jack was an early supporter of the Soviet Jewry movement and worked with great dedication to help Soviet Jews achieve freedom.

"Jack's vision of the Republican Party was marked by inclusiveness and concern for the individual. He reached out to African Americans and welcomed the energy and passion of a diverse GOP. He was the original bleeding-heart conservative, whose desire to help the less fortunate drove his efforts for economic reform.

"The RJC was blessed to have the opportunity to work closely with Jack during his decades of public service. He touched many lives and was a wonderful friend.

"We mourn his loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with Joanne and his family. May his memory be for a blessing. "

Senator Boxer's primer
on H1N1 (Swine Flu)

WASHINGTON, D.C.—U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (Democrat, California) recently placed on her website important material for understanding and keeping track of the H1N1 influenza virus. Updated information may be obtained by visiting the website on a regular basis. Here is some material from that site:

The recent emergence of a new human-to-human strain of an H1N1 influenza virus (swine flu) has made headlines in recent days. While the disease should be taken seriously, and coordinated efforts are under way to contain its spread, there are simple and common steps you can take to protect your health.

This section aims to provide as much up-to-date information as possible as events continue to unfold. The Centers for Disease Control -- along with numerous state, local, and federal agencies -- continues to address the situation.

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has activated a toll-free swine flu hotline in English and Spanish. Assistance in other languages is also available. The phone number is 1-888-865-0564

H1N1 Virus Map

This map is provided by the California Department of Public Health and lists confirmed and probable cases by county. Click to view full map

There are everyday actions people can take to stay healthy.

  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Alcohol-based hands cleaners are also effective.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread that way.

Try to avoid close contact with sick people.

  • Influenza is thought to spread mainly person-to-person through coughing or sneezing of infected people.
  • If you get sick, CDC recommends that you stay home from work or school and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Swine Influenza
CDC is working very closely with officials in states where human cases of swine influenza A (H1N1) have been identified, as well as with health officials in Mexico, Canada and the World Health Organization. This includes deploying staff domestically and internationally to provide guidance and technical support.

California Department of Public Health: Swine Flu Outbreak
: Latest news from the CDPH regarding state efforts to monitor and control the outbreak.

World Health Organization: Swine Influenza
WHO is coordinating the global response to human cases of swine influenza A (H1N1) and monitoring the corresponding threat of an influenza pandemic. Information on this page tracks the evolving situation and provides access to both technical guidelines and information useful for the general public.

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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History
With thanks to Gail Umeham for the transcription

Southwestern Jewish Press February 20, 1953, page 3

Mr. and Mrs. Sol Stone and family wish to thank their many friends for their kindness during their recent bereavement.

Council to Discuss
Juvenile Problems

Southwestern Jewish Press February 20, 1953, page 3

The regular monthly luncheon meeting of the National Council of Jewish Women, will be held Tuesday, March 3 at Temple Center at noon with president Mrs. R. R. Smith presiding.  Mrs. Mannie Adler, Legislative Chairman, is in charge of the program which will be a panel discussing with the audience the subject of Juvenile Protection.  Participating will be Dr. Robert Kaplan, psychologist; Mrs. Genevieve Gordon and Mr. David Lewis, who both teach Social Hygiene and Family Living in Junior and Senior High Schools; Mrs. Enola Rickey, former 9th District PTA Juvenile Protection Chairman; Mr. Robert Kemp, Field Representative of the City Dept. of Social Welfare.

Southwestern Jewish Press February 20, 1953, page 3

Nicer than New!  Family home in Kensington Heights.  Three bedrooms, full dining-room, 1¾ baths, insulated, large well-kept yard. A. W. Stevens Realty, G.7-1131; eves. H. 2-2736.

Room to Rent with kitchen privileges.  One block to bus.  R-2909

Southwestern Jewish Press February 20, 1953, page 3

20th—B.B. Brotherhood Sabbath—Temple Beth Israel—8 p.m.
22nd—Pioneer Women Purim Ball—Beth Jacob Center—6 p.m.-12 midnite.
24th—Beth Jacob Sisterhood Membership Round-Up—Beth Jacob Center—12 noon.
28th—Jewish Cutural Committee—Halevi Chorus—Temple Beth Israel—8 p.m.
1st—Daughters of Israel—Purim Dinner—Tifereth Israel—5:30 p.m.
1st—Beth Jacob Sisterhood Spring Festival—Beth Jacob Center—2 p.m.-midnite.
1st—Beth Israel Purim Pandemonium—Temple Center—2 p.m;
8th—U.J.F. Mobilization Rally—Temple Beth Israel—8 p.m.
15th—J.W.V. Bingo Night—Beth Jacob Center

Linda’s Lookout
Southwestern Jewish Press February 20, 1953, page 5

By Linda Solof

Hi gang!  Here’s the scoop on the latest doings of the “Kosher Krowd.”

Even though they didn’t find any snow the gals ‘n guys in the Y.P.L. went to Camp Cuyamaca for a weekend at the mountains and had a super colossal time!  Among those who joined in the fun were David Ruskin, Linda Douglas, Gary Cantor, Brenda Heiman, Gary and Eddie Naiman, Maxine Schoenkopf, David Levens, Janet and Susan Solof, Jack Felson, Gary Breitbard, Dorothy Hess, Sandy Ratner, Stan Camiel, Roger Brenes, Adrian Sachnoff, Bob Meyers, Nelson Guyer, Sharlene Stone and Gordon Levitt. Their next event scheduled is a “Bowling Party” so be on the lookout for the date.

Surprise!  Surprise!  Met Don Goldman’s ears as he stepped into Esther Lustig’s home (cq).  Those helping make Don’s birthday and farewell (he left for the Army) happy were yours truly ‘nAaron Kolkey, Elsa Esterson ‘n Warren Glouco, Bobby Glickman,  ‘n Burt Sharpe, Beverly Addleson ‘n Dick Godes, and Deanne Brown ‘n Lenny Bloom.  The party was terrific from the delicious dinner at first to the dancing at the end.  Happy birthday, Don, and good luck.

By the way, Esther Lustig also celebrated her 17th birthday, Happy birthday, Esther.

The Friday night that Seymour Pomeranz was sixteen he went to the San Diego club with his parents for dinner.  But Seymour was really surprised when he arrived and found fifty of his friends waiting to eat dinner with him.  The gals ‘n guys had an extra fabulous time helping their host celebrate.  They enjoyed a wonderful dinner followed by dancing.  What a way to celebrate a birthday!  Huh, Seymour?  Many happy returns of the day. 

Many of the guys and their dolls were glimpsed dancing through clouds in their lovely formals at the State College Blue Book Ball and at the San Diego High School Sergeanette Ball.

“Mm-m-m-m!” said the gang while eating a delicious chicken dinner at Dianne Fogelman’s.   After dinner and a scavenger hunt Andy Leeds, Terry Kitaen, Harriet Silverman, Arthur Pogrell, Elaine Brandenberg, Jeremy Lustig,  Shirley Kaufman,

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Michael Sperber, Linda Zuckerman.  Jerry Mandel, Bobby Spiegel, George Lewis, Susan Solof, Norman Starr, Sue Hutler, Jack Sharpe and Alan Friedman attended the Valentine Dance at the Center.

Watch for that Extra Special dressy dance plus band and all the trimmings that is going to be given soon by the T.Y.L.
To all fellas (16-18) who are interested in meeting with other guys and gals for social purposes send in your names, addresses, and telephone number to the Jewish Community Center, 3227 El Cajon Blvd., (T. 1-7744) or drop in Thursday evenings to see Mr. Posin.  If you haven’t had a chance to make friends out of school or are not satisfied with your present affiliations, let us know.  Something is cooking and we thought you’d like to join in.

J. W. V. To Honor
National President

Southwestern Jewish Press February 20, 1953, page 5

The social meeting of the Jewish War Veterans Auxiliary originally scheduled for Monday, February 16th will be postponed until Thursday, February 26th at 8:00 p.m. in the War Memorial Bldg., Balboa Park, in order that our members and many friends will have the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Rose Chanin, National President of the Jewish War Veterans Auxiliary.

Mrs. Chanin will arrive on Thursday, February 26th, and will be entertained by the Auxiliary at a no host dinner at 6 p.m. at the El Cortez Hotel.  All those wishing to attend the dinner please contact Binnie Brooks at Woodlawn 7-0867.  After dinner, Mrs. Chanin will be the guest of the Auxiliary at a social, followed by refreshments at the War Memorial Building, Balboa Park, at 8 p.m..  The public is invited, and all members are urged to attend. 

On Friday morning, Feb 27th, Mrs. Chanin will be taken on an official tour of the Naval Hospital, followed by a luncheon at noon.

“Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed "Adventures in San Diego Jewish History" series will be a daily feature until we run out of history.

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