Dorothea Shefer-Vanson


Dorothea Shefer-Vanson is a freelance writer and translator based in Mevasseret Zion, Israel, outside Jerusalem.  She may be reached at

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2007-11-03A trip into my unknown German past"
Scandals, corruption weaken Israel 
2007-10-07Life returning to normal in Israel as it is finally 'after the holidays'
2007-09-26Epilogue to the famous Bergen-Belsen recording of 'Hatikvah'
2007-08-28 Dorel Golan is a pianist you'll be hearing from
2007-08-19Editor tells back story of book on adventurous uncle
2007-06-30 Is 'land-for-peace' formula now planned for Syria?  
2007-06-29Ahmadanejad's twisted logic in Holocaust denial
2007-06-28Israel and the sexual harassment issue
2007-06-25Maestro, a little drilling music, please
2007-06-24Reflections on Hamburg and the grandma I never knew
2007-06-23Fellow translator led a quiet life worth remembering
2007-06-22Differences between being 'planter' and 'planted'
2007-06-21Well, okay, Jerusalem lacks Tel Aviv's beach
2007-06-20And what about the daily life of Israelis?
2007-06-19—The music of community
2007-06-18—My passport to adventure in Tel Aviv
2007-06-17Even Yad Vashem can have a typo, so verify listings
2007-06-16When the high school reunion is in a country left behind
2007-06-15Israel has frum and not-so-frum Orthodox weddings
2007-06-14Family over politics draws writer to 'Territories'
2007-06-13Hilde was a living link with the German Jewish past
2007-06-12Be it ever so dusty, there's no place like Israel
2007-06-11Grandparenting in Israel: The saga of the saba and safta

2007-06-10The satisfaction of mentoring a young, talented musician 
2007-06-09—I love Israel in the Springtime
2007-06-08Putting the Middle East dispute in chronological context
2007-06-07Driving in Israel.  Not for the faint-hearted
2007-06-06As we remember 1967 war, let's also recall the wounded
2007-06-05Vacations without children?  That's not the Israeli way!