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Thursday, February 5, 2009

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Orthodox rabbinate humiliates Fackenheim family

By Rabbi Dow Marmur
JERUSALEM—While Israel was conducting the war against Hamas its Chief Rabbinate dealt with the important matters, especially Jewish status. In one of their decisions the learned rabbis decreed that Yossi Fackenheim, the youngest son of the late Professor Emil Fackenheim and his wife Rose, isn’t Jewish. Read More

Holocaust tour strengthens Israeli girl's patriotism
By Dorothea Shefer-Vanson
MEVASSERET ZION, Israel—When my granddaughter told me that she intended to participate in her school trip to eastern Europe I was aghast. Why would any normal Israeli teenager wish to inflict upon herself the sights and associations aroused by concentration camps? Read More

Creating countries at the Int'l Criminal Court
By Shoshana Bryen
WASHINGTON, D.C.—In 2002, JINSA opposed the creation of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC is not required to provide Americans the basic legal protections guaranteed to us by our Constitution, and has nebulous political goals including "to achieve justice for all," and "to end impunity (of national leaders)." We called it a "playground for mischief" and "UN groupthink," and said Israel and the United States would be the primary targets of its political judges. Read More

Loving 'Leah' a lot easier than loving Susie Essman
By Rabbi Simcha Weinstein
NEW YORK--On January 25, CBS aired the TV movie Loving Leah. This pleasant if forgettable Hallmark Hall of Fame production told the romantic tale of a secular Jewish doctor (what else?) who marries his Chabad-Chasidic sister-in-law, Leah, after the death of his brother, the rabbi (but of course!)
 Read More

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Lawrence Family JCC: J*Company to produce San Diego premiere of Disney High School Musical 2 Read More

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