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Bryen is senior director for security policy for the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. Since Sept. 21, 2008, Waxie Sanitary Supply has sponsored her column in San Diego Jewish World
in memory of Morris Wax, who had been a national board member of JINSA.





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2010-01-03—Congress should examine both Patriot Act and Interpol privileges

2009-12-31—Attempted bombing was not a single criminal event but rather an act of war
2009-12-31--Return to Bush doctrine needed that U.S. fight is against terrorists and countries that harbor them
2009-12-29—Security for Israel by Israel..
2009-12-20—Fatah and Hamas may be gearing up for Civil War
2009-12-15—Iranian nuclear secrets coming out with increasing velocity
2009-12-13—Letter to the Editor: Bryen ‘SO touched’ to be linked to Morrie Wax’s memory
2009-12-10—Formulating the Afghan Mission, Part III
Formulating the Afghan mission, Part II
2009-12-08—Formulating the Afghan mission, Part I
2009-12-01—The Canary in Israel's Coal Mine
2009-11-26—Reasons for international thankfulness
2009-11-15(21)—Obama and Holder make many mistakes in terror trial discussion
2009-11-15—Killing Al Qaeda now U.S. primary purpose in Afghanistan
2009-11-12—Nidal Hasan and American multiculturalism ... Read more
2009-11-10—Hamas’ West Bank Popularity Up, So Abbas Isn’t Running ..Read more
2009-11-08—Jihad on U.S. soil no longer unthinkable Read more
2009-11-05—Weapons ship an example of Iran's regional scheming Read more
2009-10-25—U.S. turning its back on the genocide in Darfur ...Read more
2009-10-20—So what difference does UNHRC vote really make .Read more
2009-10-15—NATO exercise cancellation = Turkey romancing Iran ...Read more
2009-10-11—Recognizing Taliban would be unworthy of America ..Read more
2009-10-06—The politics of U.S. Senate inspection trips Read more
2009-10-01—What President Obama should tell the Iranians today Read more
2009-09-29—Netanyahu: 'The jury is still out on the United Nations.' Read more
2009-09-29—U.S. should support Iranians seeking regime changeRead more
2009-09-03—The IAEA's ineffectiveness in dealing with Iran Read more
2009-08-27—Speculation rife that Israel will receive freer hand with Iran in return for 'progress' with Palestinians . Read more
2009-08-20—Will U.S. get any benefit from its Syrian courtship? Read more
2009-08-18—Fatah rhetoric, Hamas violence debunk U.S. 'peace' visions ... Read more
2009-08-13—Israel cannot depend on U.N. observers in Lebanon Read more
2009-08-11—Emboldened Fatah again endorses 'armed struggle' Read more
2009-08-09—Naive to assume countries act other than in self-interest Read more
2009-08-02—Eight Congress members reported on mission to Gaza.. Read more
2009-07-30—Hezbollah's provocations on the Israeli border. Read more
2009-07-23—U.S. weak on Iran, N. Korea but oh so tough on Honduras Read more
2009-07-23--Sanctioning Honduras would hurt its poor citizens... Read more
2009-07-21—Readers respond to some of our recent columns Read more
2009-07-17—The folly of a strengthened Palestinian 'police force' Read more
2009-07-15—Obama's meeting with Jews simply window dressing . Read more
2009-07-10—Obama elegantly contradicted himself in Moscow ... by Shoshana Bryen in Washington D.C. ... Read more
2009-07-08—There are apologies owed by the U.S. to Honduras Read more
2009-07-03—Building free, independent nations in America and Iraq READ MORE
2009-07-02—U.S. should tell firms trading with Iran, "Them or us!" READ MORE
2009-06-30—Obama's differing standards in Colombia and Honduras.READ MORE
2009-06-26—Pro-Western Arab dictators wary of Iranian rebellion READ MORE
2009-06-24—While keeping watch on Iran, U.S. should not take its eyes off either North Korea or the Palestinian READ MORE
2009-06-19—Root of the Arab-Israeli conflict and why it matters READ MORE
2009-06-17—Deal with West not on Iran's post-election agenda ... READ MORE
Society that celebrates bloodshed not ready for statehood READ MORE
2009-06-09—The American president as a touring rock star
2009-06-04—Obama should bring immortal Thomas Jefferson to Cair
2009-06-03—For Hezbollah, victory won't be as sweet as almost winning
2009-05-31—Is U.S. penalizing Israel for Hamas war crimes?
2009-05-28—'Axis of Evil' proving itself not just Bush paranoia
2009-05-24—Cheney-Obama exchange on national security a gift
2009-05-22—Obama-Netanyahu meeting did not change status quo
2009-05-12—Spain's chutzpadik claim of worldwide judicial authority
Gates on U.S.'s Iran initiative 'Don't Worry, We'll Fail'?
2009-05-07—Iran is a major world problem, not a bargaining chip
2009-05-06—Jack Kemp was a true and unwavering friend of Israel
2009-05-01—It is Better to Try 'Conspirators' than 'Terrorists'
2009-04-30—Israelis' confidence shown in the country's rising birthrate
2009-04-24—Making nice to dictators around the world won't help U.S
2009-04-21—Concessions to terrorists are futile and self-defeating
2009-04-19—A military budget to care for those who 'bore the battle' ... by Shoshana Bryen in Washington D.C.
2009-04-16—If U.S. goes to Durban II, let it upbraid evil regimes
2009-04-14—Only the battle, not the war, is won against Somali pirates
2009-04-10—A scorecard on President Obama's first trip overseas
2009-04-08—If Mideast peace is going nowhere, don't put onus on Israel
2009-04-05—Trying to dictate peace in Middle East is sign of hubris
2009-04-01When Arabs brutalize own people, propagandists are mum
2009-03-22—Abbas aide, Hamas agree that Israel has no right to exist
2009-03-19—Injured veterans must not be further penalized
2009-03-15—Elusive moderates' cannot deliver peace nor leadership
2009-03-12—Having China and Saudia Arabia as clients, not Israel's friends, were the real cause of Chas Freeman's problem .
2009-03-09—Some good news in the Mediterranean to start the week
2009-03-08—Debating the defenders of NIA's Charles Freeman
2009-03-05—To whom will U.S.-trained Palestinian fighters be loyal?
2009-03-01—Nix on NIC chairman-designate Chas Freeman
2009-02-27—Why is the United States bailing out terrorists?
2009-02-26—Obama makes error in giving Russia an Aghanistan role
2009-02-23—Israel jeopardizes Egypt and the Palestine Authority by conducting its indirect 'non-negotiations' with Hamas
2009-02-22—Clinton errs by bringing religion into U.S. diplomacy
2009-02-18—Restructuring U.S. relations with Russia, Iran and Syria must not turn into a retreat into U.S. isolationism
2009-02-15—U.S. 'resetting' relations with Russia, Syria
Now commentators worry about opinion on the Israeli street
2009-02-06—Erdogan's behavior signals shift away from West
2009-02-05—Creating countries at the Int'l Criminal Court
2009-02-04—Israel Did NOT Hit UNRWA School In Gaza
2009-02-01—'The Choice Is Ours'—Iraqi voter
2009-01-30—Cry for Palestinian children, and remember
2009-01-29—Asking right questions about the Gaza War
2009-01-28—The irrelevance of Hamas' 'support'
2009-01-27—Palestinian support for Hamas stays high
Why we're giving 3 cheers for Italy
2009-01-22Change in the U.S. and the Middle East
2009-01-21—True 'victory' was not an option in Gaza
2009-01-13—Sometimes it really is that simple
2009-01-11—Dissecting the U.N. resolution on Gaza
2009-01-08—Ceasing Fire and scripting Israel's conditions
2009-01-07—Gaza war indicates Mideast realignment
2009-01-05—Why Fatah has muted reaction to Gaza War

2008-12-31—How quickly Europeans forget WWII lessons
2008-12-30—Controlling the terms of the war
Obama team may seek to solve wrong Israeli-Palestinian problems, and worsen them
2008-12-18—Islamic jihadism is not Israel-centric
2008-12-14—Ahtisaari: 'Peace is a Question of Will'
Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, honored by JINSA
Taking our ease in Iraq on the S.O.F.A
Killers from the swamp of hatred
2008-11-27—Real peace comes from a change of heart, not from the adjustment of boundaries
Georgia's recent war with Russia provides object lesson for Israel
2008-11-18A SOFA to give democracy its ease
Saudi gesture need not be minimized
2008-11-16Recent Saudi diplomacy is a gift to West
2008-11-11—Remembering our veterans this Shabbat
2008-11-09—Winding the 'Peace Process' Down, or Up
2008-11-07—Europeans won't have Bush any more as their convenient scapegoat
2008-11-06America the Exceptional
The U.S. President and the Middle East
2008-10-30—Syria makes troubles for its neighbors
2008-10-28—Hamas must be 'dealt' with
2008-10-26—Lame duck leaders seek to change conditions in the Middle East pond
Not buying CITGO gasoline could send an economic message to Venezuela's Chavez
2008-10-17—That 'big elephant' in the Middle East
—U.S. training potential Israel enemies

2008-10-10—Pending leadership changes in Israel, West Bank and U.S. stymy Middle East progress
2008-10-07—Now it's nuclear India, front and center
2008-10-01—U.S. staffs missile alert system in Israel
Ahmadinejad protest planned in NYC on Thursday by a coalition of Jewish groups
U.S. politicians should unite against Iran
2008-08-27—Sublimating more pressing global concerns, Rice pushes her false Mideast priorities
2008-08-24—Cracks appear in U.S.-Israel alliance against nuclear Iran; what is trigger point for attack?
Former captive nations want to be in NATO
2008-08-15—So where was Russian expert Condy Rice before the bombs started falling?
2008-08-14—Europe, dependent on Russian oil, unwilling to intervene in Georgia war
2008-08-13—The snarling Russan bear returns
U.S. following nonsensical policy in Gaza
Abbas' refusal to accept refugees from Gaza underscores West Bank's separateness
Decisions continue with or without Olmert
Average Americans more resolute than Congress in responding to gasoline crisis
Senator Obama in the Middle East: Part III
2008-07-27—Senator Obama in the Middle East: Part II
Senator Obama in the Middle East: Part I
2008-07-23—Key to Mideast peace not change among the Israelis but among the Palestinians

2008-07-22Some questions Obama should ask Abbas
Israel gives Hezbollah propaganda victory
Palestinians depend on Israeli economy; yet Fayyed tries to weaken its prospects
2008-07-15—Sarkozy sacrifices Franch honor to Syria
Iran's bad week: gas deal with French Total sours, missile test lacks credibility
U.S.-Iraq withdrawal negotiations prompt posturing for both countries' electorates
2008-07-08—The cause of freedom, then and now
Victory in Iraq is well-worth fighting for
2008-06-27—Parallels of German, Iraqi reconstructions
Are the French modern-day Delilahs?
2008-06-23—Israel is now appeasing its Arab enemies
2008-06-22Murtha owes Marines an apology
2008-06-20—U.S. and Israel prefer stability among Arab nations rather than real democracy
2008-06-18—Hamas will rebuild during the ceasefire
2008-06-15—Q&A with readers on a Gaza invasion
2008-06-12—Has Israel forgotten defensive principles of short wars on other countries' territories?
2008-06-05—Was that Condy Rice...or Sandy Berger?
2008-06-04—Condoleezza Rice's stand over Gaza scholarships is counterproductive
2008-06-01—Zbig's efforts to accommodate Iranian mullahs didn't work then; won't work now
2008-05-29Israel-Syria deal wouldn't sweep away Iran
2008-05-26Syria-Israel peace discussions strain their respective alliances with Iran, United States
2008-05-20President Bush in Mideast made us kvell
2008-05-12Europe is fatigued by moral issues like the Holocaust, Israel's existence
Naqba, or catastrophe, is propaganda; truth is Palestinians' self-imposed victimhood
2008-05-09—Israel at 60 continues to bend over backwards to accommodate neighbors
2008-05-08—King Abdullah points out Rice's folly
2008-05-02—Kuwait-Syria connection; Iraq's cell phones
2008-04-30Could Mohammed ElBaredei have a bias?
2008-04-27—Why is Olmert discussing Golan Heights?
2008-04-25—Syrian-Korean nuclear program mysteries
2008-04-23—Hamas made a goat of Jimmy Carter
2008-04-16Welcome back, welcome back Berlusconi
2008-04-15—Iran becomes increasingly frustrated in Iraq
2008-04-06—Why is the U.S. sanctioning the arming of Palestinians; who will be the beneficiary?
Maliki's victory: Iran's big setback in Iraq
2008-03-31South America's growing terrorist threat
2008-03-30U.S. must lend support to Colombia as it fights narco-terrorists tied to Hezbollah
—Barak unhappy with U.S. military advisors
2008-03-18—Is U.S. impinging on Israeli sovereignty with three generals assigned to Mideast?
2008-03-11— National borders ignored by terrorists
2008-03-09— Shootings should end the 'Peace Process'
2008-03-07Question to Olmert: Is Bush agenda yours?
2008-03-03The Angelina Jolie report on Iraq progress
2008-03-02—Obama and McCain differ on Al Qaeda
2008-02-29—Hamas rocket attacks getting deadlier
'Human chain' dissolves in rain
2008-02-24Satellite shot proves Reagan's wisdom
2008-02-14—The avenger, the minion and the protector
2008-02-10Gaza crisis threatens Mubarek's rule
2008-02-05—U.S. winning Al Qaeda's strong horse derby
2008-02-03—What is justification for providing Syria with border surveillance computers?
2008-01-29—Gaza chaos likely to metastasize, posing new dangers to Israel, U.S. forces, Egypt (A report by Lenny Ben-David)
2008-01-27—Should Gaza be made a U.N. protectorate?
2008-01-25—Why Gaza finds itself in the mess it's in
U.S. arms for Saudi Arabia not in the best interests of the United States, nor Israel
—Bush's Middle East trip a disappointment
2008-01-10—Bush must make case for Iraq to Arabs
2008-01-08A briefing for President Bush, Part II
2008-01-07—A briefing for President George W. Bush
2008-01-06—Salute to retiring Jewish chair of the House Foreign Relations Committee

2007-12-31Turkey and U.S. join to fight Kurdish terror
Bhutto assassination proves that turmoil in Muslim world is not about the Jews
On Putin, Time's 'Person of the Year'
N.Y. Philharmonic performance gives North Korea an undeserved PR coup
Capability more important than 'intent' in measuring nuclear danger from Iran
Questions abound about NIE assessment
—NIE has 'moderate confidence' Iran has not reactivated its nuclear weapons program

2007-12-04—Stephen Hadley's appalling speech
2007-11-28—Annapolis conference creates false symmetry between Palestinian terror, Israeli response
—No negotiations expected at Annapolis
Rice should be in Baghdad, not Annapolis
2007-11-18 —Every veteran is Hal's best Koster-mer; JINSA backs him for citizen's award
2007-11-15—Parsing Secretary Rice's Mideast outlook
Army officer reflects on Veteran's Day about his assignment in the Iraq war
Pakistan has neither a racial nor philosophical identity to help unify it.
—Oil prices are so high, it's time to pull out the stops in behalf of alternative fuels
—Convicting the foot soldiers while giving master terrorists virtual immunity

2007-11-01—A town meeting at Foggy Bottom


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