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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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Which Palestinians are ready to make peace with Israel? ... by Barry Rubin
HERZLIYA, Israel--What is the most important theme of Israeli politics, policy, and thinking today? It is pretty simple but you will rarely see it explained in much of the world:  Most Israelis believe that the Palestinians don't want to make a  comprehensive peace with Israel in exchange for a Palestinian state. Hamas  doesn’t  want it; the Palestinian Authority (PA) is both unwilling and  unable to do it. Israel faces a hostile Iran, Syria, Hamas, and Hizballah, and various Islamist movements which all want to destroy it. In addition, it cannot depend on strong Western or international support in defending  itself. READ MORE

On Clinton's San Diego visit on Presidents Weekend ...
by Donald H. Harrison
SAN DIEGOI have been fascinated by U.S. Presidents ever since I was a little boy, and realized that our family name—Harrison—was the same as that of two Presidents, William Henry Harrison and his grandson,  Benjamin Harrison. READ MORE

Maybe this story should not have been 'screened'
... by Dan Bloom
TAIPEI, Taiwan— What you are doing now is not reading, but "screening." Yes, you are at this very moment screening the textprinted digitally on this computer screen. You are not reading text on a paper surface; you are "screening" this article through the lens of the computer screen in front of you. A new word is born -- screening!READ MORE

A Kiddush melody by the composer of Three Penny Opera ... by Cantor Sheldon F. Merel, with audio recording
SAN DIEGO—The Kiddush prayer is chanted over wine, before the evening and morning meals on Sabbaths and festivals. We thank God for creating the fruit of the vine. The Kiddush is a reminder that the creation of this universe and Israel’s Deliverance from Egypt is the work of a Divine Power.  Although the blessing over wine is primarily a home ceremony, it is included in the Friday evening synagogue service as well. The Kiddush has been set to many new melodies, some for common usage and others to be performed in concert. READ AND HEAR

Play questions ethics of combat journalists ... by Cynthia Citron
LOS ANGELES— Donald Margulies is one of my favorite living playwrights. He creates characters that are real, plots that are provocative, and dialogue that is lucid and often hilarious. His latest play, Time Stands Still, which was commissioned by the Geffen Playhouse and premiered there on February 11, is a commendable addition to his body of work. READ MORE

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September 5, 1952, Southwestern Jewish Press

Greenbaum Gardens Scene of Tea For Council of Jewish Women READ MORE


B.B. Convention Highlights READ MORE


We continue our exploration of Jewish singers from around the world:

Achinoam Nini (Noa) sings Boi Kallah (Come Bride) VIEW VIDEO

Adam Levine Sings "She Will Be Loved" at Tsunami Aid Concert: VIEW VIDEO

Lisa Loeb Sings "Stay (I Missed You): VIEW VIDEO

Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School:
New Addition to the Pre School 2’s Class at Soille Hebrew DayMORE


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