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Monday, February 16, 2009

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Lieberman's Arab views cancel his religious issues appeal
By Rabbi Dow Marmur
JERUSALEM—Though I find the politics of Kadima much more congenial than many of its alternatives, I’ve never been convinced that its leader Tzipi Livni has what it takes to be Prime Minister. Though she seemed to have been a competent Foreign Minister, it must be remembered that in reality foreign affairs are largely conducted by the Prime Minister. Her performance on election night, when she proclaimed herself as the next Prime Minister without doing her electoral sums, suggests that she tends to peak far too early.READ MORE

Israel' election process messy,time-consuming but people have the benefit of a real democracy
By Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal
JERUSALEM—When the leaders of Rabbinical Assembly planned its international convention in Jerusalem I am sure they had no idea that it would take place during an Israeli election. Being here during this special time gave us a unique opportunity to observe the Israeli political process close up. To say that it is messy would be an understatement READ MORE

Bill Clinton describes Obama's economic stimulus package as 'bridge over troubled waters'
By Donald H. Harrison
SAN DIEGO—Former U.S. President Bill Clinton yesterday described President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package as a “bridge over troubled waters” intended to give the American economy between 15 months and two years breathing space to arrest the devaluation of assets that had resulted from the mortgage crisis. Stressing that the world is interdependent—and illustrating this point with references to the relationships between the United States and China, as well as  between Israel and the Palestinian Authority--Clinton outlined the Obama administration’s economic recovery policies to delegates to the International Franchise Association’s convention. READ MORE

A JCC in Philadelphia: Now the tales may be told

By Sheila Orysiek
SAN DIEGO—I recently heard a voice for which I had been searching for 45 years.  Janet was Maid of Honor at my wedding but after I moved to San Diego from Philadelphia, I lost track of her until someone finally was able to supply her phone number just two days ago.  READ MORE

Room Service revives a Depression-era escape from tough economic times
By Carol Davis
CORONADO, California—It seems that every one is in crisis mode. Housing mortgages are in default, unemployment is rising, consumers have no extra money to spend, P&L’s are upside down and businesses are closing. That’s just for starters in the real world. That might help explain the reasons several theatre companies have chosen, as part of their scheduling, to mount something that can take our minds off the financial mess ... READ MORE

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