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2009-12-27—To other movie critics who panned ‘Nine’: Nein!
2009-12-15—'Palestine, New Mexico’ offers message of cultural unity
2009-11-24—Thin line between genius and craziness on display in 'As White as O'
2009-11-15(21)—Not necessary to make mary poppins extra-supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
2009-11-15—Albee explores the A,B,C of life and dementia
2009-10-22—Only 45 Minutes from Broadway likely to get even closer Read more
2009-10-18—'Naming names' makes one ponder The Value of Names .. Read more
2009-10-13—Leo Frank tragedy set to music in Parade Read more
2009-09-29—Savin' Up for Saturday Night is worth doing just that Read more
2009-09-22—What happens in Dublin stays in Dublin Read more
2009-09-15—Dreams--their predictability makes you want to yawn Read more
2009-09-14—Voodoo 'Voo-done-it' in Pasadena lacks cohesion Read more
2009-09-09—Gross Indency in North Hollywood on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights Read more
2009-09-03—Judaism reconciles antagonists in Visiting Mr. Green Read more
2009-08-27—Housewives, a Hope Juber musical, coming to San Diego ... Read more
2009-08-23—Play based on wry woman who was catcher of Salinger ... Read more
2009-08-11—Putting ram-a-lam in ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong Read more
2009-08-09—Don't Forget to Remember probes deeply into Alzheimer's Read more
2009-08-04—First, Wives needs a rewrite ...then, maybe, Broadway Read more
2009-07-26—Topol and Fiddler make their way to L.A. ... Read more
2009-07-21—Production makes Holliday and Bogart boring ... Read more
2009-07-19—Not a musical comedy, but a comedy about music ... a review of Bach at Leipzig... Read more
2009-07-16—The comedy of L.A.'s Jewish Westside liberals ... Read more
2009-07-14—There was no bounty in this 'Mutiny' ... by Cynthia Citron in Santa Monica, California ... Read more
2009-06-30—Drama on politics, comedy (?) on ancient judiciary READ MORE
2009-06-24—Mark Twain, unknown and uncensored, is one-man show READ MORE
2009-06-23—Coming Home, another winner from Athol Fugard READ MORE
2009-06-17—A visit with actress Diane Cilento at Karnak Playhouse READ MORE
2009-05-20—Bengal Tiger at Baghdad Zoo profound, memorable
2009-05-18On Martha’s Vineyard, the soft shriek of truth
2009-05-17—The revival of The Fantasticks is, well, fantastic
2009-05-05—Twain Asks 'Is He Dead?' Answer: No, Just His Brain .
2009-05-04—Can you hear me now? Are you even listening
2009-04-26—Michael Kaiser to bring his arts expertise to San Diego
2009-04-20—That musical was really no way to treat an audience!
2009-04-16—Oceana provides day for Wylie-ing away hours at beach
2009-04-14—'Not the sex but the secrecy' made Brief Affair exciting
2009-03-31—Divorce becomes a big song and dance in Hollywood
2009-03-29—A wife who schemes for a divorce, Garry Marshall style
2009-03-27—Groucho thought him the wickedest wit of the West
2009-03-25—A play re-staking Franklin's claim to a Nobel Prize
2009-03-20—Won’t somebody help John Dillinger get out the door?
2009-03-08—The yenta whose son celebrates 'first five nights of Kishka'
2009-02-27—The Bialy Eaters presented to bialy eaters in Sherman Oaks
2009-02-17—Play questions ethics of combat journalists
2009-02-12—New York in the ‘30s meant Minsky’s Burlesque
2009-02-08—Unsophisticated audiences abound in Los Angeles
2009-02-03—Maybe they should hunt for a better play
2009-01-28Pippin: a musical in sign language
2009-01-27—This 'Skull' Will Fracture You!
2009-01-19—Here's another dysfunctional Jewish family
2009-01-13—L.A. bureau chief has play time in London

2008-12-22—Look who's putting on The Thomashefskys
These writers are desperate—and they deserve to be, judging by their play
2008-11-03—Juber Jubilee in Santa Monica, San Diego
Play sculpts Jewish advice columnist whom readers knew as "Ann Landers"
This Minority of One Fails to be Enchanted
2008-10-02—Christian production, This Beautiful City, presented at the Kirk Douglas Theatre
Israel's flag waves over Wilshire Blvd
All that Chazz dazzles at the Ruski
2008-09-23—A standing O for the 'girls' in the office
2008-09-10—It’s a Hit! It’s the Housewives!
All is Vanities at Pasadena Playhouse
2008-09-03—The Actors’ Gang brings the dead to life
The future in The Pavilion just goes on and on
Arthur Miller obsesses mysteriously
2008-08-05Pen: A writing implement, or a prison?
Creepy subject, yet good musical
Play is searing indictment of Roosevelt and his 'accomplices' Wise and Rosenman
China: A link in the Jewish diaspora
2008-07-07Rose burdened with too many thorns
2008-06-30—Cast of Morgan-Wixson's Cabaret weak
2008-06-23—My Old Friends a joyful romp of the aged
L'il Noodle, a kid who'll steal your heart
2008-06-15The Secrets of the Israel Film Festival
2008-06-11—Shel Silverstein play: A cavalcade of crazies
2008-06-09—Play tackles nature of American Judaism
The Schwartzes within The Brady Bunch
2008-05-30Ford, Lebouef and Spielberg team up for another hilarious Indiana Jones adventure
2008-05-09—Credit Sweetest Swing in Baseball with RBI
2008-05-05From Door to Door is a Dor v' Dor story
2008-04-06—Survivor Mitzvah Project brings help, caring to elderly Jews in Eastern Europe
2008-03-31Production celebrates Albert E, musically
2008-03-25Harry Boychick has a raucous bar mitzvah every Sunday in interactive Hayworth play
2008-03-18Dietrich, Chevalier subjects of new musical
2008-03-12Old Times explores vagaries of memory
2008-02-15—Joan Rivers' describes her play, and for that matter herself, 'a work in progress.'
2008-02-05The Monkey Jar riddle: who’s the monkey?
2008-01-29Last Days of Judas Iscariot lasts and lasts
2008-01-22—Women’s roles in modern Judaism, Islam and Catholicism topic of Brandeis confab

2007-12-17Kid from Brooklyn revives in N. Hollywood
—Zypora's love affair with the Yiddish theatre


2007-11-18Lessons assures that audience learns too
—For tsuris like Sheldon and Mrs. Levine's, you can stay home and save your money



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