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Harrison is editor and co-publisher of the San Diego Jewish World. He also is the author of the biography: Louis Rose, San Diego's First Jewish Settler and Entrepreneur

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OMA exhibit juxtaposes American dreams and realities..
2009-12-17—Temple Solel offers buffet of Judaism to unaffiliated
2009-12-13—Ranger who believes he is great grandson of Bat Masterson mourns passing of actor Gene Barry, who portrayed him on television
2009-12-10—Taglit/Birthright Israel may change 20 SDSU student lives forever
2009-12-08—The animal world in the eyes of a 2-year-old.
2009-12-03—Bagels, donuts, oysters and the Baby Moses
2009-11-29—Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School cookbook features world's kosher cuisine ...
2009-11-26—At 104, Laura Simon worries for her aging children .
2009-11-24—Zeji Ozeri: Rising celebrity in Jewish and Hispanic communities
2009-11-15(22)—Young actor to shave his head for role and cancer victims
2009-11-15 (22)—The thrill of an archive brought home to San Diego
2009-11-15 (22)—In Star Trek, he was Quark the barkeeper; in The Seafarer, he’s a drunk 
2009-11-15—Amos Oz tells reasons for two-state solution Read more
2009-11-15—Blended olive oil could promote Middle East peace Read more
2009-11-12—A spiritual journey away from my computer ... Read more
2009-11-08—*Filner says other Jewish members of Congress feared to vote against measure condemning Goldstone report Read more
2009-11-08—*Thanking Israel's steadfast friends.... Read more
2009-11-03—Some methods for bettering your test scores Read more
2009-10-27—Teens say Noah measured, but didn't measure up Read more
2009-10-27—In honor of the Germans who honor Jews ... Read more
2009-10-25—San Diego Jewish Profile: Jean Gaylis: Jewish community builder from South Africa Read more
2009-10-22—On the matter of our Jewish pennies and dollars Read more
2009-10-20—Jewish empathy for those overcoming obstacles characterizes sketches of five San Diego athletes Read more
2009-10-18—Jewish community takes WBA hate foray in stride Read more
2009-10-15—State education crisis now preoccupies Assemblyman ... Read more
2009-10-13—Jewish community ready for Westboro picketing... Read more
2009-10-11—Museum visit, Sammy production recall Davis-Nixon hug ... Read more
2009-10-08—A thousand San Diegans salute ex-sheriff, the mensch Read more
2009-10-06--A Holocaust museum in San Diego? Zach Kucinski, 13, to preview what's possible at San Diego Jewish Book Fair Read more
2009-10-04—San Diego Jewish Profile: Rabbi Philip Graubart: a post-denominational leader Read more
2009-10-01—Entrepreneurs rally to help newly paralyzed friend Read more
2009-09-29—San Diego Jewish Profile—Marcia Tatz Wollner: Jewish community's multi-tasker Read more
2009-09-29—Jewish museum, offsite JCC activities under study ... Read more
2009-09-24—Israeli shlicha specializes in bringing people together Read more
2009-09-24—Plenty of available graves, and undeveloped land for more, at Eden Memorial Cemetery, according to spokeswoman Read more
Community mikvah will locate at Tifereth Israel grounds Read more
Steven Morris, new CEO of the UJF in San Diego County, has deep emotional ties to the Jewish Federation system Read more
2009-09-22—Upsherin experiencing an up-share in popularity Read more
2009-09-17—The Eden Memorial Park nightmare Read more

2009-09-15-Prager wants rabbis to apologize to Christian Zionists .Read more
2009-09-15-An evening of arts in preparation for the Days of Awe . Read more
2009-08-13—Controversial Israeli broadcaster joins SDSU faculty Read more
2009-09-09—Holocaust memories embroidered for all time Read more
2009-09-01—Filner and friends celebrate as Little Leaguers win . Read more
2009-08-25—San Diego Jews give shaliach and family a fond sendoff ... Read more
2009-08-23—'Christians United for Israel' director introduces himself Read more
2009-08-23—President Obama and non-Orthodox American Jewry . Read more
2009-08-20--What led to the cancellation of Sept. 13 pro-Israel march? Read more
2009-08-16—Assemblyman Block promotes 'kidprinting' for safety Read more
2009-08-16—Wayne stresses Assembly experience, contacts, as he prepares for San Diego's City Council election Read more
2009-08-13—Despite isolation, a great cook kept her children Jewish Read more
2009-08-09—Some moral dilemmas of baseball and politics Read more
2009-08-06—VIP cement-busters prep new cruiseship terminal on the old Broadway Pier Read more
2009-08-04—Jewish learning at a parking-lot carnival ... Read more
2009-08-02—Noah Sutton-Smolin's bar mitzvah project was a good fit for his first name and his Torah portion ... Read more
2009-08-02—Investment committee chair went for the gold Read more
2009-08-02—Which way will the shtick shift next? ... book review Read more
2009-07-30—Musical theatre memoir is a cautionary tale ... Read more
2009-07-28—A Phineas and Ferb kind of Comic-Con ... Read more
2009-07-26—The Wiggles treat their young fans like VIPS ... Read more
2009-07-21—Wiggles' Anthony had taught at Jewish preschool Read more
2009-07-17—For my grandson, Katie Babb was Fiddler star ... Read more
2009-07-12—The anatomy of a Ukrainian pogrom ... book review of Ben Finn's A Tale of Zabokretch ... Read more
2009-07-08—A happy, bubbly 'Joseph' at Welk Resort Theatre .. Read more
2009-07-07—J*Pride to screen Hineini as part of LGBT inclusion effort .... Read more
2009-07-05—What is the ultimate benefit of of a fiery protest? ... book review of Eliot Asinof's Final Judgment READ MORE
2009-07-01—Good News, Bad News in Santee READ MORE
2009-06-30—Learning about neighboring communities — the hard way READ MORE
2009-06-28—Correspondent Marmur, a Diaspora Jew, tells of the life journey as pulpit rabbi, Zionist, that led to home in Israel READ MORE
2009-06-25— Movie about Ethiopian immigrant teaches sad lesson ..READ MORE
2009-06-23—Book review: A bubbe wins friends for new kid at school READ MORE
2009-06-16—A Woman of Valor they could find, nine of them in fact READ MORE
Reading two antagonists' parts in My Name Is Asher Lev
2009-06-12—UJF holds annual meeting in atmosphere of austerity
2009-06-11—'Lone wolf' gunman at Holocaust Museum followed strategy urged by hate groups on the Internet
2009-06-09—Biography of pioneer Klauber compellingly written
2009-06-07—County fair illustrates 'there's a Jewish story everywhere'
2009-06-07SD County reactions to President Obama's Cairo speech
2009-06-03—UCSD colleagues recall former Israel President Ephraim Katzir's hideaway life in La Jolla
2009-06-02—Filner supports Obama on Mideast, but is concerned about Afghanistan buildup and economic bailouts at home
2009-06-02—Ambassador seeks to change Israel's image at the U.N.
2009-05-31—Pinocchio—hardly a Jewish story—proves pathway to Torah
2009-05-27—Hundreds bid farewell to Hal Wingard in unusual servic
2009-05-24—Poizner, Klein back bills to aid natural disaster victims
2009-05-22—Author promotes recognition and care for mentally ill
2009-05-21—When 'Hebrew Day' became 'Yiddish-Ladino Day' School
2009-05-13—Let's not be shy about learning from 'Jews by choice'
2009-05-10—Arab-Israeli controversy reaches into elementary school
2009-05-06—For those who might wonder why we live in San Diego
2009-05-03—Israeli combat veteran brings recovery message to U.S. vets
2009-05-01—3-D Commentary:Don's dots & dashes .-.- Two years after death, Jenny Poliakoff still is helping others ... Dumanis praises Citizens of Courage ... Oy, did I used to play with a pigskin?
2009-04-30—3-D Commentary: Don's dots & dashes...by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego
—Israel missing from Obama's 100th-day news conference ...Fox Network snubs Obama news conference ...Tech Muscleman Pechman at Poway Library today ...See what Twitter can bring? ...Acharei (G-dcast)

2009-04-29—Harrison's dots and dashes .-.-.-That new time religion....Arlen Specter switches ...The errant presidential jet ...Junior High School student compiles dictionary ...
2009-04-28—Harrison's dots and dashes .-.-.-Broadcom-Qualcomm ... Miss California-Same Sex Marriages ... The phenomenon of Susan Boyle ... Late, but still funny...
2009-04-26—Keyboardist Beyer dissects and recreates Beatles music
2009-04-24—Father of young Israeli killed by Gaza mortar urges peace
2009-04-17—Tell KPBS that we want Ken Kramer's About San Diego!
2009-04-16—Jewish scriptures infuse popular culture.
2009-04-12—His doctor's advice led to his becoming a champion
2009-04-05—PBS documentary on intermarriage probes a family's love
2009-04-02—Three visiting ducks follow sage advice of Rabbi Hillel
2009-03-25—Middle East media analyst says news outlets miss mark
2009-03-22—The sweetness of Willie Wonka Junior's chocolate factory
2009-03-18—If Palestinians unite what then? A question for U.S. policy makers to ponder
2009-03-17—Here's to St. Patrick's Day, Purim and Ekpo Masquerades!
2009-03-16—Tykes learn about Torah through games at SDJA
2009-03-13—The legacy of the San Diego Jewish Academy's new Torah
2009-03-12—A bubbly tale from Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School
2009-03-10—In Beach Boys Purimsphpiel, Haman wants to 'Hang Ten'
2000-03-09—Yi Li Gao's friends join march for lung cancer cure
2009-03-08—A heartfelt apology to SDSU Prof. Risa Levitt Kohn et al
2009-03-04—The animal kingdom and the 'grandchildrendom'
2009-03-03—Israel's Consul-General Jacob Dayan woos Latinos, Hollywood movie industry from his Los Angeles base
2009-02-27—Now, that's what can be called 'home entertainment'
2009-02-24—When just 15 seconds may decide if you will live or die
2009-02-22—Come my fellow Jews, let us reason together
2009-02-20—A novel dissecting Jewish radicals probes hypocrisy
2009-02-17—On Clinton's San Diego visit on Presidents Weekend
2009-02-16—Bill Clinton describes Obama's economic stimulus package as 'bridge over troubled waters'
2009-02-11—In Israel, Kadima a winner; Likud, apparently, the WINNER
2009-02-10San Diego Jewish World's book reviewer Reiss writes books too
2009-02-02—Auction helps San Diego Jewish Academy in a time of national economic uncertainty
2009-02-01—Obama 'gets it about Israel,' Newsweek's Fineman reassures UJF Men's Event
2009-01-30-—A pioneer advocate for children with disabilities speaks out for family power
2009-01-28—Obama emphasizes Muslim outreach; Clinton reassures Israelis about right to self-defense
2009-01-27—Mitchell ‘will be speaking for us’—Obama
2009-01-25—Speculation and debate build over nature of Mitchell's Mideast mission ... by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego
Obama names Mitchell as Mideast envoy
2009-01-22—Obama calls Middle East leaders, indicates U.S. will lend its assistance to peace efforts
2009-01-21—Civility a key theme of Obama inauguration
2009-01-20—Louise Amos, 93, was actively Jewish in 3 countries: Israel, Mexico and the U.S.
2009-01-18—Holocaust lessons shaped some Gaza views
2009-01-15—Chumashim declared 'better' than Bakugan
2009-01-14—Jewish communities highly valued in Morocco and elsewhere in Muslim world
Learning from history and science fiction
2009-01-04—The intricate calculus of war and morality
2009-01-01—Nixon Library provides a 7-year-old with introduction to U.S. presidential history


2008-12-29—Bike ride plans continue, despite Gaza War
Names, numbers and the brit milah ritual
2008-12-26—Calling them 'militants' minimizes terror
2008-12-24—Menorahs and some other favorite things
2008-12-23—No, Virginia, not everyone is Christian
2008-12-22—Happy Chanukah from four generations
2008-12-21—Two ancient cultures unite in one little boy
2008-12-16—Shoes were hurled at all Americans
2008-12-14—For Moorsteens, Jews were 'one people'
Fun and wishful thinking on the Internet
2008-12-11Testing our ethics in a bad economy
Flight attendant remembers King Hussein
2008-12-02—December 1: a Gene Roddenberry kind of day with planets and politicians aligned
Israel Guide Dog Center for Blind enjoying support from the young
2008-11-23—Plants, fish, tourists thrive in Hatzeva
Bedouin city treasures relationships with Sha'ar Hanegev and San Diego
Idealism and diversity mix at San Diego UJF-sponsored Ibim Student Village
2008-11-14—Mayor urges Israeli government to provide incentives for residents of the Negev
2008-11-13—Sha'ar Hanegev teachers keep teaching notwithstanding missile attacks from Gaza
Diverse mixture of Israeli students live in rural oasis surrounded by urban Tel Aviv
2008-11-10—Ariel, a city in the hills, improves amenities for citizens as Middle East debate continues
2008-11-07Elephants, fallow deer and sand cats breed at Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem
2008-11-06—Shimon Peres shares his personal memories of U.S. presidents—and the president-elect
2008-11-05—Obama election is an advance by America toward its highest ideals
2008-11-05Tel Aviv savors San Diegans’ financial support for environment, schools
Especially in tight times, Tel Aviv history holds hope for fundraisers for the arts
2008-11-03—Why I voted for Barack Obama...
Novel captures sweep of Jewish history in the first half of the 20th century
2008-10-31—SDSU's Weber expresses admiration for Peres Peace Center, Hillel Foundation
2008-10-30—Peace project funder pleased with where Fred J. Hansen's money goes in Mideast
2008-10-29SDSU group gets a VIP tour of Ramallah
Peace-making, solving world food shortage are interrelated necessities
2008-10-27Peres Peace House inaugurated during center's 10th anniversary
Sweat-equity partners sought for San Diego Jewish World by publisher
2008-10-21—Israeli students see contrasts in education and religion in Israel and the U.S
2008-10-19Letter to S.D. Council candidate Lightner
Abortion, ending Mid-East oil dependence major topics in final presidential debate
2008-10-14—Ballot Recommendation: Barack Obama for President
2008-10-13—Unexpected connection surfaces at simcha
2008-10-13—Ballot Recommendation: Let's have a 'Block vote' in 78th A.D.
2008-10-12—Ballot Recommendations: Two for the San Diego City Council
2008-10-10—Ballot Recommendation: No on California Proposition 4
2008-10-10—Marty Block, a pioneer in educational outreach, seeks 78th Dist. Assembly seat
2008-10-08—U.N. won't hamper U.S. defense of Israel, McCain and Obama agree during debate
2008-10-08—Ballot recommendation: Vote No on California Proposition 8
Democrats, please speak up on Israel!
2008-10-05Award-winning religion writer urges clergy to become more 'relevant'
2008-10-03—Biden, Palin clash over whether Bush policies successful in Israel, Middle East
2008-10-01—But how do the fish like Tashlich?
San Diego Council candidate Emerald found the way to her mother's Judaism
Obama, McCain debate Mid-East tactics
Rosh Hashanah Fair at Soille Hebrew Day orients pupils to tastes of High Holidays
Nice record: 48 of 48 SDJA seniors accepted to four -year-colleges
Reversing the high dropout rate from schools priority for Ethiopian-Israelis
2008-09-22—Ariel University Center's U.S. fundraising chief had had colorful career path
Jewish advocate for Mt. Soledad Cross seeks community votes in council race
Students, celebrities decorate ceramic butterflies for SDJA's Holocaust project
A conversation with Andrew Viterbi, Naitonal Medal of Science laureate
2008-09-15—Envisioning U.S.-Iran nuclear nightmare
Jewish moments with 2 retired journalists
2008-09-14—Solel offers variety of Jewish choices
2008-09-10—Will Spitz legend survive Phelps?
Budgetary caution saves lives in Georgia
Undeterred by vandals, Ner Tamid leaders predict bright future for the congregation
Zipping into learning at Beth Israel
2008-09-05—In tribute to Marie Berg and other community leaders who came before us
2008-09-03—Neo-Nazi graffiti again plagues Ner Tamid
2008-09-02—Congregation Beth Am picnics on the green
2008-09-01—Souvenirs not from U.S., Israel, but China
2008-08-29Tough interview: a jet-lagged grandson, 7
Life turning pleasant circles upon itself
Tibor Rubin, Jewish recipient of Medal of Honor, heads for San Diego exhibit
Jewish Family Service showcases its service to refugees at New American Museum reception
2008-08-24—The embarrassment of Israel's 'pro' baseball
2008-08-22—Paul Spector, hospital roommate, served as an international problem-solver
2008-08-21'Adventures' column provides overview of San Diego's Jewish community in late 1940s
2008-08-19—Jewish stories at the foot of a hospital bed
2008-08-18Surviving and transforming in widowhood
2008-08-17—A second-generation scholar promotes food's peace-building possibilities
The kind of friend all may value
2008-08-14— Preparing lunch: a way to foster teamwork
This security chief did so well, you never heard about him or his team
San Diego Jewry overflow Tifereth Israel for final farewell to a Holocaust Survivor
2008-08-12—Sport leads the way in caring for the hungry
Enjoying the local fare in Carlsbad
Hiding in Holland from the Nazi killers
2008-08-10—Not 'Mission' Bay but perhaps 'Synagogue' Bay?
Jewish communal leaders predict lasting benefits as 2008 JCC Maccabi Games end
2008-08-07—With all those medals, will Israelis be able to keep their luggage under 50 pounds
Girl, 11, aims to be Maccabi 'pin queen'
New Israel Baseball League president vows to pay its debts and forge a 12-team future
2008-08-05—Father transforms his grief into helping thousands in the name of his daughter
2008-08-04—Let the 2008 JCC Maccabi Games begin!
Lombrozo's 'Air Filter' reflects skyline, role of 'urban tree' as waterfront show launched
Abramson is helping to preserve the earth one diatom and polar bear at a time
2008-07-31—Basic Jewish concepts to our children—and perhaps to Chinese workers too
Germans paying compensation to survivors who worked in ghettos run by the Nazis
Chance meeting leads to one-day, one-woman show for Israeli-born Shosh Ernst
Two emotional rites in the land of the free
How love conquers even humongous birds
Maccabi Games: 'portals' for Jewish youth
Former Navy base bursts with creativity
2008-07-23Israel's history, geography, customs for preschoolers before the High Holidays
Strom's klezmer hero helps save Pinsk
2008-07-21—San Diego, Tijuana to join in worldwide salute to Tel Aviv's 100th anniversary
2008-07-20JFS revving up for Sept. 1 start of "On the Go" transportation program for seniors
2008-07-18—Making children smile, aiding world peace
Watching All-Star game with friend Fox
Jewish love for those great sailing ships
TICO concert brings community together
World War II-era Merchant Mariners seek compensation for lost G.I. Bill privileges
Danny and Clyde... They lived a lot, and stayed friends since their school days
2008-07-10—San Diego had his dream job and great weather, but Israel had his heart
Scholarly, easy-to-read work tells of San Diego places people are dying to get into
New Americans Museum celebrates some of this country's richest blessings
2008-07-07Governor Grille, a kosher meat restaurant, makes its debut at Chabad-University City
July 4th baseball: Thunder in skies, also in the stands at Storm game in Lake Elsinore
2008-07-04—How do you spell tikkun olam? G-R-E-E-N
2008-07-02The 20-gallon challenge; can you save water each day, help preserve Earth's resources?
2008-07-01—San Diego Mesa College librarian Jack Forman a connoisseur of Jewish books

2008-06-30—Dancing their way through the senior years
2008-06-29—A lesson in being true to one's real self
2008-06-26—Star Trek exhibit in San Diego provides Jewish visitors with reasons to kvell
2008-06-24The awful revenge of a mediocre artist
Jewish-Catholic dialogue focuses on the crucifixion and on the Holocaust
2008-06-22Garden and square memorialize 2 favorite professors at San Diego City College
UJF backs programs to transport local seniors, build school in Sha'ar Hanegev
2008-06-19Have you ever tried making 'old' friends?
2008-06-18—Russert's death prompts walking regimen
2008-06-17—Obituary: Isadore Horne, Holocaust survivor, 92
2008-06-17Orthodoxy and sports juxtaposed at gala
2008-06-16—The pets that came for Shavuot
2008-06-15The Israel of Mt. Israel wasn't Jewish
2008-06-13San Diego Jewish World now seeking to expand its staff
2008-06-11—Grief may lead to personal transformation
2008-06-10—Smarter than a 5th grader? I'd have to work myself through 1st grade competion first
2008-06-09—Frieda's big surprise at Frida's Restaurant
2008-06-08—Sports theme at San Diego County Fair
When octogenarian father and 40ish son both are single, who gives dating advice?
2008-06-05—Guardians' golf and tennis tournament a fitting Seacrest fitness-center fundraiser
2008-06-04Elections, conversions, award ceremonies: the shehecheyanu moments of springtime
2008-06-03—Masterful retelling of Shoah in Vilna
2008-06-01—Author asserts Palestinians' ancestors converted under pressure from Judaism
2008-05-30WIZO dinner, JAFI director provide perspectives on North American Jewry
2008-05-29Songwriter versifies about religion, food, loneliness—'whatever is happening'
2008-05-28Jewish Agency for Israel, UJF weigh Ibim Student Village partnership's direction
2008-05-27Rev. John Hagee and the American Jewish problem with Christian fundamentalists
2008-05-25JACC theme: 'Keeping Israel on the map'
2008-05-22Reelect San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders
2008-05-21Protecting America's 'House of Pluralism'
2008-05-20Marti, Marty: Candidates giving us nachas
2008-05-19Diplomacy, art and food were mainstays of Israel festival at Lawrence Family JCC
2008-05-18Night on Churchill—er, Dizengoff—filled with new sights and shoulder movements
2008-05-16—Walk through 4 centuries of S.D. history
2008-05-15SDJA 10th grader breaks CIF seasonal strike out record, besting even David Wells' mark
2008-05-14—XLNC-1, TICO helping tore-popularize and internationalize classical music
2008-05-13—Leftover matzah is no cocktail cracker
—Chabad Jewish Center, St. Therese Catholic Church share history, but not theology
2008-05-11—Jewish-named places in San Diego's news
2008-05-09—Hebrew Day takes virtual tour of Israel
2008-05-08SDJA students, faculty join worldwide quest to be largest group singing at the same time
2008-05-07—San Diegans and Israelis join in their grief for the casualties of war and of terror
2008-05-06Marketing Middle East peace through the products offered in Western supermarkets
2008-05-05—There are no cushions in the Duvdevan
2008-05-04—Terror survivors hosted at Beth Am
2008-05-02—Students, survivors jointly commemorate Shoah at San Diego Jewish Academy
2008-05-01—$11,500 reward offered for capture of vandals of Ner Tamid Synagogue's marker
2008-04-30Filner turns spotlight on veterans' suicides
2008-04-29'Dreamcoat': A cup for Judaism's candle
2008-04-28La Mesa developer saw 'Promised Land' from the heights of his own Mount Nebo
2008-04-24—And what if you are wrong, Jimmy Carter?
2008-04-23—Book on Golda Meir trashes Shimon Peres
2008-04-21—'Fifth son' at our seders—the captive soldier
2008-04-20—On the land-use warpath in rural Jamul
2008-04-15—Congregation Beth Israel's exhibit shows Israel that American visitors photograph
Bancroft probed then dismissed 'Lost Tribes of Israel' origin for Native Americans
2008-04-11—Stop trying to turn Obama into Foxman
2008-04-10Mayor envisions Lindbergh-Rodriguez solution for future San Diego air travelers
2008-04-09Searching for the 'Lost Tribes of Israel' at the Heritage of the Americas Museum
2008-04-07—Congresswoman offers some Super Sunday advice to those who solicit by telephone
—American Jewish POW, held by Nazis, brings history alive for SDJA students
2008-04-03—The thought at the Red Sea: Si, se puede!
2008-04-02—Sha'ar Hanegev citizens familiarize themselves with Reform Judaism
2008-04-01Fictional Israeli P.I. fails 'memorable' test
2008-03-31—Sha'ar Hanegev seeks rocket-proof school
2008-03-28—Lessons from historical preservationists
2008-03-25 'Brain Death Bill,' conversion to Judaism highlights in life, career of Dixon Arnett
2008-03-24The real importance of the Easter bunny
2008-03-23—Mom, 102, helped arrange surprise party for her 80-year-old son, the writer
2008-03-20As Israel absorbs its olim, so too should the U.S. have program to absorb its homeless
2008-03-19—Secrets of synagogue and shaving rituals
2008-03-18—An Irish shpiel for St. Patrick's Day
2008-03-17A Purim shpiel: how Esther was changed back into the queen she was meant to be
2008-03-16—Getting lost may become too great a luxury
—Cook-off aids Mexican cancer victims
2008-03-12Jews have impacted the life of Republican presidential candidate John McCain
2008-03-11PBS explores forgiveness; can the Jewish community ever forgive Germany?
2008-03-10—Ner Tamid celebrates renewed unity at 'Night at the Kasbah'
2008-03-09—Shor, 6, meets His Honor, The Mayor
2008-03-06Mafia 'wise guy' converts to Judaism
2008-03-05The Zoo as textbook for religious studies
2008-02-29—The Farrakhan and Wright wedge ssue
2008-02-25A puzzling toast on a 40th anniversary
2008-02-22—We can make those souls shimmer longer
2008-02-18—That annoying guy in the German trench
2008-02-17House of Israel members describe plans for better reflecting modern-day Israel
2008-02-15Son of Israel's president salutes SDSU's Middle East trust-building program
2008-02-14The avenger, the minion and the protector
2008-02-13Aviva, what part of you would you sell?
2008-02-12A Love to Hide refers to two relationships
2008-02-11An imaginative Israel trip for preschoolers
2008-02-10Paying attention to Paying for Justice
2008-02-08—When triplet sisters become mothers
2008-02-08—San Diegans bid farewell to Rose Schiff, matriarch to performers and educators
2008-02-07First graders receive siddurim in special presentation at Hebrew Day School
2008-02-06Field Notes: A 17-Mile Drive kind of novel
2008-02-05Eternal Light documentary highlights one of the more meaningful television series
2008-02-04—The likely GOP choice for vice president
2008-02-03Life under Coney Island's roller coaster subject of Jewish Film Festival short
2008-02-01Commuter conversations—San Diego style
2008-01-31—Imperial Beach blue: 'John' was canceled
2008-01-30—When civic and religious duties clash
2008-01-29Ethiopian Jew's show a comical eye-opener
2008-01-28Records of Carter and Kennedy toward Israel scrutinized at annual AJE Limmud
2008-01-27—Turk Family Center permits consolidation, growth of Jewish Family Service programs
JFS North County Inland Senior Center is a place for physical and mental exercise
—A special artists' view of the Holocaust
2008-01-23Documentary examines bar mitzvah of Lior Liebling, enthusiastic student with Down's
2008-01-22—Some spiritual L-DOPA for an aged kibbutz
2008-01-18Half Russian story explores love and dance
Speakers at citizenship ceremony glamorize U.S. history; gloss over mistakes of the past
2008-01-16Making Trouble will make you laugh
2008-01-15The Jewish Americans: 3-part PBS series offers 'history commenting on history'
—Cecelia Kipperman is a Coronado legend
2008-01-09He'll whup you but not until after sundown
2008-01-08—Primer on Judaism suffers from errors
2008-01-07Documentary enlarges upon the work of New Zealand photographer Friedlander
2008-01-06—Lemon Grove: For Jews, there are some sour facts and sweet memories
—'Mostly truish' comedy recalls bar mitzvah

2008-01-03—Movie probes after-effects of Holocaust; Dear Mr. Waldman will screen twice at San Diego Jewish Film Festival
—Dinner and a movie: two fine inter-cultural opportunities


2007-12-31Animals stand in for people at Skirball's imaginative, interactive Noah's Ark exhibit
—Nostalgia: Key ingredient at Reagan library
—Explaining Disneyland on one foot
2007-12-26—A Jewish lad experiences Christmas up close
Pulling up the sticky vestiges of the past
2007-12-24Religious study in hall of African mammals
2007-12-23Jury service left editor with mixed feelings
—SDJA Arts Collective—photo essay
2007-12-19—Capturing the Jewish experience on posters
2007-12-18—A Marine Corps Museum provides clues to World War II life of my late, civilian father
—SDJA Student Quarterly makes its debut
—Spira enjoyed a varied food industry career
—Men in grocery stores: a step to peace?
—School, prompted by constant Hamas rockets, determined to be best in Israel
Exhibit to preview possible creation of a School of the Arts within SDJA next year
Former 'Little' Pal now a mentor himself.
Synagogue bids farewell to a woman who shunned the honors that inundated her
—San Diego connections fail to rescue Shadow Soldier from fear of intimacy
Let's stop demonizing undocumented immigrants; let's help Mexico's economy
:—Chanukah at Hillel: A meshuganah auction
2007-12-06His remains sent from Poland to U.S. so he could be buried where Jews would visit
2007-12-05—Beth Am packed with Olshansky fans
—Some December advice for the intermarried
2007-12-02—Celebrity watching at the White House
2007-11-30Young, wealthiest donors changing the Jewish style of philanthropy
Creationist museum seeks to prove Bible
—Jewish strands in Lakeside tapestry
102-year-old ponders humanity's future
2007-11-25A call for reinvigorating Thanksgiving
2007-11-22Appreciating all our Rembrandts
Eve was superior to Adam, biblical scholar Shalom Paul asserts
Rabbi at inter-faith service denounces tactics of Minutemen against migrants
TV Phenomenon personality materializes at Soille San Diego Hebrew Day fundraiser
2007-11-16—Beau's Geste: Student gives up bar mitzvah money so others kids can have a school
—Strolling through the knotty questions of inter-religious and inter-Jewish relations

2007-11-13—Dreams imagined by Freud descendant
—Hall of History at Seacrest Village recalls the residents of the 54th Street Hebrew Home
2007-11-06—An internationalist makes Israel his cause
2007-11-04—Shanghai Jews' experiences varied greatly depending on their countries of origin



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