L'Shana Tovah! ... May 5770 brings us all peace and health!

Volume 3, Number 184
"There's a Jewish story everywhere"


Thursday-Monday, September 17-21, 2009
Rosh Hashanah edition; next edition Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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From us to you: L'Shana Tovah

Don & Nancy Harrison, co-publishers of San Diego Jewish World, would like to take this occasion to wish all of our readers— and all of the wonderful writers who so graciously volunteer their talents—a healthy, peaceful and prosperous Jewish New Year. In the meaningful tradition of these Days of Awe, we also apologize and seek the forgiveness of anyone whom we may have offended. We promise to continue our efforts to improve our coverage of both San Diego's Jewish community and of Jewish communities around the world. We ask you to provide us with your ideas about how we may do that in the approaching Jewish year of 5770. May we all be inscribed once again in the Book of Life!

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San Diego & California


Katzins endow presidential chair at Jewish Community Foundation ... Read more

Shlicha introduces herself to S.D. Jewish community ... Read more

Dora Klinova stars in 'Write Out Loud' reading of Russian authors ... Read more

SDJA high schoolers working on high-level science projects ... Read more

College Avenue Older Adult Center tells activity schedule ... Read more

Congressman Filner wants U.S. to contribute to preservation of Auschwitz as Holocaust memorial ... Read more

S.D. City Council rejects self-storage proposal for Tierrasanta ... Read more

Poizner announces San Diegan to be sentenced for insurance fraud ... Read more


The Eden Memorial Park nightmare ... by Donald H. Harrison ... Read more

The Arts

Strom and Ahmad wow U.N. audience in concert ... by Janet Tiger in San Diego ... Read more

Why Dutch Jews expelled Spinoza from their midst ... book review by Fred Reiss, Ed.D .... Read more

How do conductors conduct their own music? .... by David Amos in San Diego .... Read more

Thursdays With The Songs of Hal Wingard See whole column

#130 Speedy Eater Inn ... Read and listen
#166-Praise Maguey ... Read and listen
#185-Paco's Restaurant ... Read and listen

Book Serialization
I'm Still Here... by Laura Simon, 103 ... Read entire column

Conversations with Dr. Oakton ... Read more

Silverberg Dies ... Read more

Dr. Oakton's Co-op ...Read more

Dr. Oakton's Funeral ... Read more

Local Jewish History

Collated by Gail Umeham from the October 30, 1953
editions of Southwestern Jewish Press
see entire column

Double Talk by Janet and Susan Solof ... Read more

Las Vegas Story .... Read more

Cottage of Israel ... Read more

Pioneer Women.... Read more

Jr. Charity League To See UNICEF Movie ... Read more

City of Hope ... Read more

Scouts Plan Family Jubilee ... Read more

George Jessel Slated to Appear at Beth Israel School and Building Fund Dinner ... Read more

Hebrew Home for The Aged ... Read more

Sisterhood Wins Walker-Scott Prize ... Read more

Jewish Center News ... Read more

Lasker Lodge ... Read more

Jewish War Vets Aux. ... Read more

Jordan Marsh Store to Employ 300 People ... Read more

Jewish Athlete At Training Center ... Read more

Birdie Sodel B.B. ... Read more

Chaim Weizmann Branch Poale Zion ... Read more

T.I. Sisterhood Hold Rummage Sale November 2nd ... Read more

M. D. Goodrich Accepts New Heart Assoc. Post ... Read more

Public Speaking Class Begins November 3rd ... Read more

Historic Ad: Advertising Salesman ... Read more

Historic Ad: Jaffe Pontiac ... Read more

Historic Ad: Traffic Safety ... Read more


Ethel's Jewish Kitchen ... by Ethel Hofman .... Read entire column

Pureed Butternut Squash ... Read more

Baked Herbed Plum Tomatoes ... Read more

Chick Pea and Pepper Salad ... Read more

Macedoine of Fresh Fruits in Vermouth ... Read more

Hofman Family Honey Cake ... Read more

Sweet Lentils with Currants ... Read more


Pace of Mitchell talks in Mideast stepping up as UNGA approaches ... Read more

Mitchell-Netanyahu meeting stretched to a second day ... Read more

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hosts Iftar dinner at State Dept. ... Read more

Five companies fined for selling proscribed materials to Iran, Syria, Libya, some India groups ... Read more

Hollywood celebrities taking sides in Arab-Israeli conflict ... Read more

Yom Kippur outreach planned to Israel's secular Jews ... Read more

Israel rejects 'war crimes' allegation in Goldstone report ... Read more

Refurbished synagogue reopens in Georgian capital of Tbilisi ... Read more

Vandals hit two Seattle synagogues ... Read more

Oklahoma rabbi warns of planned High Holy Day demonstrations ... Read more

Portrait of Alexander the Great found on gemstone in Israel dig ... Read more

230 new olim arriving from FSU are greeted by Natan Sharansky ... Read more

Child of Survivors honored by Urban League in Florida ... Read more

Nadler, Polis in coalition to repeal federal same-sex marriage bars ... Read more

Schumer seeks grants to community colleges to train public to use computers ... Read more

Kohl asks Agriculture Dept. to scrutinize anti-trust enforcement ... Read more

NJDC condemns Cohen's opponent in Tennessee congressional race ... Read more


The signs in Jerusalem heralding coming Holy Days ... by Judy Lash Balint in Jerusalem ... Read more


The Goldstone Report
Goldstone report lived down to Israel's expectations ... by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem ... Read more

Time for UNHRC members to investigate themselves ... by Yarden Frankl in Neve Daniel, Israel ... Read more

Goldstone Report hands Hamas a propaganda victory ... by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, D.C. ... Read more


We dedicate this issue with happy birthday wishes to Elaine Lipinsky (Sept. 19) and Okoronkwo Umeham (Sept. 22)

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