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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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Election 'issues:' Bibi’s schnitzel and Tzipi’s salad
By Rabbi Dow Marmur
JERUSALEM—Sarah Netanyahu, the wife of Bibi, is a busy school counselor nowadays, which may be why she has no time to prepare Shabbat dinner at home. In fact, the couple is known for frequenting restaurants. Their visit last Friday evening became a media item when the two, together with friends, were spotted in a non-kosher restaurant in the centre of Jerusalem. The press also came, albeit uninvited.

A satiric look at Israel's elections, political parties
By Yarden Frankl
NEVE DANIEL, Israel—I Get To Vote Again!The American elections are very straightforward. They occur every four years on the first Tuesday of November. There are only two parties. Each candidate adopts a slogan which defines his party ("Yes, We Can" or "Alaska is near Russia") and whomever can answer difficultquestions out on the campaign trail ("How many houses do you own") usually wins. The opposite of the orderly American elections is the balagan that we engage in here every.. well that's just it. We never know when thenext elections take place. More

Middle East peace has two interwoven threads
By J. Zel Lurie
DELRAY BEACH, Florida —Peace, meaning a long term cease fire which Hamas will agree to and enforce, has two threads.
The first thread is the lifting of the Gaza blockade for civilian goods. Not only humanitarian aid of food and medicine but ordinary commercial items from shoelaces to cement.
Second thread is the wall of cameras and sensors which Egypt, with help from the United States, has begun to construct on the Gaza frontier. When this monitoring system has been completed and adequately manned the smuggling tunnels will be history.

178 die in Melbourne area wildfires; toll
may go higher; Jewish community affected

By Garry Fabian
MELBOURNE- Fears are held for a Jewish property owner who is missing following the worst bushfires in Australia’s history. The person is believed to have driven to country Victoria to check on property over the weekend. A car belonging to the person has been found burnt out. Nothing has been heard from the property owner and there are concerns about the person’s safety.More


Ma Tovu: A prayer to prepare for prayer
By Cantor Sheldon Merel
SAN DIEGO--The prayer, Ma Tovu is chanted at the very beginning of the morning worship service and consists of excerpts from the Book of Numbers (24:5), Psalms: 5.8, 26.8, and 69.14.   Its words are intended to encourage feelings of reverence and joy on entering the synagogue in preparation for worship. The preliminary prayers of the morning service following the Ma Tovu, were chosen to help worshippers adjust to the change from night to day, and from sleep to wakefulness as they prepare to pray. More

San Diego Jewish World's book
reviewer Reiss writes books too

By Donald H. Harrison
SAN DIEGO—Biblical scholars have wondered for years about the exact nature of the Urim and the Tumin (also transliterated as the Thummim). Fred Reiss , whom San Diego Jewish World readers know as a book rviewer with a preference for religious subject matter, has woven fascinating speculation about the true nature of these holy objects into a suspenseful story pitting a secret Jewish society and an equally secret Muslim organization against one another in a life-and-death struggle that just might lead to Armageddon.More

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Our Australia bureau chief Garry Fabian lives in Melbourne, Australia, the area devastated by wild fires. He was kind enough to file part of his column early to keep us all posted on the emergency situation. The balance of his column will run, as normal, on Wednesday. ... Congratulations to Fred Reiss, whose book Reclaiming the Messiah was published recently. Editor Don Harrison's review of the book appears in this issue.


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