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Tuesday-Wednesday, February 24-25, 2009

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Bibi Netanyahu's coalition-building dilemma ... by Rabbi Dow Marmur
JERUSALEM—There seem to be two different ways of interpreting the current real or imagined negotiations between Prime Minister Designate Binyamin Netanyahu and the leaders of Kadima and Labor, Tzipi Livni and Ehud Barak respectively. READ MORE

Four scenarios for forming an Israeli government ... by J. Zel Lurie
DELRAY BEACH, Forida—Now that Israel's President Shimon Peres has invited Bibi Netanyahu of Likud to form the next government, there are several possible scenarios. Scenario number one would be a government without a cohesive program. It  would be hated by the Americans, the source of billions of dollars annually -- the source of those F16 fighter/bombers and the pinpoint accurate bombs that devastated Gaza.READ MORE

When just 15 seconds may decide if you will live or die... by Donald H. Harrison
SAN DIEGO -- A tired Chen Abrahams (at right) recently told the story of the morning only a few weeks ago when she was shampooing her hair in the shower of her home in Kfar Aza, an Israeli kibbutz right smack against the Gaza border, when the “red alert” siren sounded – meaning she had 15 seconds to get to a safe room before a rocket would explode. READ MORE

How should Jews deal with anti-Semitism at UCSD? ... by Bruce Kesler
ENCINITAS, California—Anti-Israel agitation and demonstrations are increasing throughout the world, especially in Europe. Islamist and pro-Palestinian groups are allied with radical leftists in this effort. US campuses are also seeing such agitation and demonstrations. How should Jews deal with it?READ MORE

Chazzanut were the grand concerts of the shtetls .. by Cantor Sheldon Merel with an audio recording of R'tzey
SAN DIEGO—When Jews in Eastern Europe lived in segregated communities, (the pale of settlement) with no access to local concert halls to hear great voices, they would especially welcome outstanding visiting- cantors in their “Shuls" (synagogues).   Virtuoso cantors of those days had developed their “chazzanut” (cantorial abilities) to an “art form”, and travelled around the country to conduct services or present liturgical concerts.  Years later, as the tide of Immigration eventually flowed to America, the love of great cantorial voices and liturgical music never abated. Major Orthodox and Conservative congregations soon brought many of these virtuoso cantors from Europe to grace their pulpits to carry on this great tradition. READ MORE

Funny Jews are getting tougher, more edgy, in their humor ... by Rabbi Simcha Weinstein
NEW YORK--Let’s face it: the story about the time the Jews of ancient Persia were saved from genocide doesn’t sound like a recipe for hilarity. Yet every year, we celebrate the festival of Purim to commemorate that important victory. In doing so, we also acknowledge the significant role humor plays in the Jewish faith.READ MORE

We continue our exploration of Jewish singers and musicians from around the world:

David Lee Roth sings "Ain't Talkin' About Love"VIEW VIDEO

Marian Rung sings "Hyvästi yö" (Finnish: "Where is the Night?") VIEW VIDEO

Mark Ronson, on guitar, performs "Apply Some Pressure" with the BBC Orchestra: VIEW VIDEO


September 18, 1952, Southwestern Jewish Press:

San Diego B’nai B’rith Women READ MORE

Hebrew Home for the Aged READ MORE

Jolly 16 Plan Dance READ MORE

Beth Israel Sisterhood ‘Breakfast on the Air’ READ MORE

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Lawrence Family JCC: San Diego Jewish Film Festival announces audience awards READ MORE

San Diego Jewish Academy: Photo essay READ MORE

Soille Hebrew Day School:
Soille Hebrew Day Fourth Graders’ Pop Up Book Reports READ MORE


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Today co-publishers Don & Nancy Harrison celebrate their 41st wedding anniversary. So here's Al Jolson singing a song to which they (and probably every other married couple of their age or older) danced to at their wedding.

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