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Thursday, March 5, 2009

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Posturing, not reality, characterizes Mideast peace search ... by Ira Sharkansky
JERUSALEM—Pardon my cynicism, but the continued, new, or renewed insistence of the United States, European governments, some Israelis, and other hangers-on to pursue negotiations with Palestinians, Syrians, and Iranians strike me as the playthings of children. Think of the performances that elementary school children give for their parents. Aren't they all cute? READ MORE

Western world is wasting its money rebuilding Gaza ... by Yarden Frankl
NEVE DANIEL, Israel—The world's leaders met recently and decided to give billions of dollars to rebuild IDF targets in the Gaza Strip. Now I don't want to be unappreciative. Any assistance to our state, especially our military, is very much welcomed. Yet I feel uneasy about this "gift." Somehow I think when we end up using the gift, we will once again be accused of all sorts of terrible things.READ MORE

Can Israel's counter-cyclical economy profit Netanyahu? by Rabbi Dow Marmur
JERUSALEM—“The World Economic Crisis and the Jewish Problem.” That was the title of a talk by Pinchas Landau, a British born Israeli economic commentator, I heard Tuesday night at a symposium on the current economy. It was a classic bad news-good news presentation.READ MORE

To whom will U.S.-trained Palestinian fighters be loyal? ... by Shoshana Bryen
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Last week, Egypt invited Fatah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and others - a total of 12 groups - to Cairo with the intention of forging Palestinian "unity," something never previously achieved. Israel, the United States and the other members of the Quartet were supportive of the Egyptian effort in advance of the donors' conference this week. READ MORE

Obama’s Durban II critics: nattering nabobs of negativism ... by Ira N. Forman
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Last week, President Barack Obama opted to boycott the United Nations Conference against racism in Geneva (also know as Durban II) set to take place in April of this year.  The Obama administration made clear to the Islamic nations driving the Durban II agenda that as long as the conference was structured as a bash-Israel fest, the United States would have nothing to do with its proceedings.

Thursdays With The Songs of Hal Wingard:

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Haran Yaffe sings "Boker Tel Aviv" (Morning Tel Aviv) VIEW VIDEO

Steve Guttenberg dancing with Anna Trebunskaya for 'Dancing With the Stars' VIEW VIDEO

Steve Hofstetter does a standup comedy routine on racism VIEW VIDEO

Itzhak Perlman and Pinchas Zukerman perform Johan Halvorsen's Passacaglia Duo for Violin and Viola VIEW VIDEO

October 17, 1952, Southwestern Jewish Press

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