Volume 3, Number 179
"There's a Jewish story everywhere"

Thursday-Saturday, September 3-5, 2009


White House says Al Qaeda attack on Saudi prince points to need for counter-terrorism cooperation ... Read more

On Wednesday, State Dept. urged Iran to meet on nuclear issue before U.N. General Assembly ... Read more

On Tuesday, U.S. awaited formal nuclear statement from Iran; would not comment on reports ... Read more

Iran's negotiator says Iran now ready for nuclear talks ... Read more

Ceremonies in Poland mark 70th anniversary of World War II ... Read more

Historic synagogue building returned to Polish Jews ... Read more

Sharansky, back in the (former) USSR, opens Jewish school year ... Read more

Proper Jewish burials planned for Nazi victims in mass graves ... Read more

Italian-built highway marks 40th year of Qadhafi dictatorship ... Read more

Weiner says Yankees vs. Red Sox game should not be rescheduled to be played on Erev Yom Kippur ... Read more

Palestinian handicrafts companies exhibit at Tel Aviv trade show ... Read more

Gilboa-Jenin relations across Israel-Palestinian border seen as model for cooperation ... Read more

AJCongress criticizes UNRWA position on teaching Holocaust ... Read more

ZOA applauds Berman's critique of Obama's 'settlements' policy ... Read more


Moral purists have far more luxury than Israel does ... by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem ... Read more

In Middle East, talk often substitutes for action ... by Barry Ruin in Herzliya, Israel ... Read more

The IAEA's ineffectiveness in dealing with Iran .... by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, D.C. ... Read more

Mourn for the CSU  (to the tune of 'Born in the USA') .. by Lawrence Baron in San Diego ... Read more

San Diego County & California

Temple Etz Rimon tells schedule of free High Holy Day services ... Read more

Chabad at La Costa tells its High Holy Day service schedule ... Read more

Polin and Recht to steer UJF women on Nov. 1-10 mission to Israel and Jordan ... Read more

Gilad Shalit birthday observance ... View notice

Pre-Rosh Hashanah bash set for singles Sept. 17 in Gaslamp ... Read more

Emerald gets pedicab ordinance adopted... Read more

Asian gal, Jewish guy in love match at SD Rep .. Read more

Bible in Pop Culture
In pain shall you bear children ... Genesis 3:16 ... View image

The Arts

Research vies with plot in Rashi's Daughters: Rachel ... Book review by Laurel Corona in San Diego .... Read more

David McBean is Fully Committed to his role ... by Carol Davis in San Diego .... Read more

Judaism reconciles antagonists in Visiting Mr. Green .. Play review by Cynthia Citron in Burbank, California ... Read more

CDs gateway to reacquaintance with Otto Klemperer ... Music review by David Amos in San Diego ... Read more

Thursdays With The Songs of Hal Wingard See entire column
#102, You Who Sail The Sea In Ships ... Read and Hear
#211, The Cactus Way: Cowboy Song ... Read and Hear
#90, Beware of Beyance Burglars ... Read and Hear


Israeli cancer patient recounts joyful group trip to London ... by Gali Pialkoff in Tel Hashomer, Israel ... Read more

Tour packager offering kosher Sukkot at Disneyland ... by Sara Gold of The Jewish Press .... Read more

Reinvigorating those summer leftovers ... by Ethel Hofman in Merion Station, Pennsylvania .... Read entire column
Indian Summer Chicken Salad ... Read more
Monte Cristo, Jewish style ... Read more
Quick Gazpacho... Read more
Quick Veggie Soup ... Read more
Ratatouille topped with tomato-poached eggs ... Read more
Reduced Cal. Coleslaw ... Read more
Salad dressing ... Read more
Soft Serve Cookies and Cream ... Read more
Tipsy Gelato .... Read more
Triple Melon Cooler ... Read more
Vegetable Bin Soup ... Read more

San Diego Jewish History
Collated by Gail Umeham from the October 2, 1953
edition of Southwestern Jewish Press
see entire column

Monte Carlo Nite For Jewish Vets ... Read more

B.B.G. Gab by Shirley Samuels ... Read more

Deceased {Abraham Snyder, Nechoma Kaplan, Pauline Pomeranz, Max Smith, David Greenberg, Joel Shaia Ostroger} ... Read more

Cottage of Israel ... Read more

Lasker Lodge B’nai B’rith ... Read more

Death Claims Max Gardner, Ballard & Brockett Partner ... Read more

National V.P. Speaks For Council Women ... Read more

Jewish Community Center News ... Read more

B’nai B’rith Institute Revitalizes Adult Education In Judaism ... Read more

Fund Makes Appeal To Tardy Pledgers ... Read more

Hebrew Home for the Aged .... Read more

Birdie Stodel Movie Honors Anne Shelley ... Read more

Fiesta Club Keeps Members Busy ... Read more

Historic Ad: Forum Lecture Series ... View Ad

Historic Ad: Vernon's Delicatessen & Bakery ... View Ad

Historic Ad: Hotel Clark, Los Angeles ... View Ad

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This issue is dedicated with Happy Birthday wishes to Congressman Bob Filner, who turns 67 on September 4.

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