Laura Simon

I'm Still Here ... a serialization of her memoir by San Diego Jewish World

Published in book form in 2006 by Montezuma Publishing. Installments are indexed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent installment is on top.

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Laura Simon may be contacted via her playwright son at

A story about her 104th birthday ... by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego



2009-05-07 — San Diego Jewish World to serialize memoirs of Laura Simon, 103
2009-05-10—"Media Watch" item mentioning upcoming serialization
2009-05-18—My Centennial Birthday Celebration: in the Evening
2009-05-24—The Titanic: April 14, 1912
2009-05-24—My Father Takes Me to the Doctor

2009-05-31-The Ruby Vase
2009-05-31-Fighting for Life--To Death
2009-05-31-The Doctor Takes a Call
-The Dispensary
2009-06-07—Bubbe Nashuma

2009-06-10—An autograph to remember (photo of Laura signing her book for Charles Chamberlain)
2009-06-14—Visiting My Grandmother Nashuma
2009-06-14—Forest Park
2009-06-14—The Milk Lady

2009-06-21—Queen Esther...READ MORE
2009-06-21--The Playground ... READ MORE

2009-06-28—Dinah, My Stepmother READ MORE
2009-07-05—Divorce Memories READ MORE
2009-07-05—Funeral For My Brother READ MORE
2009-07-05—The Fortune Teller READ MORE
2009-07-12—Library Read More
2009-07-05—Aunt Bessie
Read More
Read More
2009-07-19—Babylon Gardens ...
Read more
2009-07-19—Yiddish Theatre ...
Read more
2009-07-19—World War I ...
Read more
2009-07-19—Spanish Influenza ... Read more

2009-07-26—The Picture Show ... Read more
2009-07-26--My Hearing Restored? ... Read more
2009-07-26--Golden Threads ... Read more
2009-07-26--Out into the World ... Read more
2009-07-26--Interlude ... Read more
2009-07-26--The Dress ... Read more

2009-08-02—Courtship ... Read more
2009-08-02--The Chicago Theatre Opens ... Read more

2009-08-09—The Diamond Ring ... Read more
2009-08-09—Deafness Promised ... Read more
2009-08-09--Our Wedding ... Read more

2009-08-16Mayo ... Read more
2009-08-16—Dr. Oakton ... Read more

2009-09-05—Rush Job ... Read more
2009-09-06-The Silent Ophthalmologist ... Read more
2009-09-06—Dr. Shirley ... Read more
2009-09-06—Breaking My Hip ... Read more
2009-09-06—Hip Implant ... Read more
2009-09-06—Hip Recuperation ... Read more
2009-09-06—Was It Cancer? ... Read more
2009-09-06—The Forgetful Ophthalmologist ... Read more
2009-09-06—The Wrong Diagnosis Blinds ... Read more
2009-09-06—And Deaf Too? ...Read more
2009-09-06—Dye In My Veins For The Picture ... Read more
2009-09-06—Dr. India ... Read more
2009-09-06—My Second Cataract ... Read more
2009-09-06—Pneumonia Is No Picnic... Read more
2009-09-06—In the Hospital Again ... Read more
2009-08-17—Conversations with Dr. Oakton ... Read more
2009-09-17--Silverberg Dies ... Read more
2009-09-17-Dr. Oakton's Co-op ...Read more
2009-09-17-Dr. Oakton's Funeral ... Read more
2009-09-24—Mannie Dies ... Read more
2009-09-24—Letters to Mannie ...
Read more
2009-10-04—Rashi ... Read more
2009-10-04—My Father At The Window ... Read more
2009-10-04--Seeds: Reliving Childhood Memory ... Read more
2009-10-04--The Ghost ... Read more
2009-10-18—Uncle Abner ... Read more
2009-10-18—Great Depression ... Read more
2009-10-18—My Mother’s Funeral ... Read more
2009-10-18—Coping ... Read more
2009-10-18—My Cousin Benny ... Read more
2009-10-18—Battling Chicago Snow ... Read more
2009-11-01—Baha’i Temple ... Read more
2009-11-01—Boulder, Colorado ... Read more
2009-11-01—Breadloaf ... Read more
2009-11-01—Willie Ley ... Read more
2009-11-01—Baby Doe Tabor ... Read more

2009-11-08—Chamberlain Class ... Read more
2009-11-08—Teachers ...Read More
2009-11-08—Skokie Exhibit ... Read more
2009-11-08—Curator ... Read more
2009-11-08—Literary Agent ... Read more

2009-11-22—Loyola University
2009-11-22—At Loyola-Tell Me a Dream
2009-11-22—Mayfair College
2009-11-22—Rag Lady
2009-11-22—Museum of Man
2009-11-22—Japanese Costumes
2009-11-22—The Chanukah Story
2009-11-22—Literary Letters
2009-11-22—Don't Say Goodbye

2009-11-29—New Friend
2009-11-29—My Bulgarian Friend
2009-11-29—The Clubhouse
2009-11-29—Elder Philosophy: Real Time
2009-11-29—Sweet Bird of Youth
2009-12-06—Three Women
2009-12-13—They Lost Each Other
2009-12-13—The Fireman
2009-12-13—The Paratrooper
-The Garbage Man
2009-12-26- Lenny
2009-12-26 Hot Coffee
2009-12-26-The Bridge Teacher
2009-12-26-A Letter from an Old Man
2009-12-26- The Colonel
2010-01-03—My Talk to the Seniors
2010-01-03--Paper Drives Me Crazy
2010-01-03--The Laptop Cometh
2010-01-03--Shorthand Machine
2010-01-03--Court Reporting
2010-01-03--Notes and Diary
2010-01-03--Lazy but Strong and Spicy
2010-01-10--Dizzy with Exercise
2010-01-10--Eating Out
2010-01-10--Space Ship
2010-01-10--Shopping – Supermarket
2010-01-10--Supermarket Adventures
2010-01-10--Kosher Chicken?
2010-01-10--Bean Soup
2010-01-10--Getting Home From the Supermarket
2010-01-17--Home Health Care
2010-01-17-- Help
2010-01-17--Try and Find a Maid
2010-01-17--Other Worlds
2010-01-17--How a Legally Blind Woman Sees
2010-01-17--Blindness for Sure
2010-01-17--The Wooden Queen
2010-01-17--My High School Walker
2010-01-24--Blind Wife
2010-01-24--A Rat Is Not A Rose
2010-01-24--Crazy Hair
2010-01-24--Blind Support Group
2010-01-24--Eye Exercises
2010-01-24--The Alarm
2010-01-24--Hearing Secretary
2010-01-24--Indian Casino
2010-01-24--The Refund
2010-01-24—--Blind Wife
2010-01-24--A Rat Is Not A Rose
2010-01-24--Crazy Hair
2010-01-24--Blind Support Group
2010-01-24--Eye Exercises
2010-01-24--The Alarm
2010-01-24--Hearing Secretary
2010-01-24--Indian Casino
2010-01-24--The Refund
2010-01-31--Miami Change Police
2010-01-31--Shopping-Care Centers
2010-01-31--Still Looking for a Home
2010-01-31--Assisted Living
2010-01-31--Medical Conferences--Arch Support for the Fashion Show
2010-01-31-- The Shoes Are Fixed--The Bride Is Too Beautiful
2010-01-31-- Fashion Show
2010-01-31--50th Anniversary
2010-01-31--Toronto Wedding
2010-01-31--Dear Diary
2010-01-31--The Village Office Girl
2010-01-31--Fighting the Vacuum Cleaner
2010-01-31--Men Entertain Me in the Clubhouse
2010-01-31--Stem Cells
2010-01-31--Duke Story
2010-01-31--A Mitzvah
2010-01-31-- My Sister Berdie
2010-01-31--Far Away
2010-01-31--The MTS Bus Takes Me The Wrong Way
2010-01-31--A Helpful Cab Driver
2010-01-31--My Golden Day
2010-01-31--A Mother's Worry
2010-01-31--Times Have Changed
2010-01-31--Reminiscing Thoughts|Diamond Education
2010-01-31--Senior Party
2010-01-31--Driveway Accident
2010-01-31--Thursday, December 5, 2002
2010-01-31--Syd's Telephone Call
2010-01-31--A Wonderful Visit
2010-01-31--La Jolla Shores
2010-01-31--The Centennial Celebration