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2009-12-27—What we eat helps to forge our Jewish identity
2009-12-20—Judaism’s balance between tradition and modernity
2009-12-13—This Chanukah, your child can receive the gift of Jewish reading
2009-12-06-We can't change who we are, just control it better ..
2009-11-15 (21)-Berditchev rebbe learns value of persistence.
2009-11-15—Biblical Isaac understood love and marriage ... Read more
2009-11-08—A Midrashic story against prejudice ... Read more
2009-11-01—American Jews disappointing Patriarch Abraham ...Read more
2009-10-25—Better the dove than the raven to usher in new era Read more
2009-10-11—Fraternity party proved to be a blessing in disguise ...... Read more
2009-10-04—Sukkot rejoicing welcome after solemnity of Yom Kippur Read more
2009-10-01—Rabbi pleads for political, religious civility; discusses President's call to rabbis; Christians United for Israel Read more
2009-09-13—Why Torah readings normally end positively... Read more
2009-09-06—Reading Torah and the need to take risks ... Read more
2009-08-30—When ritual observance leads to unethical behavior ... Read more
2009-09-23—The knapsack on the wall of the Nickelsberg beth din . Read more
2009-08-16—Teaching campers the ethics of body piercing Read more
2009-08-02—How arrested rabbis in New Jersey may have attempted to justify alleged criminal behavior ... Read more
2009-07-26—What would our sages say about Sotomayor? ... Read more
2009-07-19—Is a Jew required to believe in God? Read more
2009-07-12-Savoring the joys of Israeli products and touring ... Read more
2009-07-05—B'nai mitzvah at 'Conservative Kotel' a highlight of Israel tour for group from Tifereth Israel Synagogue of S.D. READ MORE
2009-06-28—Haganah munitions plant, food, and archaelogical site just some of the attractions San Diegans find on Israel tour READ MORE
2009-06-21—Biblical spies and modern tourists both go 'up' to Israel READ MORE

2009-06-14—Overcoming the feeling of burnout in ritual observance
2009-06-07—The greater meaning of Judaism's three-fold blessing
—BaMidbar teaches us the necessity of working together
Reconciling our beliefs with Bible's slavery passages
2009-05-10—Why do we have two challot, not just one, for Shabbat?
—Christian students seek Jewish view of the afterlife
—Don't let financial problems drive you from a synagogue
—God weeps over 'piggish' people, even if they study Torah
2009-04-05—206 x 28=years since Creation by Jewish calendar
Torah eliminates the worry over false prophets
2009-03-22—We've left Egypt; let's not enslave ourselves again
—Incorporating ancient laws of purity into our modern lives
2009-03-08—The perennial question of why God permits evil
—Getting the positive story of Israel out to Americans
—Israel' election process messy,time-consuming but people have the benefit of a real democracy
2009-02-08—Thoughts of a frequent visitor on returning to Israel
2009-02-01—Jewish 'forms' insufficient without content
Defiance is violent and superficial
When work is purposeful, morale increases.
2009-01-11Dueling protests in San Diego's Balboa Park


Now, about those Chanukah lights.
2008-12-21—Conversing with enemies, there and here.
2008-12-14—No valid reason for American Jews to isolate themselves from Gentiles
2008-12-07—Laban, Hitler and Islamic terrorists
2008-11-23—The biblical roots of Thanksgiving .
2008-11-09—How did Abraham become a monotheist?
2008-10-26What is meant in Genesis that man was created in God's image?
2008-10-12—Did the Holocaust have a purpose?
2008-10-05—What about the deeds we failed to do?
Torah reading may be learned bit by bit
Blessings of the city and the country
2008-09-14—Torah demands accurate weights, measures
Christian saints and Jewish tzaddikim: what is the meaning of graveside prayers
2008-04-31—Why so many laws not found in Torah?
Judaism's tradition of putting study first
2008-08-17—A place to start teshuvah
2008-08-10—JCC Maccabi Games exemplified ahavat chinam, selfless love, uniting all Jews
Leaving matters on a positive note
A biblical lesson in setting priorities
2008-07-20Culture of death versus culture of life
We can judge a leader by his followers
2008-07-06—The joy and enthusiasm of new Jew
2008-06-29—The qualifications for being 'a good Jew'
2008-06-22Conservative movement insists kosher processors treat employees humanely
2008-06-15—It's not the devil's fault, but our own
2008-06-08—Continual study: too much of a good thing?
2008-06-02Operation Homefront: Helping our American troops, no matter our politics
The Sinai and the modesty commandment
2008-05-25'Sanctified shekel' hints at money's purpose
2008-05-18—Starting Jewish studies even as an adult
2008-05-11—Some guidelines for synagogue dress
2008-05-04—'Can you love your neighbor as yourself?'
2008-04-27—Minyan prayer for 3 kidnaped soldiers
2008-04-20—Do free people have to attend a seder?
2008-04-11—Ridding ourselves of spiritual chametz
2008-04-08Welcome strangers to our congregations
2008-04-06Lingering over seder: A sign of freedom
2008-03-30On Post Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Letdown
2008-03-21—Purim riddle: Did Tanakh predict baseball?
2008-03-14Amaleks, Hamans still pursuing us Jews
2008-03-09—The unending need for tzedakah
2008-03-02—Even Mishkan's building awaits Shabbat
2008-02-24Why Moses was angered by Golden Calf
2008-02-17What rabbis hear when in Washington
2008-02-10—The more you study, the more to learn
2008-02-04Torah portion on slavery quite troubling
2008-01-27—Taking our mother's Hebrew name too
2008-01-20The modern meaning for Tu B'Shevat

2007-12-30—Any Jew can grow up to be a leader of our people

2007-12-23Why is Judah represented by the lion?
2007-12-14Museum examines Jewish origins of ‘Shrek’
2007-12-09Wicked examines quesiton of 'otherness'
2007-12-02Vayeishev teaches thous shalt not have favorites among thy children
2007-11-18Notice Divine presence all around us
2007-11-11—Jacob and Esau:Nature over nurture
2007-11-02—The best way to reduce your own troubles? Help others!



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