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2010-01-07—Barbra and Frank … Who’da Thunk?

2009-12-15—'I do! I do’ doest just fine in Globe’s new space
2009-12-06—Bonnie and Clyde: Lovers until the end
2009-11-24—Shimerman shines in The Rep’s Seafarer
2009-11-22—Albert meets Pablo in a turn-of-the-century haunt for geniuses
2009-11-15(21)-The Foreigner still pleases
2009-11-15 (21)—Better Angel charms and informs 
2009-11-15—Topdog/Underdog features a Lincoln versus a Booth .Read more
2009-11-10—Bent: Gay Holocaust dramatized at the Diversionary .... Read more
2009-11-05—A welcome return for Dog Act at Moxie ... Read more
2009-11-01—The Lion King still dazzles audiences Read more
2009-10-27—Valentine's Day comes early at North Coast Rep Read more
2009-10-25—Frozen ... chills to the bones Read more
2009-10-22—Nine Parts Desire, one part confusion Read more
2009-10-18—Long Story Short shows how to make marriages work Read more
2009-10-15—Don't let this Parade pass you by.. Read more
2009-10-11—Sammy …He did it his way .. Read more
2009-10-08—Savannah Disputation: After the missionary comes inside Read more
2009-10-04--Dramatizing jazz's 9 to 5 lifestyle -- p.m. to a.m., that is Read more
2009-10-04--Play probes sexual slavery in Liberian wars Read more
2009-10-01—Things We Want ... Who in this play can really say? Read more
2009-09-24—Moonlight Amphitheatre show is, well, the cat's meow!Read more
2009-09-22—Gardner's gem shines at Scripps Ranch Theatre Read more
2009-09-15—I liked and disliked this play because Read more
2009-09-13—These housewives are desperate for a rewriteRead more
2009-09-09—Drink Me takes a real gulp of the imagination Read more
2009-09-03—David McBean is Fully Committed to his role Read more
2009-09-01—39 Steps at the Mandell Weiss Theatre.. Read more
2009-08-25—Sun shines on Hannah's Annie ... Read more
2009-08-16—Sum of parts doesn't equal the whole in Herringbone Read more
2009-08-11—Irma Vep: a farce filled with meshugas and madness .Read more
2009-08-09—Hannah Rose Kornfeld is Starlight's 'Annie'Read more
2009-08-06—Wonderfully Wicked and I love it ... Read more
2009-08-02—First Wives Club Broadway bound? Not so fast Read more
2009-07-30—A new twist on Oliver ... Read more
2009-07-26—Compass Theatre plays champion Palestinians Read more
2009-07-23—Page is good reason to book tickets for Cyrano Read more
2009-07-23—2 Pianos 4 Hands satisfies all the senses Read more
2009-07-21—Oh, Those dancing feet on 42nd Street ... Read more
2009-07-17—This Fiddler on the Roof? Simply the best yet Read more
2009-07-17—Noises Off, a fest of farce of major proportions Read more
2009-07-12—Coriolanus shows 'Jewish mother' really a universal type ... Read more
2009-07-05—Isn't yon man a woman at the Old Globe in Balboa Park?READ MORE
2009-07-01--Far Away, Song by Carol's Israeli grandson Gil Argavani, in memory of his paternal grandfather Abraham Argavani. Lyrics and audio
2009-07-01—Erik Liberman, playing 'Motel' in Fiddler, is a Jewish folklorist in his own right, with wide Diaspora experience ... READ MORE
2009-06-25—Tom Dudzick, the 'Catholic Neil Simon,' has humor for all ... READ MORE
* *
2009-06-17—Israeli grandchildren think I'm a sweet, but naive American
2009-05-19—Prizes and pieces shine through Miller's The Price
2009-05-14Play's old, wicked anti-Semitism is there to make a point
2009-05-07How typically Irish is humor in The Cripple of Inishmaan?
2009-04-30—Williams' family experience reflected in 'Glass Menagerie' .
2009-04-24—Title character of Peter Grimes worthy of our empathy
2009-04-20Mauritius gets a philatelists's big stamp of approval
2009-04-15—'Brief Affair': Jewish guilt or Greenberg's folly?
2009-04-13—Actors mime musicians in Opus, a creative masterpiece
2009-04-12—For families of two plays, sitting shiva could have helped
2009-04-05—Rigoletto—another of Verdi's many masterpieces—well presented by San Diego Opera at the Civic Theatre
2009-03-25—What a deli-ghtful time Terkel could have had with dad!
2009-03-22History Boys makes a good case for education
Sugar Syndrome audiences left pondering addictions ... by Carol Davis in San Diego
2009-03-06—If you like Purimshpiels, here's another flight of fancy
2009-02-23—Whether for David fighting Goliath, or for the Pimpernels fighting the French reign of terror, we root for underdogs
2009-02-19Gilbert and Sullivan meet the Brothers Grimm at Lyric
2009-02-16Room Service revives a Depression-era escape from tough economic times
2009-02-13A story from the bulrushes at New Village Arts
2009-02-01Tosca still pleases; Sylvie Valayre soars
2009-01-28 --Luftwaffe, not forgetful Shakespearean actor, bombs in The Dresser, at North Coast Rep
2009-01-26Jewish Geography' or 'Six Degrees'
2009-01-19Doubt A Parable keeps audience wondering
2009-01-18—You don't have to be Jewish to have mishigas
—An interview with opera star Sylvie Valayre

2009-01-08A machiah: the memories of our youth.
2009-01-05—Where was the outcry over rocket attacks on Israel?


A Vegas-style present from the Jersey Boys
2008-12-08The Princess and the Black Eyed Pea a rollickin' good musical at San Diego Rep
2008-12-01—Xanadu: Greek myths on roller skates
Stephanie St. James of Color Purple cast is grand daughter of Shoah survivor
Seeing Miss Daisy after Obama's election
2008-11-12—Culture Clash's Water & Power fluid
2008-11-10Everything Will Be Different probes girl's feelings in wake of mother's death
2008-10-31—"Don't dress for dinner"
Bleeding Kansas powerful in juxtaposition with U.S. election
2008-10-20Fool for Love incestuous... or is it?
2008-10-15—The Light in the Piazza also illuminates Lambs Players Theatre in Coronado
1930's drama resonates in hard times
2008-10-07Third Story was about three too many
2008-10-06Dying City juxtaposes Iraq war, and wars we fight in our homes
Back, Back, Back is not where reviewer plans to go, at least not anytime soon
Hard to admire these catty, self-indulgent women, but Old Globe play is worthwhile
A Jew's admiration for a Catholic songwriter produced superb show
Dreamgirls soars in S.D. Musical Theatre Co. production at the San Diego Rep
Vagina Monologues playwright looks up to stomachs in The Good Body, now at Rep
2008-09-12—Night Sky audience experiences aphasia
2008-09-11—Matthew Brooks column draws rebuke
Memphis: Racism and rock n' roll
2008-09-08—Picking right shows for teenage grandkids
2008-09-01—Arrival of family from Israel prompts the brit debate: who should do it and where?
2008-08-05—The Receptionist will soon lure you into office comedy/drama at Cygnet Theatre
Yank! A New Musical explores the travails of gays in the military during WWII
2008-07-27—'Phantom' is ba-a-ack, and she's loving' it
2008-07-20An errant, yet charming father returns
Nathan Detroit and friends trodding the boards at Moonlight Amphitheatre in Vista
2008-07-17—Questions propel play and Jewish director
Real life with 'Phantom' star Marni Raab
Falstaff a great fall guy in 'Merry Wives'
Globe's Romeo and Juliet needs polish
All that ends well still can be a problem
Klezmer with knishes, juice and 'p'stromi'
2008-06-29—Politics in jolly and not-so-jolly England
2008-06-26—Temple Emanu-El and San Diego Musical Theatre are saying 'Bye, Bye ECPAC'
2008-06-22S.D. weighs festival of new Jewish plays
2008-06-12—Redundant to say, The Hit is a hit
2008-06-06Programme Request? Take A Number
2008-06-03From Red Diaper Baby to Citizen Josh
2008-06-02—A production you'll get a big bang out of
La Jolla North' at the Statford Festival with Des McAnuff; Shaw Festival also pleases
2008-05-30Zeji Ozeri starts San Diego Jewish Art Festival off with a zesty Israel tribute
2008-05-28Busy Salovey launches 15th Annual Lipinsky Family San Diego Jewish Arts Festival   
2008-05-23A Jewish rendezvous in Canada 
2008-05-02—Backyard's dumbed-down female show
2008-04-30Gaviota: hacienda tale in Porfirio's time
2008-04-25Globe's Glass Menagerie retains appeal  
2008-04-24—A 'Kiss' that completely shook their world
2008-04-2033 Variations probes Beethoven's obsession
2008-04-18—Speaking of Pharaoh's Egypt: Aida is back
2008-04-17If your family made its fortune by theft, would you willingly return the money?
—Racism, anti-Semitism, sexism combine in lesbian love story at the Diversionary
2008-03-28—Sondheim's 'Night Music' a Cygnet success
2008-03-23You never can tell... or should you?
Music, dance numbers overcome tedious plot lines in Globe's Dancing in the Dark
2008-03-14Dancing at Lughnasa: An Irish 'Fiddler'?
2008-03-09The American Plan: Prelude to a tragedy
2008-03-05The Clean House plays to a pleased house
2008-03-02Tick, Tick...BOOM at Stone Soup in S.D.
2008-02-28A Shayna Maidel: a post-Holocaust story
2008-02-22—S.D. Opera scores with Maria Stuarda
2008-02-13—This 'Dolly' is bound to improve with age
2008-02-06—Works by Young Playwrights impressive
2008-02-01—Cygnet swings for—and reaches—Fences
2008-01-29—Ion scores with The Pillowman
2008-01-28This is Our Youth is high drama, 80's style
2008-01-24—'Tranquility' never really comes together
2008-01-18—Globe scores 'KO' with In This Corner
2008-01-08—'Argentina proves a crackling refuge for European family in The Magic Fire



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