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Sheila Orysiek is a member of the Dance Critics Association and a critic-mentor for DCA.  She writes for, Dance Critics Association News, Tinnitus Today; dance columnist for, publications of critique, feature articles, opinion and poetry.  Previous affiliations: Masthead writer for Dance Europe Magazine, Criticaldance. She has been involved with dance as a teacher, dancer, lecturer since the 1960s. She can be contacted at


Reluctant Martyr by Sheila Orysiek


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2010-01-03—The Bella Family Circle – from 67 to 120
2009-12-27—School girl memories on a golden anniversary
2009-12-20—Allegro and the Benefit of Talmudic Genes
2009-12-13—The senator needs to re-Reid his history
2009-12-06—The Last Time – the last pair of slippers
2009-11-29—When they laughed at Tom
2009-11-22—Just exactly what does Realtor mean by ‘moving up?’
2009-11-10—Giselle--A review of City Ballet of San Diego Read more
2009-11-08—*Sunrise ... Read more
2009-11-01—Sanctuary -- A mitzvah disaster ... Read more
2009-10-25—Celebrating Shabbat - Bring a happy face Read more
2009-10-18—The little brown friend on the window sill... Read more
2009-10-11—What to do in Heaven – that's the problem ... Read more
2009-10-04—The 'father' of our country? Why it's Moses! Read more
2009-09-24—Another view of the High Holy Days Read more
2009-09-13—What to leave on the family tree and what to leave off ... Read more
2009-09-06—The string makers: a warp in time .... Read more
2009-08-30—After 500 years a daughter has returned Read more
2009-08-23—Rebecca of York and Wilfred of Ivanhoe in Philadelphia Read more
2009-08-16—The art of the artful excuse, I did it but ...Read more
2009-08-09--For the arts and for Judaism, it's generation to generation Read more
2009-08-02—Mashed potatoes in the summer time .Read more
2009-07-26—The myths barring potential audiences from the ballet door ... Read more
2009-07-19—Genesis and a smudge in the sky Read more
2009-07-12—Our children must be taught both the positives and the negatives of Jewish history Read more
2009-07-05—The Bella Family Circle's great raffle war READ MORE
2009-06-28—Some color in otherwise dismal arts education picture .READ MORE
2009-06-21—Is it possible that we sing too much in temple? ... by Sheila Orysiek in San Diego READ MORE
2009-06-12—The fine art of empathy; knowing what to say – or not .
2009-06-07—After forty-seven years – I am looking sideways
2009-06-07—SD County reactions to President Obama's Cairo speech
2009-05-31—Litwin tells upbeat story of post-Holocaust recovery
2009-05-24—School days, later days: checkmated and grand slammed
2009-05-18What would Theodore Roosevelt or Harry Truman think?
2009-05-11—Bringing together bipolar world of arts and management
2009-05-04—Opportunity and challenge for first-rate ballet in San Diego
2009-04-27—The Trail: A Paean of Praise to David’s Psalm
2009-04-20—Obama in Turkey reminiscent of Mordechai Noah in Tunis
2009-04-13—A Jewish peach tree blooms for Passover
2009-04-06—The ape effect: Diane Fossey and ballet class
2009-03-30—Something about this baby shower just wasn't right
2009-03-23—Crocodiles,wildebeests, and economic Darwinism
2009-02-16—Do I need to hyphenate my identity? Not me!
2009-03-09—A Jewish connection to a root canal? But of course!
2009-03-02—The teacher and the shoe—just a coincidence?
2009-02-23—Drawing inspiration from one of the greatest ballerinas
2009-02-16—A JCC in Philadelphia: Now the tales may be told
2009-02-09—Thoughts on over-enthusiastic audiences, and The Zookeeper's Wife, a book by Diane Ackerman
2009-02-02—Unity, not diversity, key to U.S. greatness
2009-01-27—Questions for Prof. Graubart on Mideast
2009-01-26—Teaching adults to read a life-changing experience; S.D. County seeks volunteers
2009-01-19—'Change' toward a brighter, greener world?
—The Perfect Poem

2009-01-12—From icicles to hummingbirds
2009-01-05—Israel's use of power insures future peace

2008-12-29—Knishes for Christmas Dinner
2008-12-23—Golden Menorah... an art work
2008-12-22—Deck the Walls – with style and song
2008-12-21—White Gold Menorah .... an art work
2008-12-15—Transmitting the Rage – or trying not to
—Chicken soup is not for my soul
2008-12-08—Transmitting rage to the next generation
2008-12-01—Thunder, the bike, not just a ride
Dominion' and Buddy the Dachshund
Concentration, awareness: we need both
2008-11-11—'Dream' of City Ballet realized at the Kroc
2008-11-10Cutting library funding cuts off the future
Monotheism is not mono-political
Psychology teacher taught lessons to staff
2008-10-20—Bella family circle: Jewish Halloween party
2008-10-14—Important Jewish history occurred between the birth of Jesus and the Shoah
55-year quest resumed, circle completed
Weighing ourselves on the moral scale
The Magic Circle—A glimpse of Eden
We were naked'
2008-09-22—Why and how I observe the Shabbat
2008-09-15—Temple Emanu-El dedicates new sanctuary; congregants return to Del Cerro home
2008-09-12—Add Haym Salomon to list of important Jews
'Ordinary' citizens demonstrated grace in an extraordinary disaster
2008-09-08—A new daughter embraces the Covenant
2008-09-01—Eco-activists rob U.S. of 'can-do' spirit
2008-08-29Bolshoi Principal Dancer Sulamith Messerer centennial was August 27
2008-08-25—A private concert on a sultry Philadelphia night
Emanu-El's new home is dedicated by rabbi and congregants; 'We are finally facing Jerusalem'
2008-08-18—Why ducks are wary—but not necessarily intimidated—by those human critters
2008-08-15Reluctant Martyr: Conclusion
Separating dance text from dance midrash
2008-08-11—Beijing Olympics - YEA! Well, maybe not….
2008-08-08Reluctant Martyr: Chapter 20
Gelsey Kirkland, prima ballerina, teaches special session at City Ballet of San Diego
2008-08-01Reluctant Martyr: Chapter 19
2008-07-29—Hanging conservative in a liberal closet
Bearing false witness: a compassionate lie
2008-07-25Reluctant Martyr:
Chapter 18
2008-07-22The New York Times & 9th Commandment
'Never Give In' is Arlen Specter's credo
2008-07-18Reluctant Martyr:
Chapter 17
Jean Isaacs: Generous spirit opens doors
G. I. Joe’s choices reshape the battlefield
2008-07-11Reluctant Martyr: Chapter 16
Two Yiddish books to tickle the silly bone
2008-07-07Sometimes 'brown' is better than 'green'
2008-07-04Reluctant Martyr:
Chapter 15
2008-07-03—American Jewish civics quiz for July 4
2008-06-30Midbar kvetching:complaints in the desert
2008-06-27Reluctant Martyr: Chapter 14
2008-06-23—A Jewish dancer’s road to freedom
2008-06-20Reluctant Martyr: Chapter 13
2008-06-16—The chasm bridged by a book
2008-06-13Reluctant Martyr: Chapter Twelve
2008-06-12—Not everyone loves big-hearted volunteers
2008-06-09—The emperor is even worse than naked
2008-06-06Reluctant Martyr: Chapter Eleven
2008-06-02—Why the Bella Family Circle stopped its annual tradition of selling white elephants
2008-05-30Reluctant Martyr: Chapter Ten
2008-05-27'Another' finds and civilizes lonely man
2008-05-26—Loving photography in the service of dance
2008-05-23Reluctant Martyr: Chapter Nine
2008-05-19A life story contained in six boxes
2008-05-16Reluctant Martyr: Chapter Eight
2008-05-13City Ballet tilts and wins with Don Quixote
2008-05-12A 'New Look' is something I don’t need
2008-05-09Reluctant Martyr:
Chapter Seven
2008-05-08—The day that Israel became a nation
2008-05-05—What kind of dance accompanied Song of the Sea? We have some interesting clues
2008-05-02Reluctant Martyr: Chapter Six
—Klezmer—Jewish music for your soul
2008-04-25Reluctant Martyr:
Chapter Five
2008-04-24—Confidence counts; kindergarten counts
2008-04-21—Matzo sandwich: is the Earl laughing?
2008-04-19Reluctant Martyr:
Chapter Four
2008-04-14Way it was—a Jewish innocent strikes out
2008-04-11Reluctant Martyr: Chapter Three
2008-04-09Tales From My Garden:The Third Day...
2008-04-07Stay the Hand envisions peace
2008-04-04Reluctant Martyr: Chapter Two
2008-04-01What music performance means
2008-03-31—Some advantages to a peace with Syria
2008-03-28Reluctant Martyr: Chapter One
2008-03-27Advice for Obama: In life and in politics we are judged by the friends we keep
2008-03-24—Bella Family: The Revolt of the Cousins
2008-03-21The Four Big Questions; One Great Answer
2008-03-19—The boychik and the leprechaun, a poem
2008-03-17Two cities: two different rains
2008-03-14The Purim Chef: Queen Esther in an apron
2008-03-13—The Mist (a poem)
2008-03-12—Immigrants who don't respect host culture threaten national identty
2008-03-11—City Ballet of San Diego records a milestone
2008-03-10—Contemplating time travel from the San Diego Library's rare book room
2008-03-07The Sabbath’s Omnipotent Painter
2008-03-06Choreographer seeks to decentralize dance
from New York City, make it more eclectic

2008-03-04—Kaballah book helps open ears to the Voice
Mitzvah equation: difficult equals better?
2008-02-25Reaching and keeping nationhood
2008-02-24Cousin Barry—Another shimmering soul
2008-02-21Sharing the Dessert:  The Last Grand Jeté
2008-02-18Happy Birthday, Mr. President - Your day should be more than a day off from work
2008-02-14—It was no ordinary walk
2008-02-11—Civil Rights Act of 1964 - Forgotten Facts
2008-02-10—A letter to Margot—19 years wasn't enough
—How far does community responsibility go?
2008-01-31How to order flowers for a bat mitzvah
2008-01-28—Only Money and Pedigree Will Do
2008-01-25—Sabbath Amphitheatre: Celebrating Creation in Sequoia National Park
2008-01-21—Tu B'Shevat: Celebrating the perfection of a tree
—Autobiography of a blue checkered shirt
2008-01-14—How Fiddler on the Roof keeps his balance
Paroxysm - the National Election Begins
2008-01-04Baron Rothschild came visiting near Kiev

2007-12-31I am resolving to be more resolute
—A Jewish child grows up on Christmas Eve
2007-12-21—Putting Icicles on a Friendship
After a while, a lover of Jewish food can't help but pass over the New Zealand lamb
2007-12-10—City Ballet's Nutcracker sparkles
If U.S. intelligence was so wrong about Iraq, why does Left believe it about Iran?
The differences and similarities between a dreidel and a pirouette
—Connecting seemingly disparate dots
2007-11-26The Bella family circle goes from the coast to The Breakers on the shore to the beach
'What could now sustain them but the spirit of G-D and His grace?'
Tango's repetitive dance moves and lack of color in costuming can tire audiences
— Expanding our view of Veteran's Day
—City Ballet's 15th season in San Diego provides several views of classical ballet



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