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Thursday, February 26, 2009

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Brigitte Gabriel warns of Islamic extremists during speech to UJF Women .. by Marissa Palin
SAN DIEGO--- Standing at the United Jewish Federation podium in her leopard print shirt and fur collar, diamond rings sparkling on each hand, Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese Christian, began her speech to the Women’s Division “Options Event” with, "Tonight, I dressed for the ladies." But her speech on Tuesday, February 24, was not just for the ladies. Like the speaker before her, from the Sha'ar HaNegev region in Israel, Gabriel spoke of trauma, terror, and war. Her speech was one of warning—to Jews and non-Jews around the world. READ MORE

Obama administration already requiring Israelis to take softer line on Gaza... by Rabbi Dow Marmur
JERUSALEM—As expected, the pressure that the Obama administration will exert on Israel is evident even before the new government has been formed, perhaps as a way of influencing its shape. Here are some early signs: READ MORE
Obama makes error in giving Russia an Aghanistan role ... by Shoshana Bryen
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The precipitating factor in Anwar Sadat's historic trip to Jerusalem was his understanding and fear that President Carter wanted to reprise the 1973 U.S.-Soviet sponsored Geneva Peace Conference. Sadat had thrown the Soviets out of Egypt after the Yom Kippur War and aligned himself with the West. He calculated that it was better to fly to Israel and speak before the Knesset than to have to do business with the Russians again.

THE JEWS DOWN UNDER... a roundup of Australian Jewish news by Garry Fabian in Melbourne

Chocolate becomes an issue in Israel-Palestinian conflict READ MORE

Jennifer Huppert elected to Australian Parliament READ MORE

Jewish School admissions defy economic downturn READ MORE

Drought and Economy impact on Kosher food READ MORE

Survival Appeal for Jewish age care facility READ MORE

Jews sentenced in Jews for Jesus vandalism READ MORE

Thursdays With The Songs of Hal Wingard:

# 31, No Smoking READ AND HEAR

#36, Temptation READ AND HEAR


Geneticists, better than rabbis, often can tell who is a Jew... book review by Fred Reiss
WINCHESTER, California—The question of “Who is a Jew?” goes back at least to the time of Ezra who, near the end of the sixth century BCE, required all Jewish men to divorce their foreign wives on their return to Jerusalem from the Babylonian Captivity. He also rejected the claim to Judaism made by the Samarians. As late as the mid-twentieth century, at one extreme, Reichsmarschall Herman Goering, the highest ranking armed forces officer in Nazi Germany, could arrogantly declare, “I say who is a Jew,” and for a brief period of time over a finite area, he was right. READ MORE

In our last edition, Cantor Sheldon Merel wrote a column about the chant R'tzey, but we mistakenly linked the column to a different musical piece. Here is a link to the column that ran in the Tuesday-Wednesday edition, and here is a link to the real R'tzey chant. We apologize for the inconvenience.


September 18, 1952, Southwestern Jewish Press:
Local Resident Cited For Valor READ MORE
Pioneer Women READ MORE

October 2, 1952, Southwestern Jewish Press:
Funds Rushed to Committee in United Jewish Appeal Crisis READ MORE
Friends of Ampal Mark 10th Year READ MORE

We continue our exploration of Jewish singers and musicians from around the world:

Helen Shapiro sings "Walkin' Back to Happiness" VIEW VIDEO

Neil Sedaka sings "Calendar Girl" VIEW VIDEO

Shlomi Shabat sings Tnu Ligdol Besheket, a song of the IDF VIEW VIDEO


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Lawrence Family JCC: Jewish Poets, Jewish Voices READ MORE

Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School: First Grade Earns Bracha Money at Soille Hebrew Day READ MORE


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