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Sunday, March 8, 2009

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A heartfelt apology to SDSU Prof. Risa Levitt Kohn et al ... by Donald H. Harrison

SAN DIEGO—Let me begin this column with a heartfelt apology to Dr. Risa Levitt Kohn, the professor of religious studies at San Diego State University who served as the curator of the Natural History Museum’s exhibition of the Dead Sea Scrolls.READ MORE

Election results may mean Israelis are tired of being pushed into unilateral concessions by world opinion... by Ira Sharkansky
JERUSALEM—An American friend has sent me an editorial from the New York Times that supports Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's missions of promoting the creation of a Palestinian state, an opening to Syria, and pressure on Israel to stop the expansion of West Bank settlements, bring down barriers to Palestinian movement on the West Bank, and halt the destruction of Palestinian homes built illegally in East Jerusalem. READ MORE


Debating the defenders of NIA's Charles Freeman ... by Shoshana Bryen

WASHINGTON, D.C.—It turns out JINSA is one of the very few organizations to go on record with our concerns about Charles "Chas" Freeman, the President's pick for the non-confirmable position of Director of the National Intelligence Agency. It has produced an interesting reaction.READ MORE

A Congressional resolution to honor 4 Immortal Chaplains ... by Congressman Bob Filner
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Many of us remember hearing about the heroic sacrifice and display of selfless love by the four Immortal Chaplains when we were younger.  I recently re-introduced legislation (H.Res. 86) to ask President Obama to designate a day in their honor. READ MORE

The perennial question of why God permits evil ... by Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal
SAN DIEGO—For several weeks my Basic Judaism students have been involved in heated theological discussions about the existence of God and the nature of evil. The basic problem: if God is all good and all powerful, then why does evil exist? READ MORE

The rabbi's mother served a most memorable soup ... by Rabbi Baruch Lederman

SAN DIEGO—On Purim, it is a mitzvah to give Matonos L'evyonim; Gifts to the Poor. Tzedaka is quintessential to Jewish life as the following true story, documented in Jewish World Review, illustrates:

The yenta whose son celebrates 'first five nights of Kishka' ... by Cynthia Citron

HOLLYWOOD - Annie Korzen calls herself a yenta (a busybody; someone who will offer you unsolicited advice whether she knows anything about the subject or not). READ MORE

A bissel sports trivia with Bruce Lowitt
Q: Who won seven world championships in table tennis, including four singles titles, became the sport’s first professional player, in the 1950s, and toured extensively with the Harlem Globetrotters? READ MORE


We continue our examination of Jewish actors and actresses:

Chico Marx plays the piano in Go West VIEW VIDEO

Harpo Marx performs mirror image magic with Lucille Ball VIEW VIDEO

Max Linder tries to officiate match in Combat de Boxe VIEW VIDEO

October 17, 1952; Southwestern Jewish Press:

Beth Israel Sisterhood READ MORE
City of Hope Aux. READ MORE
Young Jewish Couples Club READ MORE
City of Hope Jr. Aux.READ MORE
Beth Jacob Auxiliary READ MORE
Pioneer Women READ MORE
Cottage of Israel READ MORE


Lawrence Family JCC—Jacob Goldberg Annual Series To Address Israeli and World Issues READ MORE

San Diego Jewish Academy: SDJA'S Learning Center Supports K-12 Students with Special Needs READ MORE

Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School:
Soille Hebrew Day Second Graders on their way to knowing 400 Shorashim! READ MORE


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Shlomo Dubnov, an occasional contributor to our columns who was representing Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, recently debated the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with Nasser Barghouti, executive director of the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) at the East County Democratic Club. Here is a link to a video of their encounter:

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