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2009-12-29—Barry Rubin, "Two Most Asked Questions: Will Obama attack Israel; will Israel attack Iran?" Link to Rubin Reports
The American public's incredibly strong support for Israel ... by Barry Rubin in Herzliya (link to Rubin Reports)
2009-12-06—Terrorism and State Sponsorship: Not Gone but in a Lull and Proving Profitable
2009-12-03—No Thanksgiving for current U.S. foreign policy
2009-12-01—The Obama Administration's Giant Problem: How to Get the Palestinians to Negotiations without Pressure and Threats (from The Rubin Report)
2009-11-15—Hasan’s slideshow told motiive for Ft. Hood killings
2009-11-03—Arabs give Obama no help in peacemaking efforts ... Read more
2009-10-29—Obama's premature declarations on Mideast peace now a source of embarassment for his administration Read more
2009-10-22—Supposed Middle East change is illusory... Read more
2009-10-20—UN Human Rights Council vote to endorse Goldstone Report is death blow to Middle East peace process Read more
2009-10-18—Fight terrorists or countries that sponsor them? Read more
2009-10-06—Seems like Iran has hoodwinked the world again Read more
2009-10-01—Goldstone Report disastrous for Middle East peace Read more
2009-09-29—Israel's multipronged missile defense may keep Iran at bay Read more
2009-09-24—France's foreign minister rebuffs President Obama on Iran ... Read more
2009-09-13—Newsweek article illustrates U.S. arrogance, naivete . Read more
2009-09-09—Media dismisses crackpot ideas, unless they target Israel Read more
2009-09-06—Neutrality is tantamount to backing Syria against Iraq Read more
2009-09-03—In Middle East, talk often substitutes for action Read more
2009-09-01—Arab states are 'Islamic;' why can't Israel be Jewish.Read more
2009-08-23—U.S. has nothing to gain by caving in to Arab demands Read more
2009-08-20—Middle East cycles—are we in the post-modern era? Read more
2009-08-18—Ghaneim likely to re-radicalize the West Bank ... Read more
2009-08-13—Here are the Fatah winners and losers Read more
2009-08-09—For Palestinians, 'peace' means elimination of Israel Read more
2009-08-06—Did White House spokesman go too far on Iran? Read more
2009-08-04—Middle East peace engine needs 'anti-freeze' Read more
2009-07-30—Israel's right and left find a national consensus Read more
2009-07-28—Like Odysseus, Israel must resist Sirens' songs Read more
2009-07-23—Dissecting Hillary Clinton's speech to the Council on Foreign Relations Read more
2009-07-21—Is the Palestinian Authority about to implode? Read more
2009-07-21==One man's truth not the same as another's *&#!@ Read more
2009-07-15—Barack Obama's plans: brilliant and unworkable ... Read more
2009-07-14—Why even the Israeli left doesn't support Obama .... Read more
2009-07-10—Aspen conference: an excercise in prevarication ... Read more
2009-07-08—Be leery of hopeful stories of change in Middle East Read more
2009-07-07—Palestinians reject any plan continuing Israel's existence Read More
2009-07-01—Christian Arab CNN reporter amazingly naive about Islam READ MORE
2009-06-30—Analysis of Fayyad speech requires listening to the silences ... READ MORE
2009-06-28—Whose foreign policies will Iran's repression affect the most? READ MORE
2009-06-26—Obama's heavy-handedness has lost him support of Israelis READ MORE
2009-06-24—Moderate dictators are better than radical Islamists READ MORE
2009-06-19—Arabs have three strategies for Israel's elimination READ MORE
2009-06-17—Obama's hopes are encountering Islamist realities ... READ MORE
Netanyahu set record straight on Israel's creation, policies READ MORE
—A 'gift' to Obama may be in Israel's strategic interest ... by Barry Rubin in Herzliya, Israel
2009-06-11—Obama wasting political capital on settlements issue
2009-06-09—Obama's Cairo speech had errors in facts, nuance
2009-06-04—What real changes will U.S. insist that Arabs make?
2009-06-02—Mirror, mirror on wall, who's most popular statesman of all?
2009-05-27—In Middle East, June may prove to be the 'cruelest month' .
2009-05-22—Parsing Obama's and Netanyahu's post-meeting comments
2009-05-20—Obama's great risk: enemies who don't want to 'make nice'
2009-05-19—Mideast peace process like investing with Bernie Madoff
2009-05-15—Arafat and the smuggled terrorists: key to Fatah mindset
2009-05-14—Predictions for when Mr. Netanyahu goes to Washington
2009-05-13—The real meaning of Tamimi's diatribe to the Pope
2009-05-10—Hamas leader's 'moderation' is West's wishful thinking
2009-05-05—Clinton says Hamas coalition government can't receive aid
2009-05-04—Here comes Hillary Clinton; there goes Lebanon
2009-05-01—The unbearable lightness of wishful thinking
2009-04-27—2-state solution:why commit Israel but not Palestinians?
2009-04-20—Commentators' naiveté about Mideast frightening
2009-04-17—Islamists now trying to overthrow Mubarek in Egypt .
2009-04-12—Palestinian moderates want peace—with Hamas, not Israel
2009-04-01—Israeli columnist critiques Obama's news conference
—United Kingdom's three victories against radical Islam
—Columnist puts AP Middle East analysis under microscope
Hillary visits Middle East; sky still in place
2009-03-03—Helping Hillary Clinton while keeping Israel safe,
2009-02-17—Which Palestinians are ready to make peace with Israel?,
2009-02-15—Avraham Freedman, like the Bielskis, led Partisans,


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