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Ulla Hadar, our bureau chief in Sha'ar Hanegev, will be participating in a bicycle ride from Metula to Sha'ar Hanegev, a distance of approximately 300 miles, from April 22 to April 29, to raise funds for the construction of a high school that will be able to withstand Kassam rockets fired from Gaza. San Diego Jewish World joins Ulla in requesting that readers consider sponsoring her trek. To do so, please visit the Bike for Sha'ar Hanegev page on the internet.


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2010-01-07—Historical Center will tell story of first Jewish settlers of the Negev

2009-12-27—WIZO comes to emotional aid of Israeli teachers along Gaza strip
2009-12-15—Ultra-running at the Dead Sea
2009-12-13—Romans urge Shalit release, celebrate works of Luzzati 
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2009-05-18The Israel National Trail: 580 miles of hiking, biking adventure ... by Ulla Hadar in Mitzpe Modi'in, Israel
2009-05-15—SDJA graduating seniors tell reactions to Poland, Israel
2009-04-30—Bike Israel 2009 concludes with a lap to Gaza border
2009-04-29—False alarm for Kassam gives San Diegans taste of Sha'ar Hanegev danger at conclusion of BikeIsrael2009 trek
2009-04-28—San Diego bikers reach Jerusalem for Yom HaZikaron
2009-04-27—Bikers for Israel ward off Tel Aviv drivers, enjoy Arab hospitality, and meet a government minister .
2009-04-26—Bikers for Israel enjoy (and well deserve) Shabbat rest day
2009-04-24Strong ties to Sha'ar Hanegev propel Lapiduses' bike ride
2009-04-23—Transplanted Canadian Mitch Shack makes San Diego friends by joining fundraising bike tour for Israel
2009-04-22—Bikers for Israel reach starting point on Yom HaShoah
2009-04-21—San Diegans convene in Tel Aviv for 'Bike for Israel'
2009-04-10—A spin through Byzantine ruins on the approach of Pesach
Report from a 115-kilometer bike ride through the Golan
2009-03-23—Private families to build homes on kibbutz grounds in new settlement effort in northwest Negev Desert
2009-03-09—When the flowers come back to Kibbutz Ruhama
2009-03-02Forest created for Zionist youth from around the world
2009-03-01—Sha'ar Hanegev's librarian wins national recognition
2009-02-06—Fond remembrances of Italian artist Emanuel Luzzati
2009-01-15Frontline resident's wartime diary, Jan. 14
2009-01-14—Wartime diary of a frontline resident, Jan. 13
2009-01-13—Now Israel's reserve units go into Gaza
Hamas steps up rocket fire during Israel's 3-hour breaks to render aid to Gaza civilians
2009-01-11—War diary of a frontline resident--Jan. 9, 10
2009-01-09—Amid fear of a new war front, international marathon is run at the Sea of Galilee
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2009-01-06—Front Line Resident's Diary—January 5-6
2009-01-05—Front Line Resident's Diary—January 4
2009-01-04—Front Line Resident's Diary—January 2-3
2009-01-02—Explosive New Year 2009 in Israel, Gaza
2009-01-01—Hamas increases the circumference of danger with the firing of bigger rockets


Notes from our correspondent in Kibbutz Ruhama
2008-12-30—Where seconds can determine if you'll live
Israeli voices in the Gaza war
2008-12-22—Biking along the route of the Maccabees
2008-12-21—Lakiya Negev Bedouin Weaving combines business methods, ancient craftsmanship
2008-12-19—Community self-help projects abound in Kassam-rocket-scarred Sderot
2008-12-02—Ancient olive tree now marks site where rocket attack victim fell on kibbutz
Ultra-modern, experimental machinery ply Kibbutz Ruhama’s wheat fields
A Dead Sea run and a bike ride worthy of a L'chaim—and a Skål!
2008-11-10—SDJW correspondent Hadar to bike 300 miles for the sake of high school students
2008-10-31—Sweetness of desert rains
—Dogs may hate hot air balloons, but for some of us humans, they're romantic
Jews, Druse honor trailblazing soldier's memory near the border of Gaza
Chance meeting in San Diego topic of amazement in Kibbutz Kfar Aza
2008-09-05—Tales of squill, wagtails and sunsets
2008-09-01—Nike's 'Human Race' went well for red-shirted 10k runners in Tel Aviv
'Best school in Israel' a matter of survival for planned Sha'ar Hanegev High School
San Diego mission to Sha'ar Hanegev focuses on educational issues, cooperation
2008-08-10—Peace proponents, members of Kol Acher, gather on both sides of Gaza border
Kibbutz kids experience life 'on our own'
Temple Solel travelers inspect soldiers' quarters as part of 'Project Kibbutz'
Amid such beauty, once was such horror
2008-07-15—San Diego's UJF Mission arrives in Sha'ar Hanegev; where else to go for Latin food?
2008-07-14—Sha'ar Hanegev bureau chief campaigns to dispose of litter at Kibbutz Ruhama
—Shaliach tells fellow kibbutzniks about his goodwill assignment in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Negev mayors protest Olmert decision against fortifications along Gaza border
Volunteers psychologically counsel people, repair houses in rocket-scarred region
—Biking can make you and planet more fit

2008-06-27—High school art project; Sderot twins illustrate Kassams' psychological impact
2008-06-25—No time for electioneering, Israeli mayors in the Negev tell two Ehuds
How Sha'ar Hanegev elementary school protects Israeli kids from the rockets
Acceptance of the Jews in Denmark has alternated over the centuries
2008-06-10—How kibbutz celebrates agricultural holiday
2008-05-30—Students have village of own in Ibim

2008-05-27—A baby owl gladdens Kibbutz Kfar Aza
2008-05-26—SDJA students visit Poland and Israel
2008-05-25Blammmm! A Kassam in my back garden?
—Israeli mayors neighboring Gaza demand Israel's goverment stop the terrorist rockets
The daily hell on Israel's side of Gaza line
—Mortar kills Kfar Aza man in his garden
—Austria's president tells Israeli delegation of his sympathy for Sha'ar Hanegev residents
—Sha'ar Hanegev aids SDJA's Shoah project
Rocket whizzes over head of Mayor Alon Schuster of Sha'ar Hanegev
—Battle to bring, keep water in the Negev
—A new correspondent introduces herself


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