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Sunday, March 1, 2009

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As a campaign issue, corruption has been corrupted ... by Ira Sharkansky
No surprise. We returned from a 10 day holiday on Cyprus (a pleasant 35 minute flight) to find that Prime Minister - designate Benyamin Netanyahu is still at work putting together a coalition that can muster majority support of the Knesset.

So you think you've got tsoris? Look at Israel's politics! ... by Rabbi Dow Marmur
JERUSALEM—The next Israeli government is being described as a memshalah tsarah, a narrow government, i.e., consisting of the 65 Knesset members of Likud and the parties to its right - some to the far right - with no partners in the center, let alone the left.   READ MORE       

Nix on NIC chairman-designate Chas Freeman ... by Shoshana Bryen
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Charles "Chas" Freeman is an appalling choice for Chairman of the National Intelligence Council (NIC). As President of the Saudi-funded Middle East Policy Council, Mr. Freeman functions as lobbyist, making his analysis suspect. And his analysis is, in any event, appalling. READ MORE

Sha'ar Hanegev's librarian wins national recognition ... by Ulla Hadar
KIBBUTZ NIR AM, Israel—Although Naomi Keidar, 66, a grandmother of eight, continues to live on this kibbutz where she was born, no one would accuse her of rural provincialism.   At the recent Jerusalem Book Fair attended by 1,200 publishers from more than 40 countries, she was saluted by the Ministry of Culture as one of Israel’s three “most excellent librarians” for the year.READ MORE   

Getting the positive story of Israel out to Americans ... by Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal
SAN DIEGO —In what might be considered an appropriate coda to my trip to Israel, I attended a meeting of the local Rabbinical Assembly in Los Angeles on Thursday at which we were addressed by Shahar Azani. Mr. Azani is the west coast Consul for Culture, Media and Public Affairs of the State of Israel. When I introduced myself, he told me that coincidentally he was leaving after the meeting for San Diego where he was going to speak at UCSD.

Rabbi who was school dean for girls, mohel for boys, dies ... by Rabbi Baruch Lederman
SAN DIEGO—Rabbi Moshe Weitman of Far Rockaway, New York, was niftar this past Sunday, the 28th of Shvat 5769. He was a pioneer of Torah Chinuch in America. The following is a tribute written by Rabbi Yair Hoffman: As leader of Torah Academy for Girls (TAG) for over four decades, Rav Moshe Weitman's impact upon the community in Far Rockaway and the Five Towns can only be described as transformative. READ MORE

Confronting the radicals on the UCSD campus ... by Bruce Kesler
ENCINITAS, California--For those who have faith in the power of civil discourse to expose and isolate radical nonsense, there was a small victory this week at San Diego’s prestigious University of California campus.

In troubled economic times, JFS steps up its work ... by Gerry Greber
SAN DIEGO—During the previous three years the need for the services of the JFS has increased three fold, thanks to the staff and volunteers who have participated in the many programs to benefit both Jewish and non-Jewish persons in need.READ MORE

A bissel sports trivia with Bruce Lowitt
OLDSMAR, Florida—Q: Who is considered Israel’s best paralympic athlete of all time? READ MORE

We continue our exploration of Jewish singers and musicians from around the world:

Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond sing "You Don't Bring Me Flowers"

Misha Marmar sings "Vi Bist Du Gevein" VIEW VIDEO

Rachel Stevens sings "I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)" VIEW VIDEO

Stefani Valadez Ensemble at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion VIEW VIDEO


October 3, 1952: Southwestern Jewish Press

Jolly 16 News READ MORE

Allocation Committee to Begin Work on Fund Distribution READ MORE

Lasker Lodge B.B. READ MORE

Dr. Robert Jenkins Guest Speaker at Tifereth Israel READ MORE

Young Jewish Couples

Lawrence Family JCC: Purim Palooza at BONDI on March 5 READ MORE

Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School: Fourth Graders at Soille Hebrew Day are full of blessings READ MORE

United Jewish Federation:
UJF To Hold Disaster Preparedness & Response Workshop Series READ MORE


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Our correspondent in Taiwan, Dan Bloom, was surfing the net the other day when he found a video, "Vi Bist Du Gevein," by popular Russian Jewish singer Misha Marmar. The images were familiar to Bloom as many of them came from the "Jewish license plates" feature on this website. Many of the photos were collected by Melanie Rubin of the Lawrence Family JCC. We are delighted with Marmar's song, and are glad that the images that we collected are helpful in spreading Yiddishkeit. Here is the video:

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