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Friday-Saturday, March 6-7, 2009

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Hillary Clinton challenges four right-wing Israeli positions ... by Rabbi Dow Marmur
Canadian born Bernard Avishai, who now divides his time between Israel and the United States, is an important political analyst. He’s the author of several books and numerous essays. His blog is often insightful and interesting.  He has not only heard and read what U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said to the Israelis during her recent visit, but he has also interpreted her measured diplomatic language into four stark and simple truths. I quote verbatim. READ MORE

Bedouin consul defends Israel against 'apartheid' charges ... by Judy Lash Balint in Jerusalem, with reprint from SFGate of article by Ishamel Khaldi
JERUSALEM—I first met Ishmael Khaldi in Jerusalem when he was a Foreign Ministry trainee back in 2003. He had come to speak to the Association of Ammericans and Canadians in Israel during the crazy period at the beginning of the Iraq war when Israelis were dusting off their gas masks and preparing our sealed rooms against the specter of renewed SCUD attacks from Sadaam Hussein.READ MORE

The Jews Down Under.... by Garry Fabian in Melbourne, Australia:
—School principals warn against commercial Purim partyREAD MORE
—Juniors excel in Jewish swimming championships

So, nu, kindele, have you been 'kindling' lately? ... by Dan Bloom
CHIAYI CITY, Taiwan -- Since Jews are sometimes referred to as "people of the book" [ עם הספר "Am HaSefer"] -- meaning, people of the Torah, the Mishnah and the Talmud and maybe even Portnoy's Complaint -- it makes sense that Jews like reading books, writing books, buying books and "kindling" books. Kindling books? Did I just write "kindling" books? Yes, and, for those of you adults who speak Yiddish, it's not only for the kindele. READ MORE

Why I volunteer at XLNC1 Radio's Pledge-a-thons ... by David Amos
CHULA VISTA, California--If you are a lover of classical music, I am sure that you have tuned-in to the San Diego-Tijuana station, XLNC1, (104.9 on the FM dia, and all over the world via its website) which has provided us with commercial-free classical music for almost a decade. READ MORE

If you like Purimshpiels, here's another flight of fancy ... by Carol Davis
SOLANA BEACH, CaliforniaAbout two years ago I drove up to Costa Mesa to see the World Premiere of Donald Margulies’ new play Shipwrecked! An Entertainment (The Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougemont as Told By Himself) at the South Coast Repertory theatre. Margulies, one of my favorite playwrights, (Brooklyn Boy, What’s Wrong With This Picture, Dinner With Friends, Sight Unseen and Collected Stories to mention a few) was commissioned by SCR to write this play. Originally conceived as a children’s play, it pleases children of all ages. Earlier Margulies plays reflect his Jewish past and upbringing. This is a whimsical departure from the norm, especially for Margulies. READ MORE

Silverware pattern united relatives after World War II ... by Sara Appel-Lennon
SAN DIEGO--This story began in 1924 in Lodz, Poland and continues to this day in San Diego and travels to Geneva, Switzerland. Shirle Besser Horowitz from San Diego told me the story about her paternal uncle and aunt, Chaskiel and Malke Besser.  Their grand-daughter, Florence, from Geneva, Switzerland helped to answer some of my questions.READ MORE


Performances of Jewish actors and actresses:

Bronco Billy Anderson (Aronson) gets shot at while doing a jig in The Great Train Robbery VIEW VIDEO

Douglas Fairbanks in "The Mark of Zorro" VIEW VIDEO

Theda Bara in the "Unchastened Woman"

October 17, 1952 Southwestern Jewish Press

Allocations Committee Begins Work on Distribution of Funds READ MORE

Paper on Camping Read by Al Hutler READ MORE

B’nai B’rith to Celebrate 109th Anniversary; Sabbath Services To Be Held October 17th READ MORE

National Council of Jewish Women READ MORE


Carol Ann Goldstein: Effective websites need to open quickly in these impatient times READ MORE

Lawrence Family JCC: Debbie Friedman brings vocal beauty to San Diego Jewish Music Festival READ MORE

Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School: From Apples to Applesauce; From Peanuts to Peanut Butter at Soille Hebrew Day READ MORE

United Jewish Federation:
New 2009 Community Teen Trip to Israel; Are you ready to go? READ MORE


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