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2009-12-24—--Fort Worth visit has great Jewish worth
2009-11-26—Sara-N-Dipity Place: Some hidden history of Thanksgiving
2009-11-15(21)—This blind taste test is not to compare products but to build our compassion
2009-11-12--TV's most prodigious interviewer tells of his own life ...Read more
2009-11-08—Klezmer melodies can be as American as ... Read more
2009-10-29—San Diego Jewish Book Fair may provide you with mirror into your own life, beliefs and problems ... Read more
2009-10-22—Dance of Love ... a poem by Sara Appel-Lennon ... Read more
2009-10-15—The prose of Anne Frank; the Anne Frank of Prose Read more
2009-10-08—Mi Shebeirach tapestry: a shelter for the soul .Read more
2009-10-01—Sheriff's Museum, not Police's, has Kolender's PD badge Read more
2009-09-24—Begone with you, sins and transgressions of my past! Read more
2009-09-15—New Year's reflections of a growing writer... Read more
2009-08-30—La Mesa senior citizen was inspiration for Play The Game Read more
2009-08-18—Author Joseph Finder mentors a San Diego school Read more
2009-08-11—A victim of terror specializes in kindness Read more
2009-08-04—Makuakai Rothman: Surfer for Mideast peace Read more
2009-07-28—Nelson Mandela legacy invoked at 'Stand Down' ... Read more
2009-07-17—Chat on raft trip has aided over 100,000 vets Read more
2009-07-10—Junk food and klezmer made for a fair combination ... by Sara Appel-Lennon in Del Mar, California ... Read more
2009-07-03—Rabbi Salkin got me thinking about Michael Jackson READ MORE
2009-06-26—Klezmer and knaidlach: a stirring and filling combination READ MORE
2009-06-19—Zlotnik's life path is something to meditate about ... READ MORE
2009-06-12—Bettering our mitzvot of visiting sick, comforting bereaved
2009-06-05—Interreligious group providing food, shelter to homeless
2009-06-03—Rabbis, ministers join in prayer session to console gay, lesbian couples precluded from marriage in California
Two haikus consider friends, Judaism in 17 syllables each
—What happens in marriages after we say 'I do?
2009-05-15—Thoughtful reflections at an adult b'nai mitzvah ceremony
2009-05-08—Poem reflects on relationship between mothers, daughters (Mothers and Daughters)
2009-05-01—Chagall Museum a highlight of her 'Nice' vacation
2009-04-24—Message was muddled in The Cradle Will Rock
2009-04-17—Catholic and Jewish students broke matzo together
2009-04-03—Ode to the Rosenbergs
2009-03-27—Rabbi Salkin, tall teller of tales, shares wit at Emanu-El
2009-03-20—Hospital CEO applies Jewish values in recession .
2009-03-13—Recovering Scott Silverman offers others Second Chance
2009-03-06—Silverware pattern united relatives after World War II
2009-02-27—Documentary Yoo-hoo Mrs. Goldberg warms the heart
2009-02-20The Lemon Tree: Microcosm of Palestinian-Israeli conflict .. by Sara Appel-Lennon
2009-02-13—High school playwright on the right track
—Leah Salovey is budding playwright
2009-01-30—From grieving tears to embracing smiles
2009-01-23—A rabbi offers some tips for the aged
2009-01-16—Arranged is a refreshing film for a world thirsty for Jewish-Muslim friendship
—Some Palestinians, Israelis allied for peace
2009-01-02—Resolution for more balance in 2009


—Finding the silver lining in our lives
2008-12-19Open microphone Jewish poetry offered at Lawrence Family JCC; other events coming
2008-12-12Henry Winkler’s character comes to life at S.D. Jewish Book Fair
2008-12-05Stories within us need to be shared.
2008-11-27The lady who saved a city library
2008-11-21Survivor Corps: War-wounded learn skills to rebuild lives and give to others
2008-11-14Handler handles adversity with humor
2008-11-09—What defines a Jew by Choice?.
—San Diego teen practices tikkun olam
Mourning, a poem
—Sam Sultan was a blessing in our lives
How to embrace life in the midst of loss
—So why does the Jewish new year come in the seventh,not the first, month
2008-09-16Temple of Dreams, a poem


  Appel-Lennon has taught French and English-as-a second language, and has helped organize a creative writing at the San Diego Blind Center and at the College Rolando Public Library.
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