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The holidays and their music, Part II

2009-12-31—The holidays and their music, Part I
2009-12-24Which is better: a bad conductor with a good orchestra, or vice versa?
2009-12-17—Why we like some musical interpretations, but hate others
2009-12-10—Ah, if we only had a musical time machine!
2009-12-03—Let's change the way we program concerts
2009-11-26—Erich Leinsdorf: his life, music and thought
2009-11-15 (21)—What do famous musicians say about each other?
2009-11-12—Israeli musicians hampered by sanctuary’s divided seating .... Read more
2009-10-29—A disc for an intimate evening, or perhaps for frisbee Read more
2009-10-22—Composers must know which instruments to utilize Read more
2009-10-15—The evolution of band music from 'light' to 'serious' .Read more
2009-10-08—Jewish melodies influenced classical music and vice versa Read more
2009-10-04—Reaching for the very essence of music Read more
2009-09-24—Exaggeration? Why, it's the worst ever! Read more
2009-09-17—How do conductors conduct their own music? Read more
2009-09-03—CDs gateway to reacquaintance with Otto Klemperer .Read more
2009-08-27—Behind the scenes of recording classical music Read more
2009-08-20—Pianist Menachem Pressler shows why he's considered the master in a performance for the La Jolla Music Society Read more
2009-08-13—What are the effects of music, facetiously and in reality?Read more
2009-08-06—The last, best hope for classical music: our youth ... Read more
2009-08-02—Fellow composers refused to give Gershwin lessons Read more
2009-07-23—Lebrecht's critique of conductors stands the test of time Read more
2009-07-17—Challenge to music snobs: take the blindfold test ... Read more
2009-07-10—Some guidelines for programming a Pops concert ... Read more
2009-07-03—Carlo Maria Giulini was truly a conductor’s conductor READ MORE
2009-06-26—Talent? That's only a small part of success formula READ MORE
2009-06-19—Now forgotten, Simon Barere was one of best pianists ever READ MORE
2009-06-12—Those movie scores give added dimension, context, to film .
2009-06-05—Star Trek series took earthly music to the heavens
2009-05-29The decline and fall of classical music began with audiences
2009-05-22—Schwarzes provide subject, performer for TICO concert
2009-05-15—San Diego author chronicles women's music achivements
2009-05-08Daughter of the Waves, 1983 book on early Israel, inspires
2009-05-01—Here are some question for defining 'Jewish' music
2009-04-24—Precocious granddaughter made Maui seder memorable
2009-04-17—Stage fright used to stalk the great Vladimir Horowitz
2009-04-10—Enjoying classical music that is both serious and accessible
2009-04-03—Deflating another myth about conductors
2009-03-27—Zina Schiff concert combined artistry with music history
2009-03-20—A globe-hopping program of pleasing musical fare
2009-03-13—The unspoken signals between conductor and orchestra
2009-03-06—Why I volunteer at XLNC1 Radio's Pledge-a-thons
2009-02-27—Itzhak Perlman previewer is here a reviewer
2009-02-20—My conducting engagement in Chihuahua
2009-02-13Can we love the music but hate the composer?
2009-02-06—Standing ovations should be reserved for very best
2009-01-30—How often should orchestras rehearse?
Famous quotes on the subject of music
2009-01-16Orchestral music with touches of India and Native Canada on tap at TICO concert
2009-01-09It may be comfortable, but is it artistic?
2009-01-02Morton Gould: A personal tribute (Part II).
2008-12-26—Morton Gould, A personal tribute
2008-12-19—The music that I like... and don't

2007-05-28—Just what do we expect from music?
2007-05-06—Music of Handel, Mahler, Copland and
Enesco programmed at next TICO concert
2007-04-23—A warm welcome to a music columnist


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