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Garas is a commentator and web columnist based in the Gordon area of the Australian capital of Canberra.

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2009-09-22—SDJW columnist Peter Garas succumbs to cancer .... Read more
2008-09-29—Tracking one's family through the Shoah
2008-03-28So maybe Eden wasn't where we thought
2008-03-25—Israeli historian's theory on origins of Jewish people has important implications
2008-03-16 Some people are rude and others are RUDE
2008-03-14— Skypes! Now long-lost cousins can get back in touch easily, join in family web log
2008-03-13—Genetic manipulation may be required to deal with a world gone out of control
2008-03-09Hey mate, opportunity in Australia
2008-03-05—Double standard: journalists shed no tears for Ukrainians denied Russian heating oil
2008-03-03No protests over gas cutoff to Ukraine?
2008-02-29—Skeptically evaluating news from Gaza
2008-02-28Friendship between Muslims and the West would be beneficial for humanity, globe
2008-02-27—Daily news discourages potential olim
2008-02-25—An Aussie's take on U.S. election
2008-02-21—When bunnies and children urge murder
2008-02-18Entertainer of Nazis still keeps warbling
2008-02-17Arab media censorship plan may indicate various governments are feeling shaky
2008-02-15—Joan Rivers' describes her play, and for that matter herself, 'a work in progress.'
2008-02-13—Writer has 'out of this world' name
2008-02-11—Human Rights Watch targets Israel's power cutoff to Gaza, but ignores actions by others
2008-02-08—Finding mom's effects led to columnist's study of genealogy and the Holocaust
2008-02-04—Retarded' bombers story raises suspicions
2008-01-31—The labels that other people affix to us
2008-01-29Tired of telephone solicitors? Try handling them with some old fashioned chutzpah
2008-01-27—Palestinians should consider emigrating to lands where there are real opportunities
2008-01-23—Iran vs. Israel, U.S. vs. Russia, making Eurasia increasingly tense, unstable
2008-01-22—South Africa cuts neighbors' power but somehow, there is no international outcry
2008-01-0325,000 salmon free for the taking has his mouth just watering for fresh bagels
—Forget the tail of the dog that bit you; it's the breeze from the air that you heated


2007-12-13An unaffiliated Jew in Australia's capital
—Stingy? Friendly to strangers? You may be genetically predisposed to such behaviors
2007-11-19—Jewish knowledge and information on the web: can it be indexed for researchers?
2007-11-13—Colonialism the culprit in Pakistan and elsewhere in unstable world"



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