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Volume 2, Number 30
Volume 2, Number 171
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August 3-8, 2008: The 2008 Maccabi Games Need Help Housing Athletes

In case you haven't heard yet, San Diego will be hosting its very first Maccabi games from August 3rd to August 8th. It's going to be the biggest thing to hit San Diego's Jewish community and we are expecting 1500 teen athletes from around the US, Israel, and Mexico.

Every single athlete needs to be housed with a family. At least one member of the family needs to be Jewish. Hosting responsibilities include: dropping off the athletes in the morning and picking them up in the evening; providing them with a hearty breakfast and hosting them for dinner on Tuesday night. The rest of the time they will be at the JCC or the different venues.  You are welcome to cheer on the athletes at any of their sporting events if you are available and welcome to join us for opening ceremonies.

Each athlete needs his or her own bed—not his or her own room.  If you do not have enough beds, let us know and we will provide you with air mattresses.  We need you to host at least two (2) kids each.  (Athletes will be between the ages of 14 and 16).  As of today, we are short 400 beds!

If you have friends that would like to host, please forward them the link now in your browser to San Diego Jewish World. Have hem contact Linda Carson at Please email or call (858) 274-0259 for registration forms and information.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

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Middle East

Bodies of Goldwasser and Regev return to Israel in post-Lebanon II war exchange by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem

Israel gives Hezbollah propaganda victory by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, D.C.


Questions propel play and Jewish director
by Carol Davis in Solana Beach, California

Thursdays with the songs of Hal Wingard:

—#58, Dependency

—#60, Nurse!

—#324, Dear Mr. Spine

Adventures in San Diego Jewish History

—July 31, 1947: B’nai B’rith to Present Radios to Naval Hospital

—July 31, 1947:Camp Handicraft Exhibited at Reception

—July 31, 1947: 'CARE' offices move to new location

—July 31, 1947:
Initial Meeting Accomplishes Much

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FRIDAY, JULY 18 Temple Solel Shabbat at Beach

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SATURDAY, AUGUST 2 Temple Emanu-El Joshua Nelson Concert

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Congregation Beth Israel High Holiday Services

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Bodies of Goldwasser and Regev return to Israel in post-Lebanon II war exchange

By Ira Sharkansky

JERUSALEM—It was not a fun day on Israeli media. From early morning until late in the evening, all of the major stations carried live the various stages of exchanging bodies and sending back Lebanese prisoners. It culminated with the identification of Israeli soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, and the travel of family members to the army base where they could be alone with the coffins. We also saw the celebrations in Lebanon for the return of their hero, and further declarations of Hizbollah's victory in the 2006 war.

Included in the coverage were interviews with politicians, military personnel, and commentators about the importance of the exchange, the errors made in the negotiations, the high price paid for two bodies, and how the interviewees would have done better if they were in charge.

It was a day to revisit the war that began two years ago, and to look forward to what several of the experts are certain will be further rounds in the conflict. For the families of the soldiers returned, it was a day to end a long period of not knowing for sure their condition, hoping for the best, but hearing that they probably died during, or soon after their capture. It was not until the middle of the morning that the Lebanese produced two coffins, and thus indicated that the soldiers were no longer alive.

In recent months we saw an escalation of the campaign led by the families to pressure the government to reach an agreement for their return, against those who opposed paying Hizbollah's price of Samir Kuntar, responsible for the death of a father, his two children, and two police officers in 1979. Families of the victims were divided. The mother and widow of three victims urged Kuntar's release, while other family members went to court in order to stop his release.

Goldwasser's young wife was prominent in the campaign, and the considerations of the government. They married only a few months before his capture, and her status as a widow was not clearly established. Without evidence of his death, she could not get on with her life. Also in the air were sentiments that soldiers be brought home from war, dead or alive.

We saw the father of Gilad Shalit. He is managing his own campaign to keep pressure on the government with respect to his son, taken into Gaza shortly before the onset of the was in Lebanon. On this occasion, he resisted the efforts of media personnel to interview him, and emphasized his concern to show support for the Goldwasser and Regev families.

While the mood on the Israeli side of the border was somber, there was celebration in Lebanon. Kuntar and four lesser returnees flew to Beirut for a celebration with the president and prime minister, plus thousands of others. Kuntar received congratulations from President Abbas of Palestine. If Abbas' standing in Israel is anywhere above zero, it might fall a bit lower as a result of that move.

Hassan Nasrallah provided the keynote address. It was another occasion for him to declare victory over Israel. Not prominent in the ceremony was an accounting for the damage in Shiite neighborhoods in Beirut and towns in southern Lebanon, and the thousand or so Lebanese who died in the war. The day's transfer involved two Israeli bodies moving south, and almost 200 Lebanese bodies moving north.

Nasrallah came to the celebration under heavy guard. He remained on the platform for a few moments, and then disappeared. His victory speech came on a large television screen, photographed somewhere where he is secure. We do not know if the Israeli government has marked him for liquidation. It does not announce such things. The man credited with planning the capture of the two soldiers, and several other actions went to his paradise via an explosion in Damascus earlier this year. Israel did not claim credit.

Sharkansky is professor emeritus of political science at Hebrew University. He may be contacted at

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Israel gives Hezbollah propaganda victory

By Shoshana Bryen

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Note: If you make a deal to swap live killers for dead soldiers, don't whine. The Israeli Embassy put out the following statement today:

It is morally reprehensible that Samir Kuntar, a vile child-killer, is now being hailed as a hero by Hezbollah. An organization, just like a society, can be judged by whom it chooses to idolize and to hold up as an example for its youth. Hezbollah, an extremist Islamist organization, worships death and destruction, all the while clinging to its goal of destroying Israel.

Note: You negotiated with the death-worshipping Hezbollah to free the vile child-killer "now hailed as a hero." What did you expect the rest of the death-worshippers to do?

Hezbollah not only poses a danger to Israel, it is also an obstacle to peace and a threat to Lebanon's stability. Hezbollah, an Iranian-sponsored terrorist organization, is dedicated to the destruction of Israel through violence and terrorism. Its extremist Islamic ideology rejects all peace talks and threatens the security of any pragmatic Arab party that seeks a negotiated settlement with Israel. While based in Lebanon and claiming to represent its interests, Hizbullah is oblivious to the aspirations of the Lebanese population. It should be recalled that it was Hezbollah's unprovoked abduction of the two Israeli reservists, along with its simultaneous bombardment of northern Israel that sparked the Second Lebanon War, to the detriment of millions of Israelis and Lebanese citizens alike.

Note: How very nice of you to express concern about Lebanese stability, but Israel's negotiations with a non-state terrorist actor through a third party (Germany) undermined the Beirut government "to the detriment of millions of Israelis and Lebanese citizens alike." Hezbollah's stock in Lebanon declined precipitously in the immediate aftermath of the 2006 war, but the return of Samir Kuntar as a hero is a signal that even Israel believes that real power in Lebanon resides with Hezbollah. Even Israel and especially Israel.

Note: Like Lebanon, Israel has a sovereignty problem in its south. A very-much-alive Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, was abducted from inside Israel, and Israelis face continuing shelling from Gaza. Your deal with Hezbollah surely increased the confidence of Hamas, that other increasingly "Iranian-sponsored terrorist organization with an extremist Islamic ideology (that) rejects all peace talks and threatens the security of any pragmatic Arab party..."

Hezbollah persists in defying the international community... The international community must act with determination to remove this manifest threat to the civilians of both Israel and Lebanon.

Note: Hamas "persists in defying the international community" as well, denying Gilad Shalit the protections of the Geneva Convention that must, by law, be accorded to prisoners in uniform. Hamas has less reason to care today than it had yesterday.

It is important to note that the deal to return IDF soldiers doesn't legitimize Hezbollah. Israel's decision to return its soldiers should not be interpreted as indicating any change in Israel's policy towards this Iranian-sponsored terrorist organization. The international community must continue to recognize the danger posed by Hezbollah and its extremist cohorts to the stability of the Middle East and should redouble its support of the pragmatic elements in the region, who seek to make peace through dialogue and compromise.

Note: Clearly, the Government of Israel has previously traded large numbers of terrorist prisoners to meet its own requirements. In this case, Israel negotiated with "death-worshippers" and traded a vile-but-live human being for the comfort of families being able to bury their dead - and the importance of comfort and closure to the families should not be underestimated. So maybe it was a hard call; that's why you're the government. But why should the "international community" treat Hezbollah any differently than you did? Why should the "international community" "redouble its support of the pragmatic elements in the region" if you deal directly with the guys with the most firepower? Who can be - who should be - stronger than you in withstanding organizations whose raison d'etre is your destruction?

Final note: Doesn't the fact that Hezbollah got the far, far better end of this ugly deal actually make Hezbollah the "pragmatic element" here?

Bryen is special projects director for the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). She may be contacted at

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MENTORS NEEDED—Jewish BIGPals urgently needs male volunteers to be matched with the 14 boys waiting patiently for a Big Pal. A Big Pal is an adult role model and friend, ages 19 and up. Little Pals are children 6-16 years old from single parent or non-traditional families and in need of an additional adult role model. Big and Little Pals meet two times each month to participate in recreational, educational, or community activities they both enjoy. All interested volunteers are invited to attend a Jewish BIGPals Information Night on Thursday, August 28, 2008 from 6:00-8:00pm at the Jewish Family Service Turk Family Center located at 8804 Balboa Ave, San Diego, 92123. For more information contact (858) 637-3090.

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MADAGASCAR—June (Christy Yael) in foreground, and Lillian (Rosina Reynolds) and Nathan (Frank Corrado) in background of concluding production of North County Rep's 26th season. photo by Aaron Rumley


Questions propel play and Jewish director

By Carol Davis

SOLANA BEACH, California-- On opening night of T.J. Rogers' Madagascar, North Coast Rep artistic director David Ellenstein announced this was the final show of the theatre’s 26th season. It’s hard for me to believe that’s how long I have been covering this theatre.

From a little corner space tucked away next to a book store and an ice cream ‘parlor’ to the current space that brags a little coffee café connected to the lobby in its new space to a soon-to-be-expanded space in the same center North Coast has, over the years, done some exceptional work. It is also one of only four year-round Equity theatres in San Diego County. It boasts a theatre school in which thousands of young people are involved.

North Coast Rep was founded by Tom and Olive Blakistone. Ellenstein is only the third producing artistic director to take over the helm. He was preceded by Sean Murray, currently founding artistic director of Cygnet Theatre. The good news is that both venues are doing wonderful work and have loyal followers willing to travel to the ends (north and east) of the county to support their favorite companies.  Some patrons do both.

Ellenstein has been at the controls at NCRT since 2003. Born into a New York City Jewish theatrical family, David’s father, Robert Ellenstein, is a character actor (he’s 86 now) who performed here in San Diego at The Old Globe back in the 70’s in the production Wings with actress Teresa Wright. In 1989 David directed his father in The Dybbuk at the then Gaslamp Quarter Theatre downtown (Currently The Hahn). Ellenstein's grandfather Meyer Ellenstein was the first and only Jewish mayor of Newark, New Jersey, serving for two terms during the Depression. He was mentioned in Philip Roth’s recent novel, The Plot Against America. (An excellent read)

Before becoming artistic director at NCR, David Ellenstein performed here in the early ‘90’s and was artistic advisor to the Streisand Festival of New Jewish Plays, which started at UCLA. It eventually made its way to our fair city and was hosted by the JCC from 1994 to 2002. His last stint involving the Streisand Festival was when he directed Best of Festival Past.

He co-founded the Southern California Jewish Repertory Theatre and at one time served as the artistic director of the Arizona Jewish Theatre Company. He describes himself as more of a cultural Jew than a religious one. He considers the theatre to be his religion and, as his father instilled in him as a young boy that Judaism is always questioning: questioning our existence, our past. “If there were a symbol for Judaism it would be a big “?”  

I asked him what attracted him to this new play Madagascar now making its West Coast premiere at NCRT and does he see any parallels to the play and Judaism? Once again we came back to the big ‘Q’ as in question. In his mind, it bears the Talmudic quality of asking questions and then finding the answers ourselves. The play is rife with questions because it’s as much a puzzle and a mystery filled with 'what ifs,' family matters and provides little in the answer department.

Rogers’ three-character play is set in a shabby hotel room above the Piazza di Spagna looking down on the Spanish Steps. The room we learn has deteriorated over the years and what is left are the remnants of a once gracious and elegant hotel suite with a bare light bulb in place of the elegant chandelier (Marty Burnett), a bed, nightstand, chair and table, a window frame. Where the windows were projected images emerge, one showing a fragment of the "Eleusinian Relief:" two women and a boy between them all carved in marble. Oh, the symbolism of it all!

Each of the characters, June (Christy Yael), Lillian (Rosina Reynolds) and Nathan (Frank Corrado) is connected, and they all speak directly to the audience from different time periods and perspectives. June who is about 30 opens: People disappear all the time. She means people over eighteen. She means people who want to disappear. Those who are not found want to go missing. Someone important in their lives has vanished! Was it something they did? Said? Acted? For June it all happened three days ago; for Nathan it’s the present and Lillian remembers it was five years ago like yesterday. 

How their memories weave and touch, reveal and pull back, hide from the truth while revealing truths are at the heart of the play; contradicting, similar and yet we know it will all boil down to the identity of this one mysterious missing character, a beloved family member whose effect on all of them is haunting them to this day. And so their journey into unknown territories begins and we the audience are just along for the ride.   

Act one is filled with clues about this missing person, his personality (all from different points of view) so vague and yet so intimate that one wonders who and what they are all talking about. Is it Paul? Gideon? Someone else? In act two, the lines begin connect and cross over and one almost gets an ah ha, but not really. For those left waiting, the answers are never clear and nothing is ever settled. 

Rogers' writing is as important as his subject. His words are almost like poetry and at times he has the audiences mesmerized by this rhythm, humor and meaning. His characters are as elusive but as real as the subject matter.

Director David Ellenstein has three fine actors delivering Rogers' thoughts. Reynolds, a veteran actress and director in her own right, is perfect as the steely-eyed, hard-nosed character, Lillian. Donned in a blonde wig and dressed to the nines, she doesn’t seem to have clue about her children. Yael’s June is convincing, as her story is so completely different from both Lillian’s and Nathan’s. Frank Corrado’s Nathan is perfect as the inside/outside guy who suffers guilt from more questions than he has answers.

Technical help comes from M. Scott Grabau and his fine lighting design, Chris Leussmann’s sound (Bach’s Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello) and Peter Herman’s costumes especially those snappy, expensive looking outfits that Reynolds wears. 

For something different and new, this one gets two thumbs up. Madagascar continues through Aug. 3.

See you at the theatre.

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Thursdays with the Songs of Hal Wingard

Editor's Note: We continue our presentation of the songs of Hal Wingard, moving this week to the upbeat songs he wrote on the themes of sickness and hospitalization. Here is a link to an index of Wingard's songs published by San Diego Jewish World. To hear Hal performing the song, click on its title.

#58, Dependency

A Love Song

For me, who lacks so many things
     To make my life complete,
You are--as the doctor says--
     Exactly what I need.

     Me and my I-V
     My I-V and me.
     Me and my, me and my,
     My I-V and me.

From the very moment that we met
     I never had a doubt
That you make up for all I lack
     And cannot do without.

     Me and my I-V
     My I-V and me.
     Me and my, me and my,
     My I-V and me.

I knew that I'd get hooked on you,
     That you'd be stuck on me,
That fate had willed togetherness,
     Decreed dependency.

     Me and my I-V
     My I-V and me.
     Me and my, me and my,
     My I-V and me.

And now, if you should disappear,
     My world would come undone,
For I am so attached to you,
     The two of us are one.

     Me and my I-V
     My I-V and me.
     Me and my, me and my,
     My I-V and me.

(c) 2008 Hal Wingard; composed March 25, 1979

#60, Nurse!

I’m feeling worse!
My body’s burning like a forge of red-hot coal.”

     “Here, put this in your mouth.
     We’ll see if you have fever.
     If so, we have a pill--
     A temp’rature reliever.”

I’m feeling worse!
I feel a stabbing at my heart with piercing pole.”

     “Well, let us take your pulse
     And listen to your heart.
     We’ll check your IV drip
     And scan your record chart.”

I’m feeling worse!
I cannot bear the pains I feel but can’t control.”

     “I know you’re feeling pain.
     Be sure I understand.
     I’ll stroke your burning brow
     And hold your weakened hand.”

My pains reverse!
Your soothing touch brings healing to my aching soul.

(c) 2008 Hal Wingard: dedicated to Eileen, July 12, 1979          

#324, Dear Mr. Spine

Dear Mr. Spine, I’d like to suggest
You stop having pain, start taking a rest,
For we are like twins, I and you.
When you are in pain then I am, too.

          Oh, oh, oh.

Whenever we walk, whenever we stand
The pain that we feel can get out of hand.
‘Though you are to blame, yes, you, Mr. Spine,
The pains that are yours most surely cause mine.

          Oh, oh, oh.

But when you are seated or flat on the floor,
That’s when your pains don’t pain any more.
The way I can help you to end pain attack,
I’ll always stay seated or lie on my back.

          Oh, oh, oh.

Dear Mr. Spine, I’d like to suggest
You stop having pain, start taking a rest,
For we are like twins, I and you.
When you are in pain then I am, too.

          Oh, oh, oh.

(c) 2008 Hal Wingard; April 29, 2006

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Robinson-Rose House

Old Temple Beth Israel

Lawrence Family JCC

Editor's Note: We are reprinting news articles that appeared in back issues of various San Diego Jewish newspapers. You may access an index of the headlines of those articles by clicking here. You may also use the Google search program on our home page or on the headline index page to search for keywords or names.

B’nai B’rith to Present Radios to Naval Hospital
From Southwestern Jewish Press, July 31, 1947, page 1

Tomorrow, August 1st, at 1:30 p.m., Lasker Lodge No. 370 of B’nai B’rith will make another in a series of presentation to the Naval Hospital here in San Diego.  This time twlve table model radios and four portable record players will be given by the Lodge for use by the men confined to the Hospital.

Mr. William B. Schwartz, 2nd vice president of Lasker Lodge, will make the presentation assisted by the representative of Culver City Lodge, which is also participating in this gift-presentation.  He is Mr. John Schwartz. 

The radio and record players will be accepted for the Naval Hospital by its Commanding Officer, Captain F. R. Hook.

With this latest presentation, the impressive record set by Lasker Lodge for its public service work is maintained and growing. Another such offering with needed items will be made to the  Hospital in the near future.

Camp Handicraft Exhibited at Reception
From Southwestern Jewish Press, July 31, 1947, page 1

The Community Center Planning Committee Day Camp concluded a most successful five week “summer camp at home’ last Friday, when the children held a reception for their mothers at the Temple Center to display their accomplishments in clay-modeling, painting and other handicraft which they made during the five-week camp.  These exhibits as well as the photographs of the activities which were displayed brought great approval from all those present at the closing exercises.

Plans are now under way for an appointment of a committee to formulate plans for the continuation of the camp next summer. The day-camp was watched carefully by other recreational organizations in the community and has received widespread approval from all organizations.  Morris Douglas, co-chairman of the united Jewish Fund Community Center Planning Committee, stated that the day camp has demonstrated to the community as a whole that a “camp at home’ during the summer is practical and can be operated successfully at a low cost.  It is hoped that next summer’s camp can operate for egith weeks at a lower cost than this summer’s camp.

'CARE' Offices Move to New Location
From Southwestern Jewish Press, July 31, 1947, page. 1

The Jewish Welfare Society, Red Feather Service of the Community Chest, previously reported as the information center for Cooperative for American Remittance to Europe, Inc. (CARE), announced last week that such services are no longer available through the society.

It was indicated by the Society that the original information was in error and that CARE services are now in operation with offices at the San Diego gas & Electric Company.

Initial Meeting Accomplishes Much
From Southwestern Jewish Press, July 31, 1947, page 1

It looks like good times ahead for those of us who like to “get around” when Lou Mogy’s sports council swings into action. Representatives of ten clubs met at Mr. Mogy’s suggestions and formed this group. The Council was asked to become the Activities Committee, one of the sub-committees of the Community Center Planning Committee and all additional members of the Council will automatically become members of that committee as well.  The first of the activities will be a well-organized community-wide picnic to be held at El Monte on Sunday, September 21st.  A seven-man committee is making arrangements for this affair and they will report at the next meeting to be held at Mr. Mogy’s home on Thursday, August 14, at 8:00 p.m.

Our indexed "Adventures in San Diego Jewish History" series will be a daily feature until we run out of history.

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(619) 265-0808

Not only better prices, but excellent, caring service!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 170)

Middle East
Palestinians depend on Israeli economy; yet Fayyed tries to weaken its prospects by Shoshana Bryen
A Roundup of Jewish news in Australia by Garry Fabian in Melbourne
—UN's one-sidedness condemned by Prof. Bayfsky
—Year-long saga finally laid to rest
—The end of a partnership
—Federal opposition shadow minister visits Israel
—Rabbi to officiate at first lesbian ceremony
—Community pays tribute to Rabbi Groner
—Charges imminent against Adelaide rabbi and wife

—Businessman launches Orthodox newspaper
—Kadimah Marks 10 Years
—It's Never too late to celebrate your Barmitzvah
—Another Jewish Boy hits the Big League
—By weight, rabbi warns of hazards of a kosher diet
Real life with 'Phantom' star Marni Raab
by Carol Davis in San Diego
Watching All-Star game with friend Fox
by Donald H. Harrison
Adventures in San Diego Jewish History

July 24, 1947: JCRA
—July 31, 1947: Flash! {Camp Palomar}
July 31, 1947: World Affairs Institute Here August 4th to 8th
—July 31, 1947: UJF Quota More Than Half Collected

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 169)

Middle East
San Diego's UJF Mission arrives in Sha'ar Hanegev; where else to go for Latin food?
by Ulla Hadar in Kibbutz Or Haner
Sarkozy sacrifices Franch honor to Syria
by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, D.C.

Involving neo-Nazi youths in research led to turnaround in their attitudes by Rabbi Dow Marmur in Toronto
Jewish love for those great sailing ships
by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego

When a community works in concert
from David Amos in San Diego
G.I. Joe and biblical translation
from Dan Schaffer in San Diego
Our growing arts and culture district
from Alan Ziter in San Diego
Adventures in San Diego Jewish History

July 24, 1947: Birdie Stodel B.B.
July 24, 1947: Yo-Ma-Co
July 24, 1947: Pioneer Women
July 24, 1947: Temple Sisterhood Project Off To Fine Start

Monday, July 14, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 168)

Middle East
Israel's national guessing game: Can Olmert last? If not, who will succeed him?
by Ira Sharkansy in Jerusalem
Sha'ar Hanegev bureau chief campaigns to dispose of litter at Kibbutz Ruhama
by Ulla Hadar in Kibbutz Ruhama, Israel
Seeks memoirs from North Americans who volunteered during Israel's Six-Day War
from Michael Zimmerman in Chicago
Yesawich, Rhodes make aliyah from San Diego
from Dena Wimpfheimer in New York City
Article on Merchant Marine wins plaudits
from Cantor Sheldon Merel in San Diego
Adventures in San Diego Jewish History

July 24, 1947: Week At Camp In Palomar Mountain
July 24, 1947: Day Camp Proves Successful in S.D.
July 24, 1947: USO-JWB Enjoys ‘Brunch’
July 24, 1947: Lasker Lodge B.B.

TICO concert brings community together by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego
Jean Isaacs: Generous spirit opens doors by Sheila Orysiek in San Diego

Sunday, July 13, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 167)

Middle East
Iran's bad week: gas deal with French Total sours, missile test lacks credibility
by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, D.C.
Shaliach tells fellow kibbutzniks about his goodwill assignment in Tulsa, Oklahoma
by Ulla Hadar in Kibbutz Ruhama, Israel
G. I. Joe’s choices reshape the battlefield
by Sheila Orysiek in San Diego
San Diego and the Nation
World War II-era Merchant Mariners seek compensation for lost G.I. Bill privileges
by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego
Adventures in San Diego Jewish History
July 17, 1947: Lasker Lodge B.B.
July 17, 1947: Jewish Labor Com.
July 17, 1947: Birdie Stodel B.B.
July 17, 1947: Pioneer Women
The wily machinations of the yetzer hara
by Rabbi Baruch Lederman in San Diego

A bissel sports trivia with Bruce Lowitt in Clearwater, Florida

Friday, July 11, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 166)

We can judge a leader by his followers
by Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal in San Diego
San Diego
Danny and Clyde... They lived a lot, and stayed friends since their school days by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego
Adventures in San Diego Jewish History

—July 10, 1947: J.C.R.A
—July 10, 1947: Birdie Stodel B.B.
—July 10, 1947: U.S.O.-J.W.B. Activities
—July 17, 1947: Palomar Camp Plans Completed
Falstaff a great fall guy in 'Merry Wives'
by Carol Davis in San Diego
Famed director Sydney Pollack laughingly agreed to take direction from an amateur
by George Falkowitz in Oceanside, California
Chapter 16 of Reluctant Martyr,
a serialized novel by Sheila Orysiek in San Diego

Thursday, July 10 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 165)

Middle East
Negev mayors protest Olmert decision against fortifications along Gaza border
by Ulla Hadar in Sderot, Israel
U.S.-Iraq withdrawal negotiations prompt posturing for both countries' electorates
by Shoshana Bryen in Washington D.C.
San Diego

San Diego had his dream job and great weather, but Israel had his heart
by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego
San Diego Jewish Trivia: Places by Evelyn Kooperman in San Diego
Adventures in San Diego Jewish History
July 10, 1947: Fund Total Must Be Raised
July 10, 1947: Registration Opened for Camp Palomar
July 10, 1947: 'Campers' to Visit Training Center
July 10, 1947: Lasker Lodge B.B.
Globe's Romeo and Juliet needs polish
by Carol Davis in San Diego
Thursdays with the Songs of Hal Wingard
of San Diego
#51, Waiting for Anne Marie
#42, Magdalena
#184, Anne

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