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Monday, October 20, 2008

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NJDC says Republicans panicking; RJC accuses Obama of squelching debates; press releases from the warring camps

McCain understands Mideast realities by Charley Levine in Jerusalem


Bella family circle: Jewish Halloween party by Sheila Orysiek in San Diego


Fool for Love incestuous... or is it?
by Carol Davis in Carlsbad, California


—March 28, 1950: Big Gifts Committee Goes Over The Top!; Campaign For 1950 Hits Stride

—March 28, 1950: Who’s New

—March 28, 1950: Beth Jacob Breaks Ground For New Synagogue

—March 28, 1950: Beth Jacob Congregation



Jewish Family Service: College Avenue Older Adult Center Holds Annual Health Fair with Flu Shots

San Diego Jewish Academy:
“Kindergarten, the Beginning of the Journey” at San Diego Jewish Academy


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NJDC says Republicans panicking; RJC
accuses Obama of squelching debates

WASHINGTON, DC (NJDC Press Release)- Having spent tens of thousands of dollars to  commission a controversial poll that resembled a "push poll" to test  what lies and distortions would most damage Senator Barack Obama's  standing in the Jewish community and after spending hundreds of  thousands of dollars creating print ads that have been called by a   leading independent media outlet as "misleading and hypocritical"  (JTA, September 17, 2008), Republican Jews are now set to launch nasty  TV ads to spread more falsehoods about Obama.

 The ads are scheduled to appear on broadcast TV in Cleveland, OH, Las   Vegas, NV, Miami, FL, and West Palm Beach, FL, and on cable TV in  Pittsburgh, PA starting on Monday through November 2nd. The value of   the ad buy is approximately one million dollars.

 "Republican Jewish supporters of Senator John McCain are pushing the   panic button as their campaign of lies and distortion is clearly not  working in moving Jewish voters toward McCain in the past month - now  one million dollars on television to try double down on their campaign  of fear and lies," said Marc R. Stanley, Chairman of the National   Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC).

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) is known for their deceptive  tactics and strategies. Following numerous reports by individuals in  the Jewish community of receiving "push poll" type calls, the Politico  reported that the RJC took "responsibility for a poll that has roiled  the Jewish community by asking sharply negative questions about  Senator Barack Obama."

 On Friday, a group of 562 rabbis, who are supporting Obama, said that  the McCain campaign'' recent statements about Obama were "creeping   toward hate speech" and that the RJC's tactics "harkens back to the   classic Republican red baiting tactics of Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon from the early fifties." (JTA, October 17, 2008)

 "The RJC's desperation matches the 'throw the kitchen sink' hopeless   strategy of the larger McCain campaign in the closing weeks of this   election," said Stanley.

* *
WASHINGTON, DC (RJC Press Release)—Now that the Presidential debates are over, the Obama campaign is trying to cancel all remaining debates in the Jewish community that include the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC).

Claiming they do not like recent RJC advertisements, the Obama campaign has formally instructed all of its representatives to cancel their scheduled appearances with any representative of the RJC. Former Congressman Mel Levine (CA) has informed the Valley Cities Jewish Community Center that he could not show up for his scheduled debate yesterday against RJC California Director Larry Greenfield. State Representative Josh Shapiro (PA) informed Temple Sinai that he would not participate in a forum with RJC Philadelphia Director Scott Feigelstein.

"The RJC is deeply troubled by this effort on the part of the Obama campaign to stifle and limit a debate on the important issues facing our country," said RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks. "More than anything the Jewish community values dialogue. What is the Obama campaign afraid of? Why is the Obama campaign afraid to have this conversation?"

"With their recently enacted policy of not debating representatives of the RJC, the Obama campaign has underscored Senator Obama's problems in the Jewish community. It is unfortunate that the Obama campaign is unwilling and afraid to have a candid conversation on the issues of great concern to Jewish voters," said Brooks.

"Throughout this campaign, the RJC has highlighted the truth about Obama's positions, his statements and his advisers. Every point raised in our ads is sourced, cited and has previously been reported in the media. We ask legitimate questions about Obama's policies towards Israel, the Middle East and Iran. Our ads have raised legitimate concerns over Obama's associations with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Robert Malley, Tony McPeak and David Bonior. If the Obama campaign is unhappy with our ads, then Senator Obama should never have associated with these individuals in the first place," Brooks added.

"Currently, the RJC is scheduled to participate in 29 debates between now and the election. In keeping with the long-standing tradition of Jewish dialogue, we look forward to these opportunities to engage the Jewish community on the critical issues," said Brooks.

The foregoing news releases were distributed by the National Jewish Democratic Council and the Republican Jewish Coalition respectively


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TEMPLE SOLELNovember 8 Synaplex featuring Rabbi Daniel Gordis

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McCain understands Mideast realities

By Charley Levine

JERUSALEM--I haven't spent private face time with all four American top candidates, but I have done so with two of them and think my impressions might be of interest.

It was just over three years ago, and the timing was telling, since both John McCain and Joe Biden were on the verge of deciding to take the plunge and run for president. They were still unencumbered of in-the-race constraints, freely speaking their minds.

The reason for the sit-downs is a monthly interview I conduct of movers and shakers for a popular national US magazine. I thought these senators were especially central to the future of US-Israel relations, and I had a sense that each would be making headlines in the near future; likewise I interviewed Sen. Joe Lieberman during that same period.

I caught up with McCain in his impressive old Senate Building office. The newer buildings have so less of an historical presence. He bounded into the room, and for a few hours, it was just the two of us, plus my best friend from college who at that time served as the solon's communications director.

McCain was in full command of the facts on every issue I raised. He spoke lucidly and convincingly without the aid of notes. His eyes twinkled, his handshake conveyed friendly confidence and his smile was infectious. I even enjoyed a few example of his famous barbed humor.

While others still sought to prop up the pretense of an active Bush "road map" for Middle East peace, the Vietnam hero demonstrated his maverick independence, proclaiming it essentially dead - this was early 2004. "I don't think anybody believes there is any viable road map at this moment. A cessation of violence must take place before any road map can be pursued."

Similarly, he spoke without equivocation in support of Israel's security wall in the West Bank, saying things rarely heard elsewhere on Capitol Hill: "As long as there are going to be people who will cross over into Israel and commit acts of terror, there won't be peace... that's why we have the wall." In the context of 2004, he was prescient indeed.

He called for Yasser Arafat to be reduced to irrelevancy, while emphasizing any Palestinian state must be linked to Palestinian democracy. "The world is a better place" as a result of the war in Iraq, this at a time when criticism of the war was fast peaking. Even before the Israeli POWs of the Lebanon war and Gilad Schalit, McCain called for "putting a lot more pressure on Syria to account for those taken prisoner... we know who controls Lebanon, and that is Syria."

He expressed sharp skepticism that Iran would submit to international pressures against acquiring nuclear capabilities and, although referring to the 2004 reelection of George Bush, sounded a clarion call even more relevant for the elections to come four years later: "I worry about the Democratic Party swinging so far to the left that we might see a repetition of 1972 [Nixon vs. McGovern]. It would be harmful to the country to see an isolationist, protectionist, xenophobic Democratic nominee for president... in order to appeal to the Democratic fringe."

I located Biden a few months later on his now famous train commute back home to nearby Delaware. He is handsome, even debonair, and genuinely friendly. A regular guy I would instinctively invite to my poker game. Again, full command of the main issues I raised, derived from decades of dealing with them on Capitol Hill and on the global stage.

He astutely distinguished between "freedom and democracy" in the Arab world and he too doubted the efficacy of Palestinian leadership (by then Arafat had died): "I don't believe Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas] has the knowledge or the game plan to keep the radical Palestinian factions from taking potshots at the Israelis." This was before Hamas seized Gaza, before the Kassams started raining down.

Biden was adamant on stopping Iran's atomic quest cold, though others have charged him with flip-flopping. He had a plan for "isolating the theocrats in the Middle East, especially in Iran," which he shared with me in compelling detail. Saluting a positive change to President George W. Bush's approach during his second term (he believed Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had persuaded the president), he said that Europe was finally "putting more sticks in their basket, as the US was putting more carrots into ours."

I reminded him of an incident 20 years earlier when he had been questioned as to American Jewry's alleged dual loyalty reflected by its support of Israel. This elicited his strongest, most emotive response: "There is no reason for any American Jew to apologize for his or her commitment to Israel. If there were no Israel, the US would have to invent one. Israel is a commitment born out of a moral obligation that is felt by people like me, and my support starts in my gut, goes up to my heart and then to my brain."

Without taking a breath, he continued, "If I were a Jew, I'd be a Zionist. In fact, I am a Zionist. I believe that the well-being of the Jewish people around the world depends on the existence of Israel, and Israel in turn is the beacon that allows guys like me to make the case to go into the Balkans to save Muslims from genocide."

As I had to hastily excuse myself due to the approach of Shabbat, he quipped that "I know all about that stuff. After all, I've been Joe Lieberman's Shabbos goy for years whenever he has to stay in his office on the Hill on Saturday."

I walked away cumulatively impressed by both McCain and Biden. Which leaves me to speculate that in a perfect world, a McCain-Biden ticket would have been the very best conceivable, both for Israel and America. They have wisdom, vision and all the right values and gut instincts - each of them.

In all reality, Israel probably doesn't have that much to worry about with either ticket this year. Obama is surrounded by a phalanx of up close and personal Jewish financial supporters from Chicago who undoubtedly care deeply about Israel, and now he also has Biden from whom to receive counsel.

Sarah Palin is the kind of lady a Texan like me finds charming and impressive. Her membership in an Israel-friendly evangelical church and the small Israeli flag she keeps in her governor's office has not been there for show-off purposes. Not in Juneau. I was just there and few Alaskans know anything about Israel, much less about Jews.

Never one to conclude on a wishy-washy note of even-handedness, I must observe that the race is not ultimately about vice presidents, no matter how wise or impressive they might be.

It is about the guy who wants the top spot. It is a massive stretch, by that standard, not to realize that John McCain is far and away the contender best capable of protecting American self-interest by supporting and strengthening Israel.

The writer is a media relations expert based in Jerusalem. The preceding article originally appeared in the Jerusealem Post


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College Avenue Older Adult Center Holds Annual Health Fair with Flu Shots

Bella family circle: Jewish Halloween party

{Editor's Note: Here is another story in the Bella Family Chronicles, in which Sheila Orysiek relates some of her family memories. Previous stories in the series included descriptions of Passover seders, a family picnic, a trip to the shore, the cousins club, membership and White Elephant sales in the family circle.)

By Sheila Orysiek

SAN DIEGO—The Bella Family Circle was made up of the descendants and those married to descendants of Great Grandmother Bella. Though the slots for officers, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Parliamentarian were selected by a vote of the membership (in good standing - dues of $1.00 per month up to date), the slate always consisted of the Uncles - and eventually the Aunts - in chronological order who were Great Grandmother Bella’s children.  The next generation of Cousins became restless not because they wanted power - they were after more time spent on fun and less on old/new business, and meetings held on Saturday evening (Shabbot in summer notwithstanding) rather than Sunday evenings when they had to arise early for work the next day.

The  Revolt of the Cousins had already taken place and failed but there were several aftershocks and skirmishes and one of those was The Halloween Party.  Of course, Halloween is not a Jewish festival, but the Cousins nevertheless relished the idea of a party to which they could come in costume and try to guess one another’s identity or simply to engage in some fun that wouldn’t be part of the formal meeting; an extra-curricular event.

At first the Halloween Party was to be “costume mandatory” but since no one would consider actually forbidding a family member sans costume from attending, it became “costume optional.”  The same applied to the member’s degree of relationship.  It was originally a “Cousin only” event, but no one was about to bar President Uncle Israel or Aunt Rose, The Elder (there were two Aunt Roses) from attending - thus it became necessary to welcome everyone.  Just as some chose to wear costumes or not, some chose to come incognito while others came unmasked.

Our beloved Cousin Annie, though otherwise a self sufficient woman, had an Achilles heel; she couldn’t park her car. No matter the configuration - parallel or slanted parking - her car refused to allow itself to be parked under her guidance.  Therefore when she arrived at a Bella Family Circle meeting she didn’t even need to explain; one of the male Cousins would automatically put on his coat (a time consuming task in midwinter in Philadelphia) go out and park the car she had left in the middle of the street, door open, engine running.  So, when during the Halloween Party a completely bandaged mummy came through the door and asked if someone would park her car - we didn’t need to guess the identity of this particular Egyptian mummy.

Cousin Moishe, true to his namesake came as Moses holding a paper maché stone tablet - his brother came as Aaron holding a staff (gold painted mop stick).  Striped bath towels became flowing robes, striped hand towels head coverings.  It was a bit too cold for sandals, however, so this Moses had on heavy winter shoes.  One cousin was dressed as a Chasid straight from some Russian-Polish shtetl, complete with payes (ear locks) from a mop (probably the one missing its “staff”), a long black coat and a proper black hat.  The beard had been borrowed from some Santa Claus costume.

The female Cousins came as Esther, Miriam and Pharaoh’s Daughter.  King David was there as a young man with a sling shot (stick and rubber band) and a (cardboard) lute - ready to both slay Goliath and sing the psalms.  Bess Myerson, a beautiful Jewish woman who had won the Miss America Beauty Pageant, was represented by a particularly zoftig female Cousin but since it was winter in Philadelphia she had perforce to wear her swim suit over her wool slacks and sweater.  No matter, every one got the idea - she was a winner in our minds. 

Though there was a stray gypsy (Tzigane in Yiddish) or two, a hobo, and a clown with yellow mop hair (mops were popular as costume props that year) - it turned out that most of the Cousins had dressed up as characters from Jewish history.  So, somehow Halloween had morphed into a Jewish holiday. 

The only contretemps was when one of the Cousins - my father - came as a Pregnant Woman.  There was nothing feminine about him but he gave it his all.  Pillows of various sizes had been stuffed into a loose flowing muumuu and he did a credible job holding a loudly ticking wind-up clock to “time the contractions.”  My mother came dressed as the Obstetrician and kept telling my father “he wasn’t ready to deliver.”  She obviously enjoyed saying that after having given birth to me.

Everyone was in tears of laughter until a late arriving Cousin - Cousin Paula - came in and it became obvious that my “pregnant” father and she - dimensionally speaking - resembled one another all too closely.  Only Cousin Paula wasn’t pregnant.  She sat as far away from my father as she could get.

The senior Aunts and Uncles had gradually left as the hour grew late except for one Aunt who was an elegant woman - always particular about her clothes and tended to dress artistically.  She had stayed to watch the party.  Her taste ran to flowing skirts - no tweedy suits for her.  As she sat and observed the goings-on of the next generation the unlucky spouse of one Cousin approached her and asked what her costume represented.  Gathering herself up - all four feet eleven inches of her - in tones of unimpeachable dignity she proclaimed: “I did not come in costume.”

Columnist Orysiek may be contacted at orysieks@sandiegojewishworld.com


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LOVERS/ HATERS—Kristianne Kurn and Joshua Everett Johnson star in Fool for Love


Fool for Love incestuous... or is it?

CARLSBAD, California—“You shall not covet…” I wonder if that includes your half sister or in matters of incest. Check out this listing from the Jewish Encylopaedia.

Well it matters not in Sam Shepard’s Fool For Love now in a taught production at the New Village Arts Theatre in Carlsbad. If you are at all familiar with Shepard you know that he stretches the limits of the imagination and zeroes in on the extreme poles of society's ailments as he has done in Buried Child, A Lie Of the Mind, Curse Of The Starving Class and True West. You know what to expect, but you will still be riveted by the outrageousness of it all. 

This is not the first of Shepard’s plays mounted by New Village Arts Theatre. In 2005 the San Diego Theatre Critics Circle awarded NVA Outstanding Ensemble, Outstanding Director and Outstanding Feature Performance for Curse Of The Starving Class.  In  2004 the San Diego Theatre Critics Circle honored them again for A Lie Of The Mind. NVA also mounted True West last year. It’s fitting then that the artistic team would choose another of Shepherd’s plays to open their 8th season.

One continues to do what one does best, and Shepard and NVA exemplify that truism. With Joshua Everett Johnson as Eddie and Kristianne Kurner as May NVA's Fool For Love is always at the boiling point ready to bleed over at any minute.

The action takes place in a run down motel room (Kristianne Kurner) on the edge of the Mojave Desert. On again/ off again lovers, Eddie and May have met up again, after Eddie’s absence for some time, in the same room May has been living since she and Eddie split. Theirs is a destructive history of love and make-up, only this time May has had enough; Edie has not. While shouts of cheating ring out in the room from May, its true Eddie did leave May for another woman, there are more pressing issues that need facing.

Shepard is at his best when his characters are at their most vulnerable and both Everett Johnson and Kurner are no strangers to the playwright’s characters. May, who has already gone through withdrawal since Eddie left her at their trailer park home, was feeling good about being rehabilitated and moving on with her life. She has a job; she’s stopped drinking and even has a date this night. She is holding on by a thread and really thinks she is over all the broken promises Eddie made to her over the years.

Eddie, not one to let sleeping dogs lie, is back for more and that’s when we meet them. Eddie in his cowboy hat (Kristianne Kurner) and boots knows May like the back of his hand.  The fact that they share a secret that disturbs them both makes their passionate love for each other all the more haunting and troubling.  In several starts and stops, both are like a push me, pull you characters as the tension builds to the outcome of this violent relationship. What we learn in this one tumultuous night will make infidelity look like a school picnic.

As the raging of the two continues, the spotlight (Ashley Jenks) turns to an Old Man, (Jack Massett) in a rocker off to the side. He speaks, but only we can hear him. He is the voice in their minds and somewhat like a Greek Chorus. He rattles on about his own past and the relationships he had with both their mothers. They are in fact, half brother and sister who only learned about it after the fact.

Both Everett Johnson and Kerner have been associates over the past eight years, Kerner having been one of the founders of the company and is now Executive Artistic Director. Everett  Johnson who has been with the company since those early years is currently Resident Artistic Director. They have acted together in six productions over the years and share a familiarity with each other that is evident in the ease with which they counter act as artists.

Kerner is all emotion as May. She scream, cajoles, cries out loud, becomes paranoid and physical. Her vulnerability lies in her facial expressions as they change from glee to fright to astonishment to hurt to determination. Johnson is steely, wiry, threatening with his hostile facial expressions and stony stares. He’s most effective as he pulls out his lasso and bulls eye the bedposts, and then puts spurs on his boots. She counters with changing from a drab waitress outfit of a denim skirt and t-shirt to a sexy red dress (Kristianne Kurner) for her soon to be arriving date.

For eighty tension- filled minutes, with a few moments of levity thrown in by the Old Man (Massett is perfect as the spoiler who seems as much in the dark as the audience in most cases), director Dana Case drives another successful Shepherd play home with passion, determination and lots of controversy. It’s for mature audiences. Fool For Love continues through Oct. 26.

See you at the theatre.

Davis may be contacted at davisc@sandiegojewishworld.com


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 “Kindergarten, the Beginning of the Journey” at San Diego Jewish Academy


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Editor's Note: To create a permanent and accessible archive, we are reprinting news articles that appeared in back issues of various San Diego Jewish newspapers. You may access an index of the headlines of those articles by clicking here. You may also use the Google search program on our home page or on the headline index page to search for keywords or names.

Big Gifts Committee Goes Over The Top!;
Campaign For 1950 Hits Stride

Southwestern Jewish Press, March 28, 1950, page 1

The needy Jews of the world we not let down by S.D. Jewry. At the first big gifts dinner 20 men had pledged a total of $42,200, an increase of 16% over their 1949 gifts.

The figure, jointly released by campaign chairmen, Murray D. Goodrich and Nathaniel Ratner, indicated a campaign exceeding 1949 giving.

Goodrich and Ratner, who were hosts at the dinner, reflected general satisfaction as a result of last Thursday’s meeting.  “We’re moving fast toward the April 10th opening of the “Keep the Miracle Alive Campaign, and at a high pace that shows how well people understand the desperate need,” they stated.  “We have confidence in this community that was confirmed Thursday night.”

Keynote of the dinner was sounded by Maurice Kempeniez, lay leader of the Western division of United Jewish Appeal and prominent Los Angeles manufacturer.  “Israel,” he said, “faces imminent attack from encircling Arab Nations, and is unprepared because so much money has been spent on the penniless Newcomers.”

“We are racing against time, racing to save people before they die, or before they are imprisoned forever,” he continued, as he warned of the closing of the doors in Poland on April 15, and in all Eastern European countries.

Present at the Goodrich-Ratner dinner were Victor Schulman, Nathan F. Barnov, Abe Ratner, Harry Snyder, Saul Chenkin, Louis Moorsteen, Irvine Schulman, Rodin Horrow, Edward Bland, Jack Gross, Harry Farb, Ralph Hosenpud, George Neumann, Max Rabinowitz, Elmer Glaser of Oceanside, Louis Steinman, Frank Winicki, Leo Greenbaum and Abe Sackheim.

Other Pre-campaign dinners are planned by Saul Chekin and Louis Steinman; Louis Moorsteen and Edward Bland; Rodin Horrow, Its Penter and Milton Roberts; Max Rabinowitz and Sam Rassin.

The campaign will open on April 10, with Sunday April 20, being designated as “Magic Carpet Day” under the chairmanship of Morris Douglas.

Who’s New
Southwestern Jewish Press,  March 28, 1950, page 2

“We hope we’re here to stay,” were the words used by Mr. and Mrs. Martin Harris who are now residing at 3425 33rd Street.  They arrived here by way of Oklahoma City: Buenos Aires, Argentina, Caracas and Mexico, so that Mr. Harris, a civil engineer, could go into the construction business locally.

Two weeks ago Louis M. Sosna and his wife, Clara arrived in San Diego from Moberly, Missouri to join their son, 16-year-old Bernard.  Mr. Sosna is a brother of Mr. Sam Sosna with whom he and his family are residing temporarily.

Their 19-year-old daughter, Harriet Lois, is attending the University of Missouri and will join her parents and brother in San Diego at the close of the semester.

Mr. Sosna intends to go into business in this city.

Beth Jacob Breaks Ground For New Synagogue
Southwestern Jewish Press, March 28, 1950, page 6

At long last a long needed project of the members of Beth Jacob Congregation and Center was fulfilled  Religious and Sunday Schools, Meeting Rooms, a spacious auditorium and many recreational, educational, cultural and social facilities.

For the past few years the Congregation has bent a lot of its energy to make this project a reality.  With the completion of the building an opportunity will be accorded its members of dedicating themselves to their religious and cultural heritage.

After overcoming insurmountable obstacles, Beth Jacob Congregation will now be in a position to add to the spiritual and social assets of San Diego’s Jewry in an atmosphere of dignity and self-expression.

The Ground-Breaking Ceremony was spearheaded by Rabbi Baruch Stern; President A.A. Abramson; Morrie Kraus, Building Chairman; and Ralph Hosenpud, Sandor Goldberger, Mrs. Ida Nasatir, Evelyn and Maurice Harris, Anna Shelley, Simon Glaser, I. and A. Gordon, J. and S. Prager, Louis Sporkin, Jacob Solomon, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Aronoff, Mr. and Mrs. M. Penn and Family, Mrs. Simon Weisberger, Mrs. Bessie Fink, J. Gelman, I. Teacher and Louis Feldman.

A reception was held following the ceremony at 3206 Myrtle St., the present location of Beth Jacob Congregation.

Beth Jacob Congregation
Southwestern Jewish Press, March 28, 1950, page 6

Special Service for First Born—On Thursday, March 30th at 7:00 p.m., Rabbi Baruch Stern will hold a special Sijum (Concluding a Talmudical Tractate) Service for first born.

Synagogue Services—Thursday night, March 30th, services will be held at Beth Jacob Synagogue starting at 6:30 p.m.

Erev Pessach—On Saturday morning, April 1st at 7:45 a.m., Erev Pessach Services will be held.  Services will also be held on Sunday Morning at 9:00; Sunday night at 6:00, Monday Morning at 9:00 and Monday afternoon at 5:30.

Not buying CITGO gasoline could send an economic message to Venezuela's Chavez by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, D.C.

Letter to S.D. Council candidate Lightner, by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego

The roomer teaches a valuable lesson by Rabbi Baruch Lederman in San Diego

A bissel sports trivia with Bruce Lowitt in Oldsmar, Florida

March 10, 1950—Jewish War Veterans Post 185 Auxiliary

March 28, 1950—Chaplain Goldberg Honored at Reception

March 28, 1950—Interfaith Program At State College

March 29, 1950 -- Mrs. Berg Heads Presidents Council

Jewish Family Service: The 7th Annual Run for the Hungry Thanksgiving Day 5K and 10K

Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center: Former Ambassador Daniel C. Kurtzer and Middle East expert Scott B. Lasensky to urge U.S. involvement in Arab-Israeli peace at San Diego Jewish Book Fair

United Jewish Federation: Yitzhak Rabin' Memorial sponsored by the UJF Israel Center

Beware politicians' promises—in any nation, by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem
That 'big elephant' in the Middle East by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, D.C

Angel Girl kid's book —too good to be true? by Dan Bloom in Miami, Florida

Mourning, a poem by Sara Appel-Lennon in San Diego

—March 10, 1950: Temple Beth Israel

—March 10, 1950: Temple Sisterhood

—March 10, 1950: Pioneer Women

Jewish Family Service: “At the Hop” Health Fair & Flu Shot Event

Lawrence Family JCC: Internationally best-selling novelist Jonathan Safran Foer, author of Everything Is Illuminated, to present most recent novel on November 10
Tifereth Israel Synagogue: Israel Advocacy Series at Tifereth Israel Synagogue

Thursday, October 16, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 247)

Abortion, ending Mid-East oil dependence major topics in final presidential debate by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego
New Arab-Israeli battleground: textbooks; book review by Norman Manson in San Diego
Making Aliyah is like coming out by David Benkof in New York
Thursdays With The Songs Of Hal Wingard:
#87, A Tiny Piece Of Paper
#55, The Whirlpool Of Love
#70, Shadows Of Midnight
—March 10, 1950: Tifereth Israel Sisterhood
—March 10, 1950: Daughters of Israel
—March 10, 1950: Beth Jacob Ladies Auxiliary
Lawrence Family JCC: Henry Winkler to present critically acclaimed book at S.D. Jewish Book Fair
Tifereth Israel Synagogue: The Great Debate of 2008: Wednesday, October 29th, 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 246)

RJC brandishes Jesse Jackson quote; NJDC flails McCain on energy; press releases from the campaign front
Vice presidential candidates compared by Gary Rotto in San Diego
Letter to Editor: Gert Thaler says she's for Obama too
Avinu Malkaynu by Janowski is a classic by Cantor Sheldon Merel in San Diego, with a recording of him performing Avinu Malkaynu
The Jews Down Under, a roundup of Jewish news of Australia by Garry Fabian in Melbourne
—Rival organizations clash over how to commemorate Sir John Monash
—Financial market insecurity to impact on fund raising
—New chair for communal appeal
—Community groups call for tolerance
—75 Years for Elwood Shul
—Student with Down Syndrome graduates
—Rules for the observant during seven days of Succot
—Australian web application a hit in San Francisco
—Growing etrogim in Australia?
—Concerns about anti-Israel blogs
The Light in the Piazza also illuminates Lambs Players Theatre in Coronado by Carol Davis in Coronado, California
—March 10, 1950: News of the Fox
—March 10, 1950: House of Pacific Relations Election
—March 10, 1950: Tifereth Israel News
Lawrence Family JCC: Sex and the City star Evan Handler to present memoir at book fair on Nov. 8

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 245)

Ballot Recommendation: Barack Obama for President, San Diego Jewish World endorsement by Donald H. Harrison
Letters to the editor... from Bruce Kesler and Joel White

Tunisia's great Sukkot legal battle by Isaac Yetiv in La Jolla, California

How you know its Sukkot in Jerusalem by Judy Lash Balint in Jerusalem

Important Jewish history occurred between the birth of Jesus and the Shoah by Sheila Orysiek in San Diego


Pre-1960 gravesites inventoried at the Home of Peace Cemetery by David M. Caterino
Archived stories from Southwestern Jewish Press:
—March 10, 1950: Inside AZA

—March 10, 1950: Hadassah Evening Group

—March 10, 1950: Jr. Pioneer Women

—March 10, 1950: Birdie Stodel B’nai B’rith Chapt. No. 92

Jewish-American Chamber of Commerce: Join us for our best mixer yet in the Beth El Sukkah

Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center: Family Day bookapalooza, Sunday, November 9, 2008; free for all ages

Monday, October 13, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 244)

Ballot Recommendation: Let's have a 'Block vote' in 78th A.D., a San Diego Jewish World editorial by Donald H. Harrison
Thalheimer endorsement draws disagreement, letters to the editor from Marsha Sutton and Larry Gorfine
Grandfolks hep to the 'Great Schlep' by Gary Rotto in San Diego
Authorities try to calm Acco, rest of Israeli nation in wake of Arab, Jewish rioting by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem
Dogs may hate hot air balloons, but for some of us humans, they're romantic by Ulla Hadar in Sha'ar Hanegev,Israel
Unexpected connection surfaces at simcha by Donald H. Harrison in Carlsbad, California
1930's drama resonates in hard times by Carol Davis in La Jolla, California
March 10, 1950—Who’s New
March 10, 1950—J.C.R.A.
March 10, 1950—Labor Zionist Organization~Chaim Weizmann Branch
March 10, 1950—San Diego Bnai Brith Lasker Lodge 370
March 10, 1950 —Listen In
Jewish Family Service: Some Upcoming Activities Offered at College Avenue Senior CenterTifereth Israel Synagogue: Rabbi Rosenthal leads discussion on My Father, My Lord

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