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Sunday, October 26, 2008

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Lame duck leaders seek to change conditions in the Middle East pond by Shoshana Bryen in Washington D.C.


Pro-Obama column, endorsement excoriated by Arizona reader — Letter to the Editor from Alan Rockman in Phoenix, Arizona

Campaign rhetoric promoting discrimination against Arabs, Muslims, African-Americans—Letter to the Editor from Carol Ann Goldstein in San Diego

Sweat-equity partners sought for San Diego Jewish World by future-minded publisher — A message from Donald H. Harrison

San Diego teen practices tikkun olam by Sara Appel-Lennon in San Diego


What is meant in Genesis that man was created in God's image? by Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal in San Diego


J*Company's Pocahontas thrilled — even before curtain went up by David Reich in San Diego

This Minority of One Fails to be Enchanted
by Cynthia Citron in Los Angeles


A bissel sports trivia with Bruce Lowitt in Oldsmar, Florida


—March 28, 1950: Jewish War Veterans, S.D. Post No. 185
—March 28, 1950: Council of Jewish Women
—March 28, 1950: Labor Zionist Organization
—March 28, 1950:
Junior Charity League


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Lame duck leaders seek to change conditions in the Middle East pond

By Shoshana Bryen

WASHINGTON, D.C.—According to Middle East Newsline [MENL], Israel, under U.S. pressure, has created a plan for the Palestinian Authority (PA) to take over security responsibility throughout the West Bank in 2009, as Israel commits to withdrawing from the territories. The IDF would gradually remove troops and roadblocks around major West Bank cities. The model would be the handover of Jenin to PA security forces and Israeli approval to deploy 700 Palestinian troops to Hebron. "The Bush administration realizes that there won't be any movement during its remaining months in office," an Israeli source said. "What it wants is a series of commitments that will ensure that we will withdraw from the territories in the next administration, regardless of who wins in November."

Ha'aretz reports, "Jerusalem sources denied... any knowledge of a U.S. proposal to Syria, to the effect that Israel would pull out of the Golan if Syria severs its ties with Iran," as reported in the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Jarida on Friday. President Bush reportedly made the offer in a secret letter that was delivered to Syrian President Assad by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas... Bush wants to advance the Israel-Syria negotiations before leaving the White House in January, al-Jarida reported.  In another Ha'aretz story, PM Olmert reportedly told the Italian Foreign Minister that he "can get the current (US) administration on board as a partner and sponsor for the talks. The prime minister emphasized that his own intensions are serious. 'The Syrians need to know that now is the time to move forward. There is no reason to wait for anything,' he said."

It is an immutable policy of JINSA to leave Israeli security decisions to the Government of Israel, which is responsible to its own people for their safety. What these two stories indicate, however, is that the outgoing Bush administration, the outgoing Olmert administration and the outgoing Abbas (Abu Mazen) administration are trying to manipulate the terms of future security parameters for people who are not yet elected - and in the case of Hamas, would not be acceptable interlocutors if they win an election or take over in a coup.

The larger worry is pressure from the United States on Israel to take actions that have security implications disconnected from political reality. It is one thing for the United States to train Iraqi forces and turn provinces of Iraq over to them (a great thing, actually!). It is another to train Palestinian forces who will report to an ineffectual government that lives under threat of a putsch. The Palestinian reality is that while Fatah does not operate in Gaza, Hamas certainly does in the West Bank. The Israeli reality is that the PA is willing to stop Hamas from upsetting Fatah plans in the West Bank, but it specifically has made no agreement to use its forces to protect Israel. Those nasty checkpoints that the Americans want to remove have, just in the past two weeks, prevented several Palestinians carrying bombs and bomb components from reaching Israel.  

A wise Israeli prime minister once said that when it was time to take a big step - whether toward peace or toward war - the government should have the public firmly behind it.  None of the three lame ducks could muster a minyan for support right now; all should do their people the service of not playing grand strategy with one foot out the door.

Bryen is special projects director of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). Her colum is sponsored by Waxie Sanitary Supply in memory of Morris Wax, a longtime JINSA member and national board member.

ZEEK MAGAZINE October 24-26 Crossing Borders Weekend

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Sweat-equity partners sought for San Diego Jewish World by publisher

SAN DIEGO—While San Diego Jewish World has gained its place, there is so much more we could do in presenting to the San Diego Jewish community and to Jewish communities all over the world a daily publication of news and commentary.

I am looking for partners who would like to build up San Diego Jewish World with a new graphic design, increased content, and expanded advertising. These prospective partners don't have to invest a dime in our publication—we really don't want your money. We are looking for two things far more important: your ideas and your hard work.

If you are as committed as we are to keeping the Jewish community informed, and to its well-being, and if you have skills that will help us accomplish our task--such skills as web designing, or selling advertising, or web mastering, or writing and editing--we invite you to contact us to discuss your interest in bettering this publication.

I can be reached at editor@sandiegojewishworld.com. Please provide me with some background about yourself, tell me your skills, and how you would like to see San Diego Jewish World.
I will respond, and perhaps set up a meeting with you to discuss further your ideas and potential participation in San Diego Jewish World. Donald H. Harrison, editor and publisher


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San Diego Jewish World endorsements

SAN DIEGO—Following is a list of endorsements made by San Diego Jewish World
with links to the editions in which the explanations for each endorsement appeared.

U.S. President —
Barack Obama

California State Assembly, 78th District—
Marty Block

San Diego City Council, 1st District —
Phil Thalheimer

San Diego City Council, 7th District —
Marti Emerald

California Proposition 4—
Abortion notificationNo

California Proposition 8—
Ban on Same-Sex MarriageNo

In addition, San Diego Jewish World proudly endorses for reelection two members of our community who have represented us well in the United States Congress:
Democrats Bob Filner in the 51st Congressional District and
Susan Davis in the 53rd Congressional District


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Pro-Obama column, endorsement excoriated by Arizona reader

Editor, San Diego Jewish World

Or tell me, sir, is your publication a "Jewish" version of Der Strumer or Tass?

Mr. Rotto chose to drop a line or two on the Jerusalem Post  online edition insinuating that John McCain had closer ties to Reverend Hagee than Barry Hussein Obama had with, well, you know. The guy whom you and Gary seem to wish to ignore in your mad dash to anoint the new Fuhrer, oops, President.

I challenged Gary on this, and also to prove that Barry Hussein Obama was pro-Israel when much of the concrete evidence suggests otherwise. Not just the associations with the likes of Wright, Ayers (who by the way was also quite a cheerleader for the PLO as well as a domestic terrorist slimebag) and Khalidi, but Obama's penchant for choosing many of the worst anti-Israel, and by extension anti-Semitic foreign policy advisors in any American Presidential candidate's campaign.

Obama is a guy who is on record whining about the "poor suffering Palestinians". In the book "Barack Obama in His Own Words" Obama decries that American Middle East Policy is tied too closely to Ariel Sharon (whom would Obama prefer? Assad, Ahmedinejedad, Nasrallah, or maybe Osama Bin Laden?). In more recent remarks Obama suggested to the J'Post that the Israelis might wish to give up their idea of "67 Plus" as it would offend potential "peace" partners! (Again, whom does Barry O. suggest? Hamas, or an Abbas who has done very little to stop Palestinian violence against Jews). In effect, Barry O. wants Israel to pull back to what has been referred to as "The Auschwitz Borders," or those of June 4th 1967.

Add to this Barry's flip-flop on Jerusalem, his (and Joe Biden's) opposition to labeling the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization (and please don't give me his subsequent manure - the time to go on record was with Kyl-Lieberman), and his dissing of the Likud Party, which may very well win the next elections in Israel. Barry's problem with the Likud is that it refuses to roll over and die when it comes to compromising Israel's security. That is also why Obama has chosen the most anti-Israel foreign policy team in American History. Not a single one  is either pro-Israel or has a heartfelt commitment to the security and future of Israel. From Brzeziniski to Power to Malley to Khalidi to Bonior to McPeek to Susan Rice and Tony Lake and to the Baker Boychiks Ross, Kurtzer and Miller, not a one is even slightly sympathetic to Israeli concerns. And they reflect Obama's own mindset - otherwise why would he even choose these guys and Missy Power of the USMC invade Israel wet dream?

Contrast that with Al Haig, Larry Eagleburger, Bud McFarlane and Max Boot as McCain's chief Foreign Policy Advisers.

But little Gary seems to be awfully afraid of being confronted with the facts and with the truth. Your newspaper endorsed Obama, now let's see if you are an objective editor and will print my facts and truth about Obama's real record on Israel. Because obviously Gary can't seem to write a reply outside of sliming Reverend Hagee (who, by the way, has a lifetime full of good deeds towards Jews and Israel compared to, well, you know, ol' Barry's spiritual mentor) and the Republican Jewish Coalition, whose ads are only telling the truth about Obama.

When will we see some of that from your reporter, or from your paper, Mr. Harrison?

Alan Rockman
Phoenix, Arizona

Editor's Note: You've had your say, Mr. Rockman. It's disappointing that you would minimize the Holocaust by using that kind of rhetoric to describe fellow Jews who dare disagree with your point of view.

Campaign rhetoric promoting discrimination against Arabs, Muslims

Editor, San Diego Jewish World

The Jewish people have been persecuted for centuries by European Christians for the perceived crime of being Jewish. European Christians have used fear and hate mongering against Jewish people culminating in the Nazi era of pre-World War II, World War II and the Holocaust.

According to Genesis Abraham’s descendants - Ishmael,  Isaac and their descendants – were to be the children of Israel – a people not a place. If you believe you are a descendant of Abraham then you are Arab for Abraham was born in the city of Ur in common day Iraq. If you believe in evolution, then you are African for evolution says people originated in Africa.

Regardless of who you are a descendant of, we are all people composed of the same ingredients – blood, water, skin, bones and a brain. I cannot condone the actions of Jewish people engaged in fear and hate mongering against Arabs, Muslims and African Americans. The history of Jewish people teaches us that hate and fear are unethical, immoral and can lead to great physical and mental harm being done to the intended victims. We must get to know each other and not fear each other. What the Republican Jewish Coalition, Clarion, and other unknown individuals and groups are doing to help Senator McCain win the election is unethical and immoral and can lead to physical attacks against Arabs, Muslims and African Americans. There is nothing wrong with being Arab or Muslim or African American. When Senator Obama is accused of being Arab or Muslim, it sends a message that being Arab or Muslim is bad.

I want to see a campaign based on the issues, not fear tactics.

I am a first generation Jewish American whose parents emigrated from Hungary before World War II. Since 2001 I have been involved in Jewish-Palestinian and Jewish-Muslim dialogue groups and activities in an effort to bring people together and to learn about each other to promote peace and social justice in the USA and the entire world.

Thank you,

Carol Ann Goldstein
San Diego

TEMPLE SOLELNovember 8 Synaplex featuring Rabbi Daniel Gordis

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What is meant in Genesis that man
was created in God's image?

By Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal

SAN DIEGO--Parashat Bereisheet sees humans as the pinnacle of Creation. God created human beings to care for the world and have dominion over all other creatures. The Book of Psalms tells us that God created us but a little lower than angels (Psalm 8:5), but in some respects humans are superior to angels: only human beings are created in the Image of God.

We can infer from the commentary known as Hadrash v'Haiyun that when Judaism's sages taught that human beings are created Betzelem Elokim, in the Image of God, they were not referring to physical form but rather moral likeness. Human beings differ from animals in that we have a moral sense. Animals do not decide between "right" and "wrong" behaviors.  They act on instinct alone. We humans are different. We can control our impulses and urges and make decisions based on knowledge and our sense of morality and godliness.

One must conclude that when God created human beings God implanted within us this moral compass, otherwise God's forbidding Adam and Eve to eat the fruit would not make sense. It is only if Adam and Eve knew that it was wrong to disobey God that God's prohibition against eating the fruit could be seen as an appropriate test.

But just as a directional compass, if ignored, cannot guarantee that travelers end up at their desired locations, so does our moral compass not guarantee we will make the right decisions in life if we ignore the still small voice of conscience we have inside. It is only when we make the Godly and right, but not necessarily the most utilitarian, choices that we live up to our potential as creatures little less, and yet greater, than the angels above.

Rabbi Rosenthal is spiritual leader of Tifereth Israel Synagogue in San Diego.  He may be contacted at rabbi@tiferethisrael.com


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Hebrew Day School


jfs on go
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San Diego teen practices tikkun olam

y Sara Appel-Lennon

SAN DIEGO—Tikkun Olam in Hebrew “repairing the world,” is one of the foundations of Judaism. The idea is that the Jewish people were chosen to complete God’s work. Volunteering is how to put your beliefs in to practice. Parents often set an example for their kids by volunteering and encouraging their kids to join them.

Max Einhorn, 17, an 11th grade Jewish La Jolla High School student (pictured at right), is not new to volunteering. When he was five years old and his sister, three years old, his mom brought them to downtown San Diego to help remove graffiti from a mural.

He learned about Jewish values, ethics, and morals at home and by attending Hebrew Day School from first through seventh grade. His values include:  respecting his parents, being honest, working hard, and helping other people less fortunate than himself. It was sweet that he said that he learned to follow the law, never to wake anyone up while the person is sleeping, always show respect.

He later transferred to public school. He discovered that he was the least religious person at Hebrew Day School yet he is the most religious at La Jolla High School. At both schools, he felt like a fish out of water.

A year and a half ago, Max started volunteering with the Jewish Family Service. He states: “I was invited to the very first food pantry meeting. There were about 30 of us and we were brought together to see who wanted to lead the food  pantry. I, along with two of my closest friends, were the oldest ones there and decided to stick with it. We gave “Hand Up” its name and got to work immediately starting food drives and organizing the food pantry. We knew we were raising food and money for the needy in downtown, and after a while we raised enough food to expand to military families at Camp Pendleton.”

He mentioned a poignant image at Camp Pendleton. She was a pregnant wife with three kids, and a husband in Iraq. As he handed her some food, her tender eyes looked up at him, she hugged him gently and whispered a hint of thanks. Her gratitude reaffirmed why he values volunteering.

Max describes himself as being into his books and assignments Monday through Friday. He loves being with his friends on the week-end. He watches documentaries and Sixty Minutes on TV. While watching a particular segment of Sixty Minutes he learned about the man who was to become his business role-model. His name is Mohamed Yunus. He along with Grameen Bank won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for applying the concept of microloans-offering business loans to those who normally would be too poor to qualify. In Yunus’s Nobel Peace Prize speech, he addressed youth, encouraging the idea of “social business”- where the profits return to the community. This is a concept that Max has embraced.

During the San Diego wild-fires, Max’s mom and best friend manned the San Diego information hotline at 2-1-1. Although Max wanted to join them, he was unable since he was only 16 at the time. However, he saw a need and he filled it. He recognized that the community would need disaster preparedness kits.
Max created the kits and helped to form the Entrepreneurs Club at La Jolla High School. The goal of the club was to raise money for emergency service organizations, Max handed out 1600 fliers but only four people responded. Despite this, Max, along with 12 club members, became certified to teach disaster preparedness, they raised $8000 and all of the profits went to 2-1-1  San Diego and the American Red Cross.

He continues to educate about disaster preparedness and sells the kits. He will be meeting with the Associated Student Body Presidents of La Jolla Country Day Rancho Bernardo, and Torrey Pines High Schools. He cautions us to be prepared in case of disaster. Know where your passport, medical records, insurance documents, and photos are in the event that you need to evacuate your home.

Max was awarded the title of Youth Honoree at the Real Heroes Breakfast on Friday, Sept. 26, 2008 aboard the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, California. Max advises his peers that caring goes so far. At least you know what’s going on and you can take action.“Volunteer for at least an hour anywhere that matters to you. You’ll never know until you try.”

Appel-Lennon may be contacted at appels@jewishsightseeing.com


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J*Company's Pocahontas thrilled — even before curtain went up

Editor’s Note: The production of Pocahontas by the J*Company has completed its run, but with this article we inaugurate what we hope  will be a regular feature: a review of the youth production by a young member of the San Diego Jewish Community.  The author of this review is David Reich, an 8th grader at Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School

By David Reich

LA JOLLA, California--As I found my seat, I noticed the beautiful and elaborate decorations surrounding the play area and the stage itself. The border around the curtains was painted to look like trees, a very nice touch. The stage floor was a map, also a great decoration that added color to the stage. Everything looked very well prepared and after seeing all the decorations, I just couldn’t wait for the play to get started.

The atmosphere of the theatre was amazing and as more and more people poured in, I could tell that this was not just a play but an event that many people were anxious to see.
As the clock struck 4:30, the lights dimmed and instantly the large room was quiet. After the introduction by Joey Lanhwehr, the play began. The moment the green lighting started to glow in the background and the “woodspinners” came out, the audience was already captivated by the creativity of the special effects. We were transported back to the 1600’s, in Virginia of the New World, where the tribe of the Algonquins dwelled.

I immediately noticed the costumes that were elaborate and meticulous. They realistically represented the type of clothing the Native Americans and English wore at the time of the story. The play went on, explaining the story of Pocahontas, but in a very musical way, something that really made this play remarkable. It was very well timed and the singing was almost always pitch perfect. The whole cast of characters was great, and the chief, played by Scott Peterson, was very authoritative. Pocahontas, played by Kimberly Marron, was a kind, caring individual who really wanted to convince her father to be friends with the English settlers.
The effects were also very well thought out and precise. The music was well timed and the painted backgrounds were striking but not distracting. Almost every scene had its unique qualities. Throughout the play, there were almost no visual flaws. The attention grabbing effects, cast and well represented story line constantly absorbed the audience.
There were also a few humorous moments, such as the scene where the English settlers showed the Native Americans new things and the Native Americans couldn’t pronounce the names of the objects.
Overall, this play was a success, having captured everyone’s attention. It truly brought the story of Pocahontas to life with its enriched color, effects, music and especially its wonderful cast.  The actors and crew transformed the classic tale into something remarkable.

Youth who would like to write reviews for San Diego Jewish World may contact editor Donald H. Harrison at editor@sandiegojewishworld.com


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SAN DIEGO JEWISH ACADEMY November 18 Kindergarten program

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This Minority of One
Fails to be Enchanted

By Cynthia Citron

LOS ANGELES— If it weren’t for the renewed preoccupation with the issue of race prompted by the 2008 presidential election, Leonard Spigelgass’ 1959 play A Majority of One might seem hopelessly outdated.  These days the idea of an interracial relationship is not the stuff of which great controversial drama is made.  And more than 60 years after the war, and countless inter-marriages of all kinds, it’s a little difficult to muster much angst over a romance between a Japanese millionaire and a stereotypical Jewish widow, no matter how unlikely it might appear to be.

Unfortunately, the tepid revival of this old Broadway hit that is currently being presented by the West Coast Jewish Theatre at Los Angeles’ Pico Playhouse does nothing to promote warmth---or even a likely friendship---between the races.  Paula Prentiss, who plays Mrs. Jacoby, the Jewish widow, is so NOT Jewish as to be distracting.  (In a Sabbath candle-lighting ceremony, she even gets the prayer wrong!)    Known for her successful career as a madcap comedienne, Ms. Prentiss brings her vocabulary of peculiar facial expressions and inappropriate body language to the part once played to perfection by Gertrude Berg.  Ms. Prentiss makes it virtually impossible to imagine what the dignified and refined Mr. Asano, played with precision and composure by the excellent Sab Shimono, could possibly see in her. The “romance” that evolves between them has little humor, less credibility, and no chemistry at all.

Ross Benjamin, Ms. Prentiss’ son (with husband and frequent costar Richard Benjamin), plays her son-in-law, Jerry, an up-and-coming diplomat assigned to Tokyo after tours in Costa Rica, Paris, and Johannesburg.  One would assume these experiences would have given him some insight and sensitivity to the nuances of other cultures and traditions, but apparently they haven’t.  He blunders through his encounters in Japan with everyone from diplomats to house servants, maintaining a stiff and unpleasantly stony-faced demeanor throughout.  Which gives his wife Alice (Anya Profumo) little to do but rush back and forth between him and her mother, trying to placate them both.

The only breath of fresh air is provided by the bubbly Cheryl David, who livens things up in two scenes as Mrs. Jacoby’s friend and neighbor, Mrs. Rubin.  A little more of her would go a long way toward providing some authenticity to the Brooklyn-Jewish setting of the play.

Long-time actress Salome Jens provides the uneven direction for this production and Victoria Bellocq provides the rather static set: a floor-to-rafters set of clean brick walls which change very little from scene to scene and soon become monotonous, despite the innovative shadowing and other effects from lighting designer Kent Inasy.  Costume designer Danielle Bray has provided charming outfits for Mr. Shimono and the other Japanese actors along with attractive, if uninspired, clothing for the rest of the cast.  All except for Ms. Prentiss, whose outfits run to peculiar lengths and are extremely unappealing.

A Majority of One will continue at the Pico Playhouse, 10508 West Pico Blvd. in Los Angeles Thursdays through Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2 through December 14th.  Call (800) 838-3006 for tickets. 

Bureau chief Citron may be contacted at citronc@sandiegojewishworld.com  

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A bissel sports trivia with Bruce Lowitt

Q: Who invented the “Ollie,” a skateboarding trick?

(a) Alan Gelfand
(b) Boris Gelfand
(c) Oliver Dragon
(d) Kevin Ollie

Background: He started skateboarding in Hollywood, Florida in 1974 and two years later invented the Ollie, a no-hands aerial trick used to get up on top of obstacles, clear gaps, and reach rails and ledges to do grinds and slides. Every flip trick is a variation of the Ollie, a nickname given to him by several friends.



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Editor's Note: To create a permanent and accessible archive, we are reprinting news articles that appeared in back issues of various San Diego Jewish newspapers. You may access an index of the headlines of those articles by clicking here. You may also use the Google search program on our home page or on the headline index page to search for keywords or names.

Jewish War Veterans, S.D. Post No. 185
Southwestern Jewish Press, March 28, 1950, page 23

Installation Ceremonies for the new officers of the Jewish War Veterans, Post No. 185, will be held April 18th at Temple Beth Israel.

Commander Manuel Fisher will hand the reins of Post leadership to Harry Aronoff. Other officers to be installed are Alan Lame, Sr. Vice-Commander; David Brooks, Jr. Vice-Commander; S. Randall, Trustee, and Manuel Fisher, Judge Advocate.

The Post’s Auxiliary is also holding its Installation the same evening. Mrs. Nixie Kern will hand the gavel to President Elect Esther Leavitt. Installing officer for the Auxiliary will be Ann Wager.  Harry Apelman will do the honors for the Post.  Ever capable Joe Spatz is in charge of arrangements for the gala evening.

A good evening entertainment is promised together with the best of refreshment. Various Veteran Organizations have been invited to attend as well as the public at large.

Remember the date—Monday night, April 17th, the Time 8:00 p.m. and the Place—Temple Center—3rd and Laurel.

Council of Jewish Women
Southwestern Jewish Press, March 28, 1950, page 23

By Julia Steinman, president

As the Passover week approaches and we all look forward to sitting down to our seder, the members of the San Diego Section National Council of Jewish Women, feel humbly grateful for their activities of the past year.

In cooperation with the Émigré Committee of the United Jewish Fund, Council has helped many newcomers to find peace and security in their new homes here.

It is a good feeling to know that these families will sit down to their own Seder for the first time in many years.

During the past year Council has established a Council House, 3138 Grape, where the newcomers are taken immediately upon arrival and where they are greeted by other new Americans.

The Council Thrift Shop at 1747 Logan was opened last November and has served as a furniture and clothing banks for our project, also as a means for helping to finance Council House.

Council women have done an outstanding job as volunteers of the Service to New Americans project under the very capable leadership of Mrs. Dan Loewenthal, the general chairman.

Other committee chairmen working with Mrs. Loewenthal are: Mrs. Selma Getz, co-chairman; Mmes Harris Rubel, David Doctor, Albert Hutler, Max Nelson, Hyman Haimsohn, Martha Hollander, George Solomon, Edgar Levi, David Horowitz and Ossie Ehrlich.

Mrs. Frances Berenson, as Chairman for Volunteers for the Thrift Shop gave many hours of service and energy and we wish her a speedy recovery. Mrs. Robert Smith, Mrs. Edna Land and Mrs. Edward Bland give a day each week as drivers for the Social Worker, Rose Anderson, who calls on the newcomers.

I know praise is an empty word, but I feel sure that the community of San Diego would like to know that the San Diego Section National Council of Jewish Women is in their pitching all the time.

Council meets the first Monday of each month and we invite all women who are not yet affiliated with Council to join in our fine and gratifying work.

On behalf of our section and myself may I extend Passover greetings to all.

Labor Zionist Organization
Chaim Weizmann Branch of San Diego

Southwestern Jewish Press, March 28, 1950, page 24

By Bess Borushek

A delegation representing the American Zionist Council, official spokesman for all Zionists groups in the country, lodged a complaint on February 20th with the State Department against the shipment of arms to the Arab states and submitted a memorandum expressing “the deep concern felt by American Zionist bodies over American policy with respect to the rearmament of Egypt and other Arab States.”  The delegation which was received by Mr. Raymond A. Hare, deputy assistant Secretary of State, asked that the United states use its great influence to avert dangers to the peace of Palestine and that the United Kingdom be requested to discontinue the shipment of arms to the Arab States.

American Jews, as well as large segments of American public opinion, see in the rearming of the Arab States a threat to the work of reconstruction and rehabilitation now being conducted in Israel, because it would involve Israel in an armaments race which would divert manpower, capital and energy into preparations for defense.  They also view a rearmament program as a menace to “the hard-won truce with a number of Arab States.”

Recalling the helpful role which the United States Government played in the councils of the United Nations, both with regard to the question of statehood for Israel and more recently in connection with the problem of armistice in the Middle East, the delegation said it was unable to reconcile Mr. Acheson’s statement that Britain is shipping arms to Arab States in fulfillment of treaty obligations with the sole purpose of ensuring internal law and order with that policy.

In conclusion, the delegation stressed the fact that it would be a great tragedy if the Government of Israel were forced to enter the armaments race and discontinue “the resettlement of Jewish refugees who have come to Israel after a decade of wandering and helplessness,” a task in which American Jewry has played and plays the most important role.

Junior Charity League
Southwestern Jewish Press, March 28, 1950, page 24

Members of the Junior Charity League had a happy time when they met at the home of the Lou Moorsteens last month, to hold their annual Valentine Party. The twenty members and their husbands brought a home-cooked dinner along, and turned the recreation room into a huge dining room.  After dinner, the host and hostess showed moving pictures of their trip to Israel, so that the League could see the Yeminite Camp where Mrs. Moorsteen had distributed handmade garments sent over by the club.  Scenes of Europe also were shown, in colored slides. Later cards were played in the newly decorated home.

Officers of J.C.L. this year are Helen Fishman, President; Eleanor Epsten, Vice President; Sally Ratner, secretary; Freda Nestor, Corres. Secretary; Rose Greenbaum, Treasurer and Esther Moorsteen, Publicity.  The last meeting was held at the home of the President, Mrs. Fishman. The club, organized many years ago in San Diego, meets the second Monday of each month at noon.  Members are to continue with their clothing project for Israel, besides aiding in local relief work and drives.

“Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed "Adventures in San Diego Jewish History" series will be a daily feature until we run out of history.



Friday-Saturday, October 24-25, 2008 (vol. 2,, No. 254)

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Yes, McCain pro-Israel, but... by Gary Rotto in San Diego
San Diego Jewish World endorsements, with links to editorials on which they were based

U.S. Presidents as seen by Richard Lederer by Gerry Greber in Escondido, California

Reprise: Thursdays with the songs of Hal Wingard—Linking problems prevented many people from hearing Hal's songs yesterday, so here are the links to them now. Printed lyrics may be found in Thursday's edition: #41 Old Love Sweet Love; , #91 Together We Will Watch Our Love; #280 To Make Things Fair.

Bleeding Kansas powerful in juxtaposition with U.S. election by Carol Davis in San Diego

—March 28, 1950: The Center Side
—March 28, 1950: Local Leaders Attend Men’s Club Conference in L.A.
—March 28, 1950:Toy Packing Party
—March 28, 1950:Bay City Chapter 713

Thursday, October 23, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 253)

Obama has a Yiddishe neshuma by Gary Rotto in San Diego
San Diego Jewish World endorsements, with links to editorials on which they were based

U.S. election, Israel coalition building again in Jewish spotlight as holidays end by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem

The trouble with improvising Judaism by David Benkof in New York

—March 28, 1950: Support San Diego Jewish Soccer Club
—March 28, 1950: Surprise for Rabbi Levens
—March 28, 1950:Civic Protective Agencies To Be Part Of The 1950 ‘Keep the Miracle Alive’ Campaign
—March 28, 1950: Passover Recipes

Lawrence Family JCC: Documentary on Hannah Senesh at San Diego Jewish Film Festival

Wednesday, October 22, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 252)

San Diego Jewish World endorsements, with links to our editorials

The Jews Down Under, a roundup of Jewish news of Australia by Garry Fabian in Melbourne
—Musician saved by Oskar Schindler dies at 90
—Australian Government backtracks on Ahmadinejad
—Police regret Yom Kippur jaywalk ticket
—JCCV Calls for urgent meeting with police
—Australia likely to attend Durban II
—Former Melbourne Jewish teacher jailed in the US
—Jewish Students snub B'nai B'rith competition
—Melbourne Jewish Communal launch in 2010

A celebrity's courtship with Torah by Judy Lash Balint in Jerusalem

Holidays help measure time and values by Fred Reiss in Winchester, California

—March 28, 1950: Letters to the Editor from Nixie Kern, B.B., and Pauline Opert
—March 28, 1950: Once Upon A Time {Jews of Libya} by Pauline Oppert

Lawrence Family JCC: Religion and Atheism To Collide at S.D. Jewish Book Fair

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 251)

Jewish Studies scholars support Obama; by Laurie Baron in San Diego
Tifereth Israel, Temple Solel slate presidential debates by surrogates; SDJW staff report
RJC ads call Obama ‘naïve’; NJDC ads tout his plans for energy independence; dueling press releases of the Republican Jewish Coalition and National Jewish Democratic Council

Did Paulson read the Jewish media? by J. Zel Lurie in Delray Beach, Florida

Israeli students see contrasts in education and religion in Israel and the U.S.; by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego

Adonai, Adonai chant inspired by Sinai by Cantor Sheldon Merel in San Diego, with recording of him singing this prayer

—March 28, 1950: Tifereth Israel News
—March 28, 1950: Temple Beth Israel
—March 28, 1950: Beth Jacob Ladies Auxiliary

Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center: NBC News Bureau Chief Martin Fletcher at S.D. Jewish Book Fair Nov 12
San Diego Jewish Academy: “Kindergarten, the Beginning of the Journey” on Nov. 18; $1,000 Tuition vouchers will be raffled

Monday, October 20, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 250)

NJDC says Republicans panicking; RJC accuses Obama of squelching debates; press releases from the warring camps

McCain understands Mideast realities by Charley Levine in Jerusalem
Fool for Love incestuous... or is it? by Carol Davis in Carlsbad, California
Bella family circle: Jewish Halloween party by Sheila Orysiek in San Diego
—March 28, 1950: Big Gifts Committee Goes Over The Top!; Campaign For 1950 Hits Stride
—March 28, 1950: Who’s New
—March 28, 1950: Beth Jacob Breaks Ground For New Synagogue
—March 28, 1950: Beth Jacob Congregation
Jewish Family Service: College Avenue Older Adult Center Holds Annual Health Fair with Flu Shots
San Diego Jewish Academy: “Kindergarten, the Beginning of the Journey” at San Diego Jewish Academy

Sunday, October 19, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 249)

Arab-Jewish coexistence at the gym by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem

Not buying CITGO gasoline could send an economic message to Venezuela's Chavez by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, D.C.

Letter to S.D. Council candidate Lightner, by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego

The roomer teaches a valuable lesson by Rabbi Baruch Lederman in San Diego

A bissel sports trivia with Bruce Lowitt in Oldsmar, Florida

March 10, 1950—Jewish War Veterans Post 185 Auxiliary

March 28, 1950—Chaplain Goldberg Honored at Reception

March 28, 1950—Interfaith Program At State College

March 29, 1950 -- Mrs. Berg Heads Presidents Council

Jewish Family Service: The 7th Annual Run for the Hungry Thanksgiving Day 5K and 10K

Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center: Former Ambassador Daniel C. Kurtzer and Middle East expert Scott B. Lasensky to urge U.S. involvement in Arab-Israeli peace at San Diego Jewish Book Fair

United Jewish Federation: Yitzhak Rabin' Memorial sponsored by the UJF Israel Center

Beware politicians' promises—in any nation, by Ira Sharkansky in Jerusalem
That 'big elephant' in the Middle East by Shoshana Bryen in Washington, D.C

Angel Girl kid's book —too good to be true? by Dan Bloom in Miami, Florida

Mourning, a poem by Sara Appel-Lennon in San Diego

—March 10, 1950: Temple Beth Israel

—March 10, 1950: Temple Sisterhood

—March 10, 1950: Pioneer Women

Jewish Family Service: “At the Hop” Health Fair & Flu Shot Event

Lawrence Family JCC: Internationally best-selling novelist Jonathan Safran Foer, author of Everything Is Illuminated, to present most recent novel on November 10
Tifereth Israel Synagogue: Israel Advocacy Series at Tifereth Israel Synagogue

Thursday, October 16, 2008 (Vol. 2, No. 247)

Abortion, ending Mid-East oil dependence major topics in final presidential debate by Donald H. Harrison in San Diego
New Arab-Israeli battleground: textbooks; book review by Norman Manson in San Diego
Making Aliyah is like coming out by David Benkof in New York
Thursdays With The Songs Of Hal Wingard:
#87, A Tiny Piece Of Paper
#55, The Whirlpool Of Love
#70, Shadows Of Midnight
—March 10, 1950: Tifereth Israel Sisterhood
—March 10, 1950: Daughters of Israel
—March 10, 1950: Beth Jacob Ladies Auxiliary
Lawrence Family JCC: Henry Winkler to present critically acclaimed book at S.D. Jewish Book Fair
Tifereth Israel Synagogue: The Great Debate of 2008: Wednesday, October 29th, 7:00 p.m.

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